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Finding Strength in Him

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He who runs from God in the morning will scarcely find Him the rest of the day.—John Bunyan

Early African converts to Christianity were earnest and regular in private devotions. Each one reportedly had a separate spot in the thicket where he would pour out his heart to God. Over time the paths to these places became well worn. If one of these believers began to neglect prayer, it was soon apparent to the others. They would kindly remind the negligent one, “Brother, the grass grows on your path.”

The one thing that sets Christianity apart from other religions is the ability to spend time with our God. While other religions have a deity they worship, our God desires to personally spend time with us! He desires to share His heart with us and provide help for us each day.

The Lord desires to give us is His strength. We need the Lord’s strength each day. Hebrews 4:15 tells us, “For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.” We all have infirmities or weaknesses in our lives. Webster defines the word infirmity as “a particular form of weakness or sickness.” The Greek word for infirmity is the word asthenia which means “weakness or the inability to produce results.”

Everyone has experienced some infirmity in their life. We have had times when we were unable to accomplish something because of our weakness—whether it be spiritual, emotional, or physical.

People turn to many different sources to find help with weaknesses. Some look to positive thinking or psychiatry. While these practices may help in some areas, the only solution or help for spiritual weakness is found in Jesus Christ.

As Paul wrote the book of Hebrews to the first century Christians, he knew of their weaknesses. They had Judaism, the Mosaic law, and a host of traditions, but they lacked strength. They were living with infirmity.

Just as Paul told the early Christians, when we are weak, Christ is strong. His strength is made perfect in our weakness! If we were strong enough to handle life’s problems on our own, why would we need God? Being human and prone to error, we must look to the Lord for strength each day!

The only way to receive the Lord’s strength each day is to spend time with Him. How often have you been so busy you missed your time with God and then had a tough time living for the Lord that day? Much of the days I struggle the most are days I haven’t spent enough time with the Lord.

God has all the strength we need in order to live for Him and follow His will for our lives. He desires to give us His strength! We must simply spend time with Him and ask Him for it.

Have you spent time with Christ today? Did you seek His strength to help you? Don’t be discouraged by your weakness, because we all have weaknesses! Rather than feeling discouraged, look to the Lord for strength in overcoming your weakness. Spend time with Him right now and seek His strength as you live for Him today!

Source: Daily in the Word, August 4, 2008

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