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DIY # 1 Thinking For a Change

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[1]diy - building a life that lasts # 1

thinking for a change

26 April 2009

BIG IDEA what’s on your mind will be in your life

DO                                             STORY                                        BENEFITS

launch pad

Building Illus – hammer & nails & wood

eph 4:17-24 what’s on your mind will be in your life

If … is on your mind then … will be in your life (seed sown … harvest grown)

Lust … porn           Hurt … resentment                    Self-pity … self-centredness

Lotto life fantasy … discontent

Purity … boundaries    Forgiveness … love   Giving … generosity        God … prayer

Prov 23:6-8 as a man thinks so is he – setting is about the folly of a man who acts different to the way he thinks & tries in vain to conceal his true thoughts

UNDERSTAND what’s on your mind NOT what goes thru your mind bird flyover or nest

therefore, Change your mind, change your life

What’s on your mind becomes a mindset

1.          What is a mindset?

Road sign on road leading into the depths of Alaska. It read,

"Choose your rut carefully. You'll be in it a long time!"

MINDSET = pattern of thinking that’s been developed by habitually thinking same thoughts, default mode

2.          Mindsets can be negative or positive

MINDSETS = negative & destructive or positive & constructive

how do you change your mindset?

1.          Thought replacement

Thought replacement – Is 55:6-13 – word = articulation & expression of the thoughts & ways of God

a)         Blessed to be a blessing Gen 12:1-3 – replace self-centredness

b)         Exod 12:38 – mixed multitude

c)         Solomon prayed for gentiles to come to faith 1 Kgs 8:41-43 (Herod’s temple had Court of the Gentiles)

d)         Elisha healed Naaman – Gentile General

e)         Daniel blessed Babylon

f)            Jonah led a gentile city to repentance

g)         Jeremiah was a prophet to the nations

h)          Doubt-filled, unbelieving mind (Jam 1:8 “double-minded” ) Mk 11:22 have faith in God

i)            Fearful, anxious, worrying mind Ps 56:3 what time I am cured my fear of flying

j)            Judgmental, suspicious mind Matt 7:7 judge not lest you Joyce Meyer You always look at yourself thru rose colored glasses & others thru a magnifying glass

k)          Lust filled mind Matt 5:8 blessed are the pure I’ve used this scripture to cleanse my mind from impure thoughts

l)            Angry, resentful mind Eph 5:32 forgive one another lying on bed at nite

m)       Confused mind Prov 3:5,6 trust in the Lord

Mark & memorise scriptures

2.          Holy Spirit Encounter

Presence of God in KL meeting

Are you filled with the Holy Spirit?

Eph 5:18 keep being filled (prayer, speak in tongues)

What has the Holy Spirit said to you in the last 12 months?

Jesus said HS “will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you” John 14:26

3.          Life Experience

a)         First trip in 1987

b)         2 Cor 12:7-10 – Paul sees his experience from a certain perspective, God changes his thinking thru this experience & Holy Spirit encounter – he now revels in his weakness

i)            Thorn = among recurring suggestions are Jewish persecution, carnal temptation, epilepsy, chronic ophthalmia, speech impediment, recurrent illness (eg malaria)

c)         Russell – changed his mind about missions thru a Impact trip

Go on a trip


holy spirit infilling opportunity


[1] c

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