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DIY # 2 Whoppers Robbers & Wimps

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diy - building a life that lasts # 2

whoppers, robbers & wimps

3 May 2009

BIG IDEA integrity builds a successful life that lasts - lies, theft & bitter anger will destroy your life

launch pad

Eph 4:25-5:2 foundations of a house determine durability, safety, comfort

Talk about foundational issues this morning


Problem with lies = damage connections


Falsehood = pseudos = deceit, pretending a thing to be true when it is not

Members of one body

1.          Lies break trust - trust is built on knowledge. They better I know you, the more I can trust you. Lies shatters this hard earned trust & casts long shadows over future trust

2.          Lies separate people - double bind - we miss closeness honesty brings, however price of being honest will be severe damage to relationship - terrible dilemma

Is not telling the whole truth the same as lying? NO

Not telling the whole truth is what God does! Parents do it, we all do it cos sometimes the whole truth is damaging, too confronting or we are not ready for it.

Being honest does not = pedantic legalism

PUT IT OFF – lay it aside as an option sick day after salvation ringing in sick


Problem with theft = robbers are parasites living off another’s earnings

When we got broken into to – how did we feel? Violated 1st time, inconvenienced 2nd time


WA Christmas Tree - plants up to 150 metres away may be parasitised

  1. Sense of entitlement – I deserve this, someone owes me, they won’t miss it
  2. Free loading



·       Workplace theftout of greed & contempt not need gadgets, time, $$$ approximately one third of all business failures are due to fraud-related losses

·       Digital theft – downloading/accessing music, software, DVDs Imbi Plaza

·       Building site theft – 2003 Victorian report adds 1 % to cost of new home

WORK & GENEROSITY – break parasite mindset

! wimps – self control v Anger


Understand & deal with anger

1.     arises generally at deprivation & loss

2.     feeling angry is not wrong

·       God gets angry! It’s what you do with it

3.     anger is a secondary emotion

·       ask yourself why am I angry?

·       deal with the primary emotion e.g. road rage = classic example – people have other issues that have them boiling on the road)


·       DELAY walk away from lawn mower, send kids to room before applying discipline chat delay chat with Di


·       DEAL  with causes settle dispute before retiring for nite … major cause = bitterness

wimps - Forgiveness v Bitterness

4:31-32 wellspring of bitterness = unforgiveness

1. Hurt happens – people will let you down, disappointments will occur

2. Be inspired by great moments in forgiveness history – Jesus, Nelson Mandela, Pope John Paul, 2006: Within hours of school shootings that left five little Amish girls dead, members of Amish community of Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania, visit killer's wife to offer comfort & support

3. Make the decision to forgive

4. Give your emotions time to catch up with your decision My journey from bitter to forgiver



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