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Refresh # 1 Be Filled With the Spirit

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refresh # 1 why be filled with the spirit?

4 January 2008

BIG IDEA be filled with the Spirit

launch pad

In Ephesians 13x Spirit is mentioned    PAUL’S COMMAND Eph 5:18 be filled with the Spirit

The promised Spirit Eph 1:13-14

Step back from the picture – understand OT context of this phrase

Adam & Eve expelled from Eden’s paradise

Abraham chosen, then his great grandson Joseph leads them into Egypt, Moses leads them out of Egypt, nation founded at Sinai – presence of God comes down on the mountain, Tabernacle built & presence moves to Tabernacle, Temple built by Solomon, glory fills the Temple, Israel sins, Ezekiel sees glory depart Temple, Temple destroyed by Babylonians & Israel is taken into captivity, Ezekiel prophesies of a new day, new covenant when God will put his Spirit in his people


Ezek 1:1, 37:1,14 God gives the PROMISE to a prophet in exile, Ezekiel trained in the priesthood, exiled in 2nd siege of Jerusalem, wife died around time of destruction of Jerusalem

Spirit filled people have faith to be faithful to the promises of a faithful God NB promised Spirit is a seal – seal indicates ownership & thus protection

The Spirit as deposit eph 1:14

You pay a deposit to signify your commitment to full purchase

Spirit is deposit guaranteeing our inheritance, our full redemption

Spirit is evidence we live in the presence of the future – already/not yet

1st century Jew – resurrection & Spirit outpouring indicated Kingdom has come


One of most damaging philosophies is live for today, let tomorrow take care of itself

Spirit penetrates our thinking giving us BOTH a live for today AND live for tomorrow approach

CHURCH 5 year goals, 10 year goals, BHAGs

Another opportunity to start over!  Open doors into Africa The young & energetic Dockers
Fruit from our 2008 staff restructure Saving for a new Canon lens The end of my Masters draweth nigh! Publishing my next book  Preparation for our first campus launch in 2010

Another batch of IGNITION students

Holy Spirit by his very nature is a forward thinking Spirit – vision, dreams, prophecy

Books, volunteering, achievements,

the spirit dwelling within … the temple  Eph 2:19-22

Tabernacle filled with glory Exod 40:34                  Temple filled with glory 2 Chon 5:14, 7:1

Designed to be Supernatural Places on earth – forgiveness, healing, faith, hope, love, redemption, prosperity, significance, wisdom


What supernatural can we expect in 2009?  What miracles?


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