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Battling the Forces of Evil – Part 2

Gird about your loins with truth


Figurative aspects. (Truth vs. Heresy)

In this part of our series “Battling the Forces of Evil”, we are examining the seven areas of warfare in which we as Christians are to protect with the armour of God.


In our last session, the loins, was seen from the physical aspect. This week we shall view it from a figurative aspect.


I also must warn you that any favorable progress in the spiritual must first be dealt with in the physical.


There is no sense trying to fool ourselves that we will be able to battle in this realm if we are struggling with the physical.


A true spiritual being can only be complete when that individual has brought his body into subjection.


Paul says: "But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway." (1 Corinthians 9:27, KJV)


I.                   The marital relationship of the believer to Christ. Eph.5:31-32

One only need view the current imbalance of marital relationships to see how we in the church have been misled in our wifely role of the bride of Christ.


A.    Remembering the spiritual battle.

Satan has blinded and tricked us to the point of rendering us impotent as true followers of Christ in this regard.


1.  We have played the whore.

2. We have brought shame to our Lord.

B.     Remembering how to get back.

The principals of life recorded in the Word of God are not optional for us, but are every bit as important today as they were when they were penned. They have not gone out of date, nor are they old-fashioned.


1.      We must allow the Bible to set the pace for our lives again!

2.      We must adhere to it’s statutes if we are to be victorious!





II.                The spiritual reproductive life of the believer.

Notice what’s going on around us! Take inventory my friends! We have left off our passion for souls!!!


            Gird about your loins with truth!!!


Again the spiritual reproductive system is regulated by the physical. Because we have bought into this modern philosophy of small families, we subconsciously exhibit the same psychology in the church.


A.    Money should not regulate our passion.

B.     Time should be appropriated for spiritual rendezvous.

C.     Blessed is the man who’s quiver is full.   


III.             The parental responsibility of discipleship.

                              A.        We must nurture new converts with sound doctrine.

B.        We must not send them off to daycare shirking our responsibility.

C.                 We must lead and guide them throughout their lives.

These spiritual areas of our loins must be guarded against the trickery of the Devil!


            This figurative side of the Christian responsibility to guard the loins with truth must not be overlooked.

There is no option here! We must understand that to ignore this aspect of our Christian life will most assuredly ruin us, and may in fact be a true test of our salvation!

As ambassadors for Christ, believers of God’s truth, and servants of the Lord, we have no other recourse but to follow this prescription!

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