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Little Tarzan

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When I was a kid I always watched Tarzan on Saturday’s.  It came on at 10 am in my town. You remember him right, you just dated yourself.  The black and white Tarzan.  Swinging through the trees, calling out.  YODDLE.  You remember.  Well after it was over, I remember many times putting on my robe belt, there’s no way I would have worn a loin cloth like he did. I’d get a butter knife out of the drawer, go outside and sling a rope up high in the tree and swing from tree stump to tree stump letting out my call.  Guess what I was no Tarzan; even though I could do most of the things he did I wasn’t him.  Same with our the gospel, we can do the Christian stuff, stop cussing, give money to the church, stop drinking, treat my wife well…and never be a Christian. 

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