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A Call To Loyalty and Committment

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Nehemiah 1 and Luke 19: 41-42

A strong sense of purpose is essential to build character in any child.  And if anyone does not have a godly set of principles to guide their purpose they cannot help but to be seriously flawed in character.  Any nation, community, church or family that does not have a sense of purpose, accompanied with godly character is bound to suffer dire and devastating consequences before long.  Despite having achieved goals and rewards that an ungodly world envies.


The passages that command our interests today give us a chance to review briefly the history of the nation of Israel.  Seventy years of captivity had been judgment of God prophetically pronounced and historically fulfilled.  More than a century had passed at the time of this writing in the first chapter of Nehemiah and although the Lord had ended their exile the people whom God had called to by His name, who had received purpose along with divine principals were afflicted and a reproach to their neighbors.  (see The Teachers Commentary)

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