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I Can Laugh Again

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In the area of St. Louis, MO two brothers were hunting one bright fall afternoon. This bright sunny fall afternoon would change the lives of their loved ones forever. One of the brothers caught his foot on something, tripped, and as he hit the ground his shotgun fired in the direction of his brother. His brother was dead.

This teen-age boy was overcome with grief. He cried out. His heart raced. Tears flowed. He didn't know what to do or where to turn. In the moment of deep grief, confusion, and terror, he turned the barrel of his shotgun toward himself and pulled the trigger.

Days later the familky gathered for the funeral. The boys stunned parents greeted callers. One of those calling was an old farmer who lived near the site of the tragedy. He was wearing bib overalls. As he reached around the boys mother and embraced her with a sympathetic hug the shoulder straps on the bib overalls slipped forward and unhooked. The old farmer wasn't aware of what was happening. As he stepped back from giving the carring hug to the the grieving mother, his bib overalls fell to the ground revealing his brightly colored, flower-patterned boxer shorts. He was shocked.

The mother at first smiled. Then she laughed. The entire room broke into laughter. When the mother caught her breath she looked to the embarassed neighbor and said, "thank you. I know that I will never get over the pain of this grief. However, now I know that I am able to laugh again."

Source: Rev. Matthew Harrison (LWML Rally @ Redeemer Lutheran Church - Flint, MI, November 7, 2009

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