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Oh, to be an Othneil

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Oh, to be an Othneil   Judges 3:1-12

EBC   11/8/09

God is always faithful to send a deliverer. In these verses we see that God required Israel to live among the pagans because of their rebellion in not destroying them as he had originally commanded.

  1-V. 1-4-God left them there to test Israel

     a.Prove- to put to a test. God allows his people to live around pagans to show them how they would react.

        1.Deut. 8:2,11-

      b. They failed this test.

   2- V.2- God left them there to learn how to stand as some of their relatives had stood, like Caleb.

      a.They failed this test too.

I.Israel’s Compromise (5-7)

  These verses give us the ugly details of Israel’s great failure. The failure to be different and to take a stand for what’s right. This is a warning for God’s people of any age. Notice how they compromised the word of God and the will of God to do what they wanted to do.

  A. Israel’s interaction (5)

     1.Dwealt-to set up housekeeping.

       a. When Israel arrived in Canaan they were told to destroy these people without mercy- why because God knew what they would do to the Israelites.

         1. Young people- why are you to listen to your parents because they know what’s better for you.

       b. Israel was to be separate from the rest of the world- they were God’s chosen people.

         1. Deut. 7:6-11-

       c. We too are to be separate

         1. 2 Cor. 6:17-

         2. Titus 2:14-

         It’s a dangerous thing for a child of God to live like the world around him.

  B. Israel’s intermarriage (6a) After awhile they got so accostumed to living like the pagans that they started marrying them. You will find when you get away from the Lord and doing your own thing things just keep getting worse and worse.

     1. As they married they began to lose their identity. Their integrity began to falter and they looked like those around them.

     2. The same thing can happen today. The company you keep will gauge your closeness to the Lord.

       a. 1 Cor. 15:33-

       b. Prov. 22:24-25-

     We interact with the world so we can be a light to them but we don’t do the things they do.

  C. Israel’s interbeing (6b-7) now they are worshipping with them

    1. Notice Israel’s trip down- they were told to destroy them- they didn’t- then they started living like them- then marring them- then handing over their children to them- now they are worshipping with them.

     2. Forgat- to ignore, to cease to care. Many today have come to this same place-they know what the word says but they chose to ignore it. They used to serve God now they reject him.

II. Israel’s Chastisement (8)

  Charles Spurgeon says God never allows his children to sin successfully. You might do it but you won’t get away with it.

  A. God’s fierce wrath – sold them

    1. He gave them what they wanted. They wanted this life so he gave it to them.

    2. What you are sowing now you may reap. You may reap it in your children

  B. What price are you willing to pay for your sin? Are you willing to pay with your children?

III. Israel’s Champion (9-11)

  When Israel came to their senses they called on God and God heard them and sent them a deliverer, Othneil.

  A.Othniel was from the family of Caleb. He was of good stock.

    1. Time was when you were measured by your stock, family.

    2. Othneil reminds us that God can use anyone who will make themselves available.

  B. Othneil’s companion- Othneil was useful because the spirit of the lord came upon him.

    1. The spirit of God will make us powerful enough to stand against the powers of the world.

    2. In order to do this we must yield to his power. His power and only His power will cause us to be successful.

      a. Do you want to do great things for Him, then yield to his power.

  3. You may be used to deliver your family.

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