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Having Peace in Paths of Life Psa

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Having Peace in Paths of Life  Psa. 37:1-8  EBC  11/01/09

  This Psalm was written when David was an old man. But, he addresses an issue that has plagued man since the beginning of time- why do the wicked prosper while the righteous suffer?

  Whether we admit it or not this is an issue we all deal with at some point.

I. Condemnation of Envy (1,2)

  A. J. Vernon McGee- in the Old Testament God promised earthly prosperity. In New Testament he only promises Heaven.

    1. For the Christian this earthy is the only Hell we will ever know, for the wicked it’s the only Heaven they will ever know. Our hope is in Heaven not on the earth.

    2. Psa. 73:1-19- David came to the same conclusion as Asaph.

  B. Fret- literally get hot (get mad). Envy leads to fretting and fretting leads to anger.

  C. One day all accounts will be settled.

 In the meanwhile we are to:


II. Control our Walk (3)

  The emphasis of this verse is for the believer to continue to live a life that brings glory to God.

  A. The Command

     1. Trust God- that is to walk by faith (what God says) and not by sight (what looks reasonable to us)

        a. Prov. 14:12-

        b. Prov. 3:5,6-

      2. There are times when God’s way for life is hard to figure out (just when I thought I had things figured out God threw me a curve). In these times as well as all others we are just to trust him.

      3. Believers Bible Commentary- The danger is that we will lie in bed at night and rehearse the whole outrageous episode. First we think of all they said and did, then we go over how we answered them, then we wish we had thought of some other choice brickbats to hurl at them! Soon our digestive juices have turned to sulfuric acid and we lie and toss and turn, wondering when sleep will ever come! Our fretting is hurting no one but ourselves and accomplishes nothing

    2. Do good- continue to do what you know is right to do. Christians should always do the right thing, no matter the circumstance. God is in control of all our circumstances.

     a. Luke 6:35-

     b. True faith is actively obedient. Doing good is a fine remedy for fretting and stewing.  

  B.The Comfort- God will take care of us.

    1. Psa. 37:25-

    2. The psalmist understood that faithful service to the Lord always paid off.

II. Condition your Will (4)

  A. The Command-

    1. Delight- to be happy about, to make merry. We are to always be happy about what the lord is doing in our lives.

     a. When life goes sour we have a tendency to focus on life and not the Lord. When this happens we fall into sadness and despair.

     b. When we realize God has a hand in every aspect of our lives, even the darkest day can be endured.

  B. The Comfort- God will meet our every need. When we are lost in Him then our desires will only be his desires for us.

III. Commit your Way (5-6)

  A. The Command-

    1. Commit- roll over onto. We are to roll our ways over onto God and let him direct it.

    2. Cast all my anxieties onto Him.

      a. 1 Peter 5:7- casting- to throw upon

                               active- a continuous action. Let me pull up the brake for just a moment- some here have cast their children on God  and he has acted (answered your prayer) but he didn’t answer it the way you thought He should have so you’ve gotten mad.

  B. The Comfort- he will bring it to pass.

    1. The farmer plows and plants but God has to grow the fields. Maybe God is trying to grow you and your child.


IV. Consecrate your Wait (7)

  A. Rest- we are relying on God to work out all the details. While we’re resting we are not to get made and be silent.

    1. Our duties during difficult days is to be patient and silent.

    2. Most of the time we are in the situation we are in because we have messed- so sit back and let God straightened it out.

    3. Time is nothing to God let it be nothing to you.

V. Conquer your Wrath (8)

  A. It is easy to get mad at God and the church when things seem to be going the wrong way.

    1. Cease- to let drop. God’s will for us is to stay the course.

    2. 2 Tim. 4:7-


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