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Staying Steady Notes

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  Staying Steady Notes

  What happens when there is widespread immorality? The culture dies a little each year. Dr. D. James Kennedy wrote in 1994, I read the other day of a grandmother at age 28. She had a daughter at age 14, her daughter had a child at age 14. This cycle breeds one generation after another.

  According to Kristine Napier of the Responsible Social Values Program, the US government spends 136 million dollars to teach our kids about “safe sex”.

  What is the problem here? The problem is there is a war against God. They are attacking the absolute truth of God. The world says there are no absolutes. The world says there are no absolute standards, no principals of right or wrong, only situational ethics which demands that we make the rules as we go. The law is what we accept as socially correct. This may be described as “values Clarifcation” which says that all things are ok as long as you feel good about your decision.

  D. James Kennedy goes on to say the problem is the Church has failed to evangelize the nation as it should be to fulfill the great commission. Consequently there are more and more unregenerate people in this country.

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