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Background to Acts 26

Chapter 25 is filled with intense drama and intrigue.
The politics of the day were unstable - Festus was the Roman procurator who handles the Apostle Paul’s imprisonment and trial. Festus is like Pontius Pilate, in that he wants to keep the peace, but he isn’t willing to commit to the truth.
25:13 Festus receives a visit from King Aggrippa. Probably a ceremonial celebration because Festus was new to this position, and the King was visiting to establish good relations.
But there is this social problem, in one word: PAUL
Verse 18-20 show how Festus actually argues ON BEHALF of Paul, saying that the charges weren’t “What he expected.” No Roman law had been broken. But the Jewish officials were inflamed with antagonism against Paul.
So here you have, in Gods’ amazing providence, a Roman procurator on behalf of Paul giving an explanation of his innocence and also of the Gospel Message.
Then verse 22 of chapter 25 gives a chilling and dramatic forecast of the next day. The King says, “I would like to hear this man myself.” Response? “Tomorrow you will hear him.”
God is using all of these circumstances in order to advance the Gospel to the most powerful person in the region. Chapter 26 presents that story in Paul’s own words.
Look for 3 lessons in Paul’s story:
His conversion leads directly to his commission. He believes, and he has a mission. There’s no distinction. Every Christian is called to make disciples.
Paul’s personal testimony is one of his greatest tools for evangelism. He opens up his knowledge of God.
God providentially arranged Paul’s circumstances - accused, imprisoned, reviled, briefly rescued from the flogging, promoted to the protection of Festus, and an audience with King Herod Agrippa II himself - in order to advance the Gospel. We are called to bear the gospel with feed that are prepared to take the message.
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