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Who is Your God commandment 1 August 16-2009

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Who is Your God?

Exodus 20:1-3

August 16, 2009


·         We live in the midst of changing times

o   Illustration of Beulah Basta and the change she saw in 101 years

·         In spite of the fact that we are living in changing times we serve a changeless God

o   Heb. 13:8, Mal 3:6 the Lord doesn’t change

o   Not only does God not change neither does His word.

·         Yet there are many who expect the word of God to conform to their lives.

·         To many there is no such thing as moral absolutes

o   More people knew all the ingredients to a Big Mac than knew all of the Ten Commandments. Less than 6%

o   Is it any wonder that when 1000 young people ages 18-25 were asked about whether or not there were moral absolutes 72% said there weren’t any. 

o   When the same number of Christians were polled the number who said they did not believe that there were any moral absolutes was 40%

o   Among adults 34% said there were no moral absolutes.

§  74% said they would steal from someone who wouldn’t miss it.

§  64 % said that they would lie for convenience sake as long as it didn’t hurt anyone.

§  93% of Americans say that they alone decide moral issues basing their decisions on their own experience or whims.

·         The Ten commandments

·         Written to those who were coming out of the Egypt.

·         They would have been familiar with many different gods.

o   Each one of the ten plagues dealt specifically with a so called god that was part of the Egyptian pantheon. (Ra, Atan)

o   God gave these commands so that we would know how to live with Him and one another.

I)        I am the LORD your God (v.1-2a)

A)     Timeless Truth- God spoke these words

(a)    Ps. 119:89- Your word o Lord is eternal it stand s firm

(i)      The truth found in the Ten Commandments is timeless.

(b)   Given that we might have life- Dt 30:19 choose life

(i)      Illustration- the lady who died protesting a law that was meant to protect her life.

B)      Authoritative Truth- Because these words were spoken by God they carry authority.

1)      These words were spoken by God, they carry with them authority.

(a)    We struggle with authority- we don’t want to be told what to do, think, or say. (2 Tim. 3:16)

2)      We struggle with the fact that our culture has changed dramatically from when these words were given.  (Have the times changed?)

3)      When I encounter the truth I need to adjust my life to the truth not the other way around.

4)      When God says that I am to stop something it is not up to me to question His word, it is up to me to obey that word. (Eph. 4:29)

C)      Points to the only way of Salvation (Acts 4:12)

II)      Who brought you out of Egypt (v. 2b)

A)     Christianity is the only religion in which God came to men and not the other way around.

1)      God sought out His people, He came to them, He brought them out with His mighty hand. (Jer. 32:21)

2)      There was no obstacle that could stand in God’s way

3)      Some of us came here today with huge obstacles in our lives. Physical, marital, financial, - have you looked to God?

4)      Sometimes we only turn to God when things get bad.  God is not simply a vending machine to be turned to when things get tough- He desires a relationship with you. Yes You!

B)      God alone had the power to free His people; Jesus comes not only to free us from human bondage but from the bondage of sin.

1)      God proved Himself over and over again as He showed Himself more powerful than the so called gods of Egypt.

2)      Jesus as well showed that He had the power over; sin, sickness, demons, nature, and death.

C)      God proved His love for His people by bringing them out of Egypt, God demonstrated His love for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. (Rom. 5:8)

D)     God brought His people out of Egypt not so they could act the same way, but so that they would be different. 

1)      Is your life any different today than when you accepted Christ?

III)    You shall have no other gods before Me (v. 3)

A)     I am the LORD your God.

1)      When God makes this statement He is saying that He alone is God.

2)      There is no one like God, there is no one who cares, hears, moves or loves like God.

3)      Anything apart from God is simply masquerading as God and in the end it will leave you empty.

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