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Who Cares?

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1 Peter 5:5-7

Knowing that God cares for us can help us through trying times. How can we expirience that care?

I. Horizontal Humility (5)

A. Toward Elders

B. Toward All the Saints

Philippians 2:1-11

Proverbs 3:34

  • Greek word used here is for an apron that a slave would wear to distinguish him from a free man.
  • Imagine a congregation where all the member have this humble spirit; where they esteem others better than themselves; where they outdo each other in performing the menial task. - Believer's Bible Commentary
  • God apposed the proud because it is the sin of satan Isaiah 14:12-15. It is an evidence of wordliness 1 John 2:16.

Luke 14:11

II. Vertical Humility (6)

A. God's Hand

  • Humility comes first. Imperative
  • His hand is strong. This is the hand of power and dominion. What greater confidence can you have than to know that the God who rules the universe has you in His protection.

B. God's Hight

  • He is the one who exalts
  • He chooses the time

III. God's Response to the Humble (7)

  • Psalm 55:22

A. Casting

  • Throw on. Used of throwing a blanket on an animal that you will can ride. You throw it on there with the purpose of having the animal take the burden.
  • cares = anxioties. What are you anxious about?

B. Caring

  • He is anxious for you. The He is emphatic - "He Himself".
  • What does He care about?

Who Cares? Jesus Cares. In the midst of your anxiety and troubles, He cares.

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