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An Ambitious Church

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I'm sure have ambitions. So let us read from God's word. 1st Thessalonians.

Chapter 4, verses 11 and 12.

And make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business. And work with your hands just as we commanded you so that you will walk properly towards Outsiders and not be in any need. Pray with me. Father, we are grateful that you have brought us to this place. We are grateful that your spirit is in and among us working. To bring glory to your name, honor to your son's. Name is wee.

Learn from your word. We pray that you convictus. If your truth That you show us.

The value. your words has

looking for making us into the image of your son Christ, Jesus to which you have called us

You have saved us.

Father, we give you this time to learn from you to hear from, you may your spirit be at work in the eyes and ears in the hearts of those who are hearing this. So that it brings glory to your name. Growth and maturity. Twilights in Jesus name. We pray. Amen.

every so often I know how I go through and I

look at some statistics.

this week, I looked at a sadistic

Then it's just a Google Search and you can go look at that and look at it yourself.

In terms of what is your ambition for your generation? What is there a patient of Generation Z? Which is most of your generation is not all of your generation.

What are the things that Generation Z years? Your generation born between 1997 and 2012? How do they define success? What is there on Bishop? And here are the three top things that they consider to be important to improve their lives. According to this, Article by Northwestern, Mutual. Number one was having more money. Number two, was being more self-confident or self reliance. And number three was doing work that you enjoy. So, number one, 50% number to 27% number three, 24%, which the math really doesn't add up because 24 + 27 is 5151. + 50 is 100 and 100 somewhere. There's a margin of error so don't call me or not. I'm just telling you what it, what it, what is here, but the number one response from Generations. He's is enjoying your career. They want to enjoy their career while making more money and being more self-reliance. That is the ambition of the generations ears. And if we are at is probably what you are striving to do, and there's nothing inherently wrong with that. I didn't go to school or so, if you are being accepted, or applying or thinking about college, with some of you are already in college and picking your your majors and working hard towards achieving that so that you can be successful, which having money being self, confident, and self-reliant being independent and doing work. You enjoy? Pick all of that. Nothing inherently wrong with that.

With that being said there's a couple of positions when you are ambitious. And this is why I want you to hear me a couple of positions regarding ambition in the church as Christians by the first one is You know what? Be all you can be.

Be as ambitious as possible. Just be self-driven, self-reliant. Just go at it and you can be all you can be

Disney World, Disney movie type of deals, like, listen to your heart and just follow your heart and be as ambitious as you can be. You can be all of the spectrum. and this position in the other one, Most of, we are honest than most familiar with us. Is You know, I'm bitching is simple. Unless You are in bishan. Is the conform to the traditional expectations of the church. So, unless you ambition is to be a pastor. Let's, your ambition is to be a choir director, unless you ambitious to be a sunday-school teacher all other ambitious info, and the other side of the spectrum, it is two positions at War here.

And yet received from God's word here.

That tells us that there is an ambition to make something and ambition.

Where do we end up? Do I pursue my professional goals, my Earthly needs and Necessities. Do I pursue the American dream so to speak.

At the cost of Christ. And my spiritual life or do my spiritual life is, in terms of whatever that box is that I put God in. Is that the only thing that matters? So I should throw away all of my ambitions.

And I am pretty sure you have thought through this if you have not thought through this. So you will eventually at one point. So here it or maybe you were there now. So when you were listening to this, you're going to be in one of these three camps. Either you have Thought to thought through this, or I thought about this, or you will eventually, or you're thinking about it right now. So either way. Let's see what God's word tells us about. Being ambitious.

Because, in terms of the church, what is the church's ambition supposed to look first and foremost? Like we do always Let's define. Ambition, what is ambition?

What would the total O'Neill's have understood when Paul writes to them and say make it your ambition? What is the idea of ambition ambition for us? And this time is to have more money to be more self-confident and self-reliant and do stuff that you want. Is that what the bible define? Some business is the definition of ambition. which is the Pursuits in the sticking after with a deep desire and sense of affection.

So you are pursuing something you were seeking after something when we are being ambitious.

But you're not just doing it because somebody told you to do it. You have this deep desire from that comes from within that makes you pursue that goal.

And that desire is something that you love that you are affectionate towards.

The way that is expressed in our culture is by going against the grain, right break the mold. Go against the status quo today. Be Innovative and dynamic. Standout Deere Authentics. Self excetra. That's how you show. Your ambitious. That's what I called her. Today tells us that ambition is expressed by breaking the mold by going against the mold by by going against the grain. You see commercials like, there's a whole bunch of people walking one way and then you got to walk the other way. And you are the only one standing and that is a sign of ambition, you know? Kinda like the way that our church is done, even we got to make it more preppy and and you know, he would like more interactive. Let's get everybody engage let's make it high energy. Let's let's get everybody involved in this you know. because of the way that charge was done for the last 1900 years, and all the traditional thing is,

Tradition is bad.

Restaurant. Bishop be Innovative be dynamic. But what is God's words say?

Because he does tell us in the present.

To have an ambition. Make it your ambition.

Houses that bitching comes from within. And the tire to everything that we have been talking about so far.

A Godly ambition that church has Ambitions flows out of the will of God for you to be Sanctified. It does not come from your own self. You don't just become ambitious. Because something inside of you, whatever your flesh desires out of your own will power. Ambition, flowers out of the will of God. This is where we find and 4:3. What is the weather of God for your life? It's your sanctification. So this ambition is Flowing out from God's. So when Paul says in verse 10 and verse 11, make it your ambition that ambition, inherently is coming out of God's will for the Christians life for sanctification. And this will is empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Because it's God, who gives his holy spirit to you first? In chapter 4.

And this ambition is also displayed and how You love one another. As we saw last week so we just kind of walked through the last 3 weeks assortments. Now Paula saying make it your ambition. How is ambition displayed? By the way you love your brothers.

How does that love? Empowered. By the Holy Spirit. Why would the Holy Spirit and power that the reverse engineer engineer at? So you see that I'm working back with you because it is God's will for your life. That you are Sanctified that you are set aside set apart and being holy being christ-like. Out of all of that. Close this ambition.

You are to pursue certain things.

This is what Paul the same you are to pursue certain things but they're not to be done from your inherent ambition.

As a matter of fact, we saw last week that in Philippians 2:3 that don't do anything out of selfish ambition, right? Or vainglory, but it was humility of Mind, regarding one another as more important than yourselves, do you notice that first portion of that, verse, do nothing from selfish ambition. We are commanded to do things to be ambitious to have a mission. But yet it's not selfish ambition, not self-promotion. Not something that comes from within. It has to be empowered by the Holy Spirit. According to the will of God for you to be Sanctified, which displays Itself, by the way, you love one another. So if you want to discern whether or not your ambition is a Godly ambition, here's what we say.

So what exactly does Paul?

Right. But at the sidonians, what exactly does God? Desire. His church to have ambition.

And here is the outline.

Which we will follow. It's right there drawn out of verse 11.

Paul gives us these three prescriptions regarding our ambition.

That will result in US raping two major benefits relying on the sovereignty of God. What are the three prescriptions leading a quiet life? Attending to your own business and working with your own hands. Notice these things are honorable things that a Christian said as a lofty goal This is what you want, bishan should be.

Making your own Vision to lead a quiet life. That's where the law of ambition comes right? The law2 kind of the acronym if you caught on that and are subtitle leading a quiet life attending to your own business and working with your hands.

These are things that you should strive to have as a lofty goal. This is the highest ambition a Christian individually and as a church could have

at first glance, they don't seem like That lofty. That extraordinary right? There's no nothing groundbreaking in these Three prescriptions.

Yet God's word prescribes the forest.

Not only prescribe, some for us, I went to dry your attention that this is a command. I want you to look down at the last. Parts of verse 11. Notice what Paul says after, he gives these three.

prescriptions, notice how he finishes it just as we Commanded you is a forceful words there. This is this has an Apostolic command attached to it. This is not a suggestion. This is not an advice. This is not a kind of like a, by the way.

This is not something that is a choice for the church. Just as we have commanded you Lead a quiet life. Attend to your own business. And work with your hands. so, I want to draw your attention to the fact that this is

a command this. These three prescriptions are a command. However,

you might be asking if you are anything like me. Why would God command such a seemingly? Underwhelming thing to be ambitious? Why wouldn't I are ambition to be you know I'm going out there and touching people and spreading the gospel and healing people and delivering them from bondage. Like why would God say make it the ambition to lead a quiet life? Seems like so, Common. So ordinary, so underwhelming.

Why would God command us to do that? let's go through each one and Each one of this prescription to see what may seemingly look. Underwhelming is actually. something that we need to strive.

And ask God. And Trust in his sovereignty to accomplish. What is leading a quiet life mean? Living a quiet life? Doesn't mean just be quiet, verbally. I mean, it doesn't mean that I saw was But it means more.

Doesn't mean you ought to just be silent at all times the whole time that you were live. Don't even other two words.

That's not what it means. It means to draw less attention to yourself and to your individual circumstances to have less commotion in around your life. So, stop drawing too much attention to yourself. Don't be too loud and the way that you live at something. This flashing is drawing attention to yourself and making yourself be more than what you actually are. Or maybe it's not just in your person, but your circumstance is going draw too much attention and your circumstances be like, John the Baptist in John chapter 3, verse 29 and 30. Who says he who has the bride is the bridegroom, but the friend of the bridegroom who stands and hears them Rejoice greatly because of the bridegroom's voice, now he is talking about, in this case, does the bridegroom is Jesus? The bride is the church or his elective and John talking about. It's not me that has the bridegroom. I am the friend of John. The Baptist and this. Illustration.

So the friend of the Reich when we stand to hear some Rejoice greatly because the bridegroom and bride groom voice. So This Joy of mine has been made. Notice what he says in verse 30. See the bridegroom Christ must increase. But I the friend of the bridegroom must decrease.

This is a response to John, the Baptist in the context of John chapter 3, the typos that came to him and say, hey, the guy that you baptized baptized in people and people are following him. I say you is drawing more people than you are. Even some of our disciples and now his disciples. What's that? He was like I must decrease and he must increase. Not about me. It's about God, do leaving the quiet life. If you want to see the list rate, it is seen in John the Baptist. In terms of not drawing too much attention to yourself and pay your circumstances to not have so much commotion.

And your life. and if you look at the the Greek word for this,

This is referring to the life in the mind.

A life in your mind that is lived in quiet. Your mind right now is loud.

Most of us have so many things going on and I'm lines. Right? As we speak that, we can't even hear what the word of God is teaching us.

And when we go here, I'm mine's always Restless. We always thinking about what's next. What's the next high? What's the next thing? That ain't that's going to excite me. What's the next thing that I'm going to get challenge with what's the next? And I mind is always racing.

Paul saying make it your ambition to have a quiet life in your mind. The life that you live out of your mind, comes from a mind that is not full of commotion. And out of that comes what? One of your anxieties, your stressors, all of these things are coming from your mind. So appalled is talking about when he says, need a quiet life, the same lead, a life that is peaceful, tranquil still minded. Be Still. My Soul be red and we sang

We reminded ourselves. Today. We reminded our soul to be still. To be quiet.

That is ambition of a Christian Life.

What are the Christian Living in this world? That is falling. There's obviously a three-pronged attack on your life. You know this the flesh is weak and therefore warrants against the spirit that lives in you. The world is corrupted in the ran by Satan and therefore it was the pressure. You and then there's this Satan himself that is constantly, assaulting you when attacking you in. Tempting, you over and over again, and as a Christian Living in this world,

What three things attacking you constantly.

How can you live a quiet life? It's very difficult.

You see it's not as it sounds like quite a life that's easy to do. Why is it so underwhelming? You cannot live a quiet Life as a Christian in this world. And this Fallen World with these three things attacking you, your mind is always going to be. Tumult. There's going to be ocean sand, Mountain sand, everything else that David Road in South 46th and a scripture reading did this war going on around you in about you. And and all these things is not the easiest thing. To live a quiet life. So this is not no ordinary ambition. You know, this. Because you live this.

You know this because you have friends. That lives is.


Living in this hectic lifestyle.

Yeah, it's the prescription for the church. Is to draw less attention to yourself and to draw more attention to Christ to be still and know that God is sovereign. You can apply that to any of your circumstances.

How do you do that? Let's consider the second prescription, which is attending to your own business.

Mind your own business.

Again, I really seemingly simple and ordinary command that we see mind your business. This is supposed to be. I want to be Helpful to others. I want to change the world. That's ought to be something. You would, you would expect God's command for you to be changed. The world go out and be something. But here he says, Mind your own business. Attend to your own business.

How to use then Wrecker Service in the context of the church. How do I mind my own business and love my brother wouldn't. Mantua make me go and know your business or make you come and know my business.

Are we to live? And in love one another.

Bye. Regarding one, another more important than ourselves. When that mean that we have to, somehow be involved in the lives of others. Ivan said, get to know each other live life together. Let me into your life and and and ask me questions to challenge me a little bit. How do I mind my own business and still love my brother? Truly. How do we love one another? While at the same time, minding our own business.

Good question.

What does it mean to attend to one's own business? knowing that may give us a better inside, which means Minding my own business doesn't mean ignore everybody around you. Service is over to get up. You walk out next next week and come in service is over you get up and walk out service is over and you never know that's not what minding your own business means.

What Paul is talking about here? It's to perform that unique Affairs that are specific to each individual. There are fears, there are things that make you who you are. There are qualities about you that God has designed and instilled in you. Got a knot in me. Each individual has his own individual qualities, that are specific.

To himself or herself.

So worried about that.

Perform that to the best of what God? Has given you excel in that way.

That's what it means to attend to your own business. Actively perform the unique Affairs that are specific in particular to you.

Notice how this may even fulfil? The particular purpose of Christ to build his church as a body. How does how is the church described? Paul refers to it as a body of Christ. Christ said I will build my church. And how does Christ bill has Church noticed? What Paul says him to the Corinthians in Corinthians chapter 12 + 27.

Somehow that didn't. Make it up there.

Now, you are Christ's body.

And individually members of it. You notice that you are Christ's body. But individually your members. and if you know anything about the context and this was a topic of our Bible study when I first got here a few months ago, we were talking about how the church as a body has individual members and my whole body could not have cannot just be and I because then I won't be able to hear you. My whole body couldn't just being here. Then I wouldn't be able to see you.

Not for the whole body to function. The ear has to do with the ears supposed to do, the eyes are supposed to be doing with the eyes are supposed to be doing.

My fingers. How to do the say, the things that do my fingers supposed to be doing my legs, have to hold me up in my my arms have to move it away. Everything matters, but our individual members just like you are the notice how minding your own business or attending to your own business, does not mean that you have no kind of affiliation with the rest of your body.

You are too if you and I were supposed to be the best guy ever.

If you are a nose, you're supposed to smell you and are you supposed to hear, excelling hearing? and as a result of your hearing, now, you can Contribute.

To the rest of the body.

Because you heard something because you saw something, you can contribute to the rest of the body. So what tending, your business means Perform. What God has uniquely given to you. Individually and Peter says the same thing by the way. You are you also as in 1st Peter 2:5, you also as living stones are being built up as a spiritual house, this is another description of the church. You noticed you are being built up as a spiritual house. How do you build a house? Well, right now, we build a house with plywood and and all kinds of numbers and stuff like that, but it's, it's and then you might have concrete and what have you? But and, and Peter's time, you actually took stones and put one stone on top of another Stone on top of another stone, and you have to do it in a certain way. So that the stone doesn't fall over, there is a Cornerstone. The way you start in the foundation, you build up one stone at a time and you have to fit them together. This is how we are being built up. You are an individual Stone.

A single stone that is being now built up as a spiritual house for a holy priesthood. To offer up a spiritual sacrifice acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

So in the context of what we're talking about in terms of our ambition, we are to be the best stone.

No, I'm not saying work really, really hard so you can be the best. Don't again this ambition flows out of

God's will for you to be Sanctified empowered by his own spirit. So this is not something that you go out there and work hard so that you can be the best stone. This is what God does anyone through you and your Carpinus. Is your obedience to God's will?

And the pursuit of Excellence through obedience. This is where you are.

So in other words, you are individual particular, fear is performed in a spiritual God glorifying Christ. Honoring biblical Spirit Led way, this is what you are to strive to do. This is your ambition. I'm going to say it again. As individuals as ones, who possess this particular, Unique. Affair. You want to perform this in a way that is spiritual. That is filled by God, spirit, that is led by God. Spirit, that is God honoring. What am I doing? Am I minding my business to my attending my business in a way that glorifies God.

That is, is it honoring Christ? Is it biblical?

That's what I means.

To attend to your own business. Does not play out to be a very ordinary ambition. Does it not as underwhelming when you add those things? Up for it to be performed in a spiritual way and God glorifying way and price on her way, in a Biblical way in the spirit LED way.

That does not come naturally to us.

Might even be easier to be the best programmer or the best athlete or the best engineer, the best doctor or the best whatever fill-in-the-blank is might even come easier for us. Tell me the best psychologist or the best accountant out there that ambition might even be more achievable than to actually lead quiet life and attend to our own business in a way that it glorifies God.

Because all of this is handled by The Sovereign hand of God. you notice that your life is a lot of to you, and to the very time to the very place to the very circumstance, you were born, the God has design that

Where you were born when you were born when you will die. What? You choose? To pursue all of those things God is Sovereign over. That God is in control of over that.

The way God will use you is unique.

But it's not isolated from you. Buy it from the body.

So how should we live? We should live not a very intrusive and meddling and divisive manipulative way. That's not what it means.

But in a way that glorifies God, Dallas quickly, go through this third prescription as time is getting away from us. Which is the work with your own hands. Again seemingly trivial come and work with my own hands. Of course, I knew I had to work but what is that attitude of work that you have in your generation heaven and really any generation out. I can't wait to retire as the most common phrase. Among those of us that work hard, my son a few weeks ago. Said, oh yeah, I'll talk to mr. By such-and-such and was a friend of mine. He said he's going to retire by the time. He's 50. What about you Dad? Do you want to retire early to sit for what?

Most people, I understood. What he meant, most people want to retire because they can't stand the fact that they have to work.

Yes, we do know. We all have to work. That's why you go to school. So I you learn so that you can work and make money and pay bills and live and marry and have kids. And then they do the same thing. Just seems to be a common thing and God here in these two verses continues.

The command has to do things to make it on bishan to do this normal common things.

But have you considered, why you work? Have you considered what the Divine perspective is on work.

Are gone. Is there a Greek word for? It has a connotation of this active Zeal this with social and ethical implications. As a part of a divine plan. For human life.

Another words, another way to look at it. As work is God's one of God's Own attributes. When we are introduced to God in Genesis chapter 1 in the beginning. God. Created the heavens and the Earth. That's how we get introduced. The god when we read our Bibles. There's a work of creation, we meet God, as a God who works.

And in Genesis 2:2, we see on the seventh day, God again that didn't make it.

We see God completing his work. Which he had done. And he rested on the seventh day from all his work, which he has done.

Work is inherently part of God's Own attribute.

Even the creation of mankind is that the reflection mankind has created in the image of God in his likeness, right? That's how he made us.

But even as a purpose of that, do you see that implication in Genesis chapter 2 verse five? Things that made it up there? No. Now, no, shrub of the field was yet and the Earth and no plan of the field has grown for Yahweh. God has not caused it to rain upon the Earth and there was no man to work cultivate. The ground.

Is it a vacation? Ben, Yahweh. God took the man and Genesis 2:15.

Trace Adam. He took it takes a man and tell him in the Garden of Eden to Cultivated and keep it, which implies work.

God's Own attribute.

The very reason why you were made is to work.

The one of the least appealing things. Price to do Sudoku work.

to the point where The statistics I shared with you, earlier says, I want to work in a place that I like to do. I want to enjoy my work. That is one of your Generations have been higher than everybody else. Why is it so hard to find something that you like to work?

Because of sin. You follow this strand. In Genesis chapter 3, you notice it in Paris. The world. And this work, the God has given to. Man.

As a reflection of his own attribute.

That he was he was delighting in. It becomes a curse.

You must toil. He tells Adam. Work hard and fight with the ground.

That is a result of the cars. That's why you don't like it. So hey, I don't like it. So I most people don't like it. Yet. God's word in 1st, Thessalonians 4 and 11 says make it to the ambition that you work with your hands.

Here in the same spot as drawing on the temptation to work. That flows from The Obedience of Faith sees we are restored in Christ as a church. We no longer are under the curse of the first Adams. We are under the Redemptive work in the grace and love of Jesus Christ. That's why you were sitting here. He is the last Adam. So under the New Covenant, we are no longer under the curse.

Of the first atom. so, when we work, We're not working as if this is a man. This is a result of that cursed. Has been removed for us through Christ Jesus.

The Redeemer has come. He has actually struck the Serpent's head. And defeated. The power of sin, we live in the presence of sin but we are not under the power since we no longer under the punishment of sin. But we live in the presence of sin.

We have a new covenant through Christ, so we must work from that place. Carlos drawing back to the redeemed, people of God to have this ambition to work that flows from The Obedience of faith in Christ Jesus. Understanding that your work and your love are intertwined, there are closely related.

Work is the way by which you express your love.

This is why Paul versus alone is 1:2 verse 3. He talks about remembering without ceasing your work of faith and labor of love, right? You see a work of faith and labor of love. You noticed, a language. This is how closely intertwined with your work and your love and your face. They are so tied up together.

Believe, this is why he even inserts work with your own hands. Denoting, the willingness that you have to work, you're willing to work,

That your hands are seen as an expression of your. Will you mind will seduce something. How do you show that you're willing to do something by working with your hands? We have not come to a place, I don't think we will ever will.

To where you can think about something. And I automatically appears

If you want to type an email, you must actually use your fingers. You will. You must, you must first be willing to send an email or send a text, but you must actually do it. So, what your hands doesn't mean everybody in here needs to be a plumber or, or a carpenter or HVAC person or whatever. That's not what it implies. It implies that as Christians, you must Express you willingness to work.

As expression of God's love, that is bestowed to you. So when you are working this ambition that you must have as a Christian to work. You are gladly, expressing your willingness.

To work, because you understand the Eternal Divine mandate. Hand expression. Of your love. Let's quickly. Take a look at why horses this verse 12. You can see the two benefits, the pulp resent us Saturday would work properly towards Outsiders and to be to not be in any need. It's very simple.

you are to have, the time bishan is As a Christian, as a church to lead a quiet life, to attend to your own business, to work with your own hands. So that your behavior, your manner of life is characterized by Grace dignity and decency, those of us knows people that are treated with dignity and Grace and there's a sense of decency that comes that naturally flows out of this ambush.

To live a quiet life to attend to your own business. Be the best that you are. And to work with your own hands to willingly work. That adds value to you.

You will be able to properly work towards Outsiders, even when Outsiders that are not Christian. Look at this church, they don't see a bunch of lazy bums, laying around meddling another. Everybody's business on Twitter gossiping and putting everybody's business out there or on Instagram and they're constantly on Tik-Tok and just lazy. Don't want to work. They're not in the business, they just Is that what the world sees? Do you see how dishonorable that is to God that his children made live in this way?

So, how beneficial it is. 4. The witness of the Gospel we may even have.

By pursuing this ambition. As a church. Secondly, you said You must make it you I'm bitching so that you are not being any need. You have a life that would buy, that will not be lacking in anything necessary for your life.

your basic necessities will be mad is what policy If you make it your ambition to do this, your basic necessities, that will not stress you out, will be mad at work. And I have the job and I do this, and I'm relatively quiet. I'm trying to do this but they stress us out there. Sure. But are those dressers coming from the basic necessities of life?

Or is it something that is? That you want to have which is not necessarily evil inherently, but is it? Because you want to maintain a certain lifestyle, will be the question that I don't would be the question. I would ask that person.

And even if so God is still Sovereign over those stressors.

Turn with me to 2nd Thessalonians real quick and let's take a look at this practical illustration even and not church. To, which Paul is writing.

2nd Thessalonians chapter 6, chapter 3 verses 6 through 12.

here is a practical. Illustration of what Paula saying.

In his letter to this charge chapter 4 verse 11 and 12. Now, we command you noticed that words again, Brothers. In the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ that you keep away from every brother who walks and unruly manner.

And not according to the tradition which they receive from us. You notice that unruly matter? For you yourselves. Know how you are to imitate us because we did not act in an unruly manner among you

This quiet life. In contrast with this unruly. Matter.

Where's 8 nor did we eat anyone's bread without paying for it? But with labor and hardship, we kept working night and day, so that we would not be a burden to any of you notice that Paul and Silas and Timothy and whomever else was with him was in the church at in the position of leadership in the position of serving, they were minding tending to their own business and working with their own hands. They set an example, not only did they command us but they said an example.

Calvary Church.

Noticed this verse 9, not because we do not have the authority.

But in order to offer ourselves as a model for you. So that you would imitate us. For even, when we were with you, we used to command this to you. If anyone is not willing to work, neither let him eat. You don't work. You don't eat?

Now, there are conditions whereby you can't, you might not have a job because the job market is bad or there's a disability or there's some something that's not what he's talking about. If anyone is not willing to work, you noticed that word willing and I said, this is why part is work with your own hands as an expression of your willingness to work.

This glad willingness to work. You see that as well for we hear that some among you are walking and unruly manner doing no work at all, but acting like busy bodies. Lot of activities. A lot of metal in social media because they would have been all over the place. This church and their meddling everywhere. They just, they can't sit still, they're going all over the place and just say, one thing to this once. And another thing, there's one, if you're busy doing work and mind your own business, you have no time to be a busybody. You see that, right? You see how that illustration is coming through to life, everything that we have been discussing?

Some among you are walking and unruly manner. That is to say, they're not receiving any correction from anybody and they're just doing whatever they want to do.

In the context of the church. And then I do no work.

But they act like they're doing something.

The act like busy bodies.

No, such persons. Will you command and exhort in the Lord? Jesus Christ that working with quietness, they eat their own bread.

This is you.

Paul says, we command you and we encourage you become a long side, you two to go along with us, even that's what a command is a verbal. Communication exhortation is to come alongside. And encourage somebody like giving Nagy on the back. Even

to do what? Work with quietness and eat their own bread.

This is what he

Illustrates for us gives us an insight as to what the church has ambition or to be.

Is that your ambition? Have you set your ambition to be?

Consistent with what God's word teaches us. To lead a quiet life. To attend to your own business. And to work. With your own hands. again, I say to you, we need the Sovereign help of God. To accomplish this, you can't do it on your own. I get it.

It's impossible to do this. Outside of God's grace outside of the leading of the spirit outside of being in Christ.

Pray with me.

Lord, my father.

We're thankful that you've spoken to us. Are you word?

We're thankful that you have expressed. To us in a way that we can comprehend.

What you will as far as lives, it's the same defias.

Body and Soul. How you do. So, by, giving us your spirit

That is a result of Your Love. That causes to do this Lord. Out of this, love out of your spirit.

You give us an ambition.

Give us this deep desire to seek out.

Your ways your will.

Go to pray that our it is our ambition that we make it our ambition.

Play the quiet life. That is quieted by the knowledge of your Sovereign hand and I work and our lives.

To attend to our own business to understand that you have fearfully and wonderfully made us.

And designed us. To glorify you.

And to work.

Without holding hands with willingness and obedience, enjoy. In service View. Towards by showing love for one another. Cuddle with you. Show us that we are desperately in need of your grace. Your presence in your spirit, to accomplish this ambition.

You help us.

Not only today, but the rest of our lives.

To depend and rely on you.

And your sovereignty.

To pursue you. To pursue our Ambitions that you have set before us. We pray these things. Jesus name. Amen.

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