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Mark 4:34-41

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Turn with me in your Bibles to Mark chapter 4. Leave it page 788 and your church Bibles. Mark chapter 4. Get a warm welcome to all of you. It's, it's great to be with you this morning. My name is Drew. I'm the pastor here at Bethany, this is your first time to Bethany, welcome. We're glad to have you even if you want to stay after a little bit, I love to get to know you and chat with you. So delighted to be with you and those of you her on live stream as well. We're glad that you're with us again. Mark chapter 4.

And believe it or not, we have a shorter passage today. We've been, we've been looking a big chunk, so we're just going to be focusing on the Mark, Chapter 4 verses 35 to 41.

On that day when evening had come, he said to them. Let us go across to the other side. And leaving the crowd. They took with him them in the boat, just as he was, and other Boats were with him. And a great wind storm arose, and the waves were breaking into the boat so that the boat was already filling, but he was in the stern, sleep on the cushion, and they woke him and said to him teacher, do you not care that we are perishing? and he awoke and rebuked the wind and said to the Sea, peace, Be still. And the wind ceased and there was a great calm. He said to them. Why are you so afraid? Have you still no faith? And they were filled with great fear and said to one another who then is this that even the wind's and the Sea obey him. This is God's, holy and inspired word. Thanks, be to God. Let me pray for us. As we look at this text together.

Lord, we thank you for your word. How wonderful your word is. What a joy. It is. I think of Psalm 119 and how David just delighted in your word because it revealed to him life, it revealed to him who you were and all that, you have done. And that was a great joy. And so Lord, as we come to your word, now, I pray that we would Delight in it. We would treasure it, we would find great. Joy, great comfort. In these words go before us. Now by the power of your Holy Spirit and help us to understand and believe and live out. These true sword in Jesus name we pray. Amen. One of my favorite hobbies is playing basketball. I love basketball. I love a lot of sports, but basketball is one of my favorites. I love the game itself, but I also love the exercise. You can get from basketball when we lived in Stamford, Connecticut, it was something. I did a lot. We were fortunate to have a membership to the Y, and we had tons of pickup basketball games are at the Y. Now, being that I was in my mid-to-upper 30s almost 40, actually, and not in my twenties anymore. I was definitely injury-prone. Now some of these injuries were more serious. Than others like meal. High ankle sprains. Ankle sprain their nasty other injuries not so much. Like one time I got hit in the eye I think a guy's elbow. Just hit me and it's swelled up so much that I look like I had gotten punched in the eye. My boys thought it would be fun to put up eye patch over my eye pirate. Dad is what they called me and made me walk around the house with his eyepatch, on all these different injuries and Ashley and the boys would laugh. Constantly get on me about them. In fact, when I come home from playing, Ashley would say what's the injury today, honey? One injury in particular really, actually hindered me it was an injury to my big toe on my left foot that what had happened was I was dribbling and a guy just got caught as he was trying to guard me. And is his foot landed on my foot. I was going this way and he wasn't budging, and it just tweaked it and it was painful. It really painful. And back to the stamps. Still, not sure if I sprained it or I broke it now initially, I didn't think it was that big of a deal. I thought it was going to heal pretty quickly. It wouldn't really affect me that much, but over time, that was not the case. I had no idea how important this little limb would be to walking into functioning and everyday life. You don't even the slightest week. I would like get into bed and it would hurt that for a while. It was a bother, it crippled me from doing a lot of, like little everyday things in life, including playing sports that I love like basketball. My wife is probably rolling her eyes at me right now as we speak. Now, you'll have to forgive me for this trait illustration, but I share it, because I think it's speaks into the Christian walk. The Christian Life know, there are so many things in the Christian walk that can cripple us. Things big, but also small and Tiny, that can hinder us in our faith. You know, we could be moving along and our faith trusting Jesus, feeling good about life and his kingdom, and then boom were hit with something trial. And I'll persecution difficult relationships are inhabited and immediately, our eyes are taking off the Lord. We start stumbling a little bit more. Not moving. So. Well, our prayer life isn't as vibrant as it could be, a Bible study isn't as vibrant as it. Could be a lot of obstacles that can make life with God. A lot harder where there's no growth and oftentimes, no, flourishing many things that can cripple Us in the Christian walk. But the good news is church that our heavenly father is aware of those things. He knows we will have these obstacles and he actually wants to help us. And that is where our passage comes in today. If you work all throughout Mark chapter 4, Jesus has been teaching the disciples and he has been teaching them in Parables. We saw that the purpose of his teaching was actually two fault. First, he was explaining why there is mixed and often hostile reception to him, but the second Jesus was also showing us how the kingdom of God will continue to grow. And it will continue to grow through, people listening to Jesus, and trusting his word, that was the call from last week's passage, he who has ears to hear, Let Him hear. And as we listen to Jesus word and trust that word, the kingdom of God will continue to advance not only in our world but also in our very own hearts. But here's the question. What might stifle that growth? What Mike cheapest from listening to Jesus word well or what might be an obstacle to following Jesus and faith and trust in his word and how can we overcome that? That is what Mark tackles next. Over the next three sections of, Mark's gospel. This passage the short little passage in chapter 4 and then all of chapter five, Mark will launch us into a deep exploration of the human soul, and Mark will highlight for us. One of the greatest obstacles to Faith and that is fear. Fear and that is our first point if you want to take notes fear to look at versus 35 again with me.

On that day would evening how come he said, then let us go across to the other side and leaving the crowd. They took him with them in the boat just as he was, and the other Boats were with him. Now pause right there. Jesus has been teaching in Parables and because of the huge crowd, Jesus actually has to get into a boat to teach it's that crowded. And now as evening comes, the Crowds Are dismissed. But rather than head back to shore, Jesus instructs, the disciples to pull up anchor and to set sail and they were going to set sail along what would have been a 16? Mile journey across this Lake. I thought they make their voyage and as their sailing, all of a sudden. We are told him verse 37. And a great wind storm arose and the waves were breaking into the boat so that the boat is already filling. Jesus and the disciples are hit with a terrible storm. And now this is not just a little passing rain shower, but the text says a great one store the way that they're crashing over the boat so that the water is filling up in the boat. I mean I picture a scene from a movie or something you know, as the waters levels rise the disciples are probably grabbing anything they hand. Maybe they had buckets or even using their own hands and what are they doing? They're trying to scoop the water out of the boat, but it's just pouring over at such a fast rate. In the boat is starting to think. Nothing is working. And remember, these were experienced fishermen. They've been in storms before, they can handle a lot of things. But boy, nothing like this. This was on a whole different level. It really is a hopeless and fearful situation for the disciples. In fact, Jesus question in verse 40, which we will look at it in a little bit. And actually reveals how the disciple spent with felt, what does Jesus say? He says, why are you so afraid? The disciples are gripped by fear.

I wonder if you ever been in a situation where you are in trouble and you are fighting hard to get yourself out of it. Whatever it is that you're doing. It just doesn't seem to be making a difference. One example, I heard, was you ever been driving and you're going to an important meeting and get lost? Every turn you take. It just seems to take you further away from your destination and you're going to be late and there's that feeling of great panic and fear. Ever been in debt. Credit card bills coming in interest keeps adding and you're trying to do whatever you can but it becomes overwhelming to the point where you're hyperventilating. Just when you see the bill feels like you're drowning. I'll never forget when my oldest son. Gage went, when he was 8 months old, oftentimes gauge. And I would just sit on the couch and I had to be with him cuz he was 8 months old and he could easily fall off. So one day, we're on the couch hanging out. Mom was out in the yard, doing some gardening work and at one point I said, you know what, I need to go do something the kitchen really quick. It'll be real quick. I'll come right back. I'm sure he'll be just fine. I go run of the kitchen, grab something in the kitchen, and I hear a giant thud and we have hardwood floors. So it was loud. And I knew immediately, what happens ran back into the side. I go over to him, he's laying on the ground and he had that you do a little babies where they don't cry right away. It but their face says it all. They're about ready to just taste like took the breath out of them, and there he was. And then eventually he just starts bawling. I pick him up, I held him as head. I'm so sorry. And I knew at that point, I knew was so loud that he had two of his head. Bye, I'm down with in 52 minutes. I thought things were okay, but then he started to get sleepy and his head started to roll back and then he vomited profusely. And I knew you, oh, my goodness. He has a concussion. Something's wrong. And I'm panicking. I mean, we have never experienced that you are first born. So I go out and tell Ashley. We got to go to the ER, let's go. Let's go, grab the car, we go, I don't even put him in the car seat. I just hold him and I vomit all over me. I am stressed out. We get to the ER which takes and you know years to finally get through just the worry and then eventually we get in and he had a minor concussion. Fortunately it was anything major and he was fine with in an hour. He wanted to know Cheerios or milk. But I was terrified, it was a moment of helpless fear. Again, you don't fear. It is something that we all experienced, don't we? You know, there can be external fears, you know, things outside of us that can cause us to fear. There's internal fears, a lot of things that can cause us to feel like I heard someone recently say to me, my greatest fear is not being able to reach my potential. Think about that, my greatest fear is not being able to reach my potential, so many different kinds of fears. They can be irrational, they can also be irrational where it can become pathological, you know, where you have different kinds of phobias, you know what, like superstitious fears that produce odd, and quirky behavior in my research. I discovered three new fears that I didn't know about. Have you heard of color phobia It's the fear of clowns. Now, what's up with clowns? They are really freaky sometimes. That's, that's a legit for your right there. Another one, I heard, it's what's called Nami aphobia, I'm probably pronouncing that wrong, but now I have you heard of this. It's the fear of cell phone lost coverage, cell phone coverage be lost. Nami aphobia. This might be my favorite though. The phobia The fear of beards.

I'm sorry. Jim tepalca is well back there, you know, that's a great threat with the rise of the Hipster movement happening today, and in the world. Again, if it can come in all shapes and sizes hands, fear is a good thing, isn't it? It's a healthy thing. Is that God has designed us this way by illogical EU member bio 101. Do you remember that reaction people have fight or flight? It's always a lot of times. It's a reaction to fear. We have this built-in system, to make sure we know how to handle fearful situations, and to be totally free from Fear to, be Fearless. That's actually quite dangerous. There is such a thing as healthy fear. But there is such a thing, as unhealthy fear. Fear is something that can drive Our Lives. It can paralyze us. It can cripple us, fear can cause stress psychological disorders, mental, health issues, I can even prevent us from enjoying, a lot of things in life, and that includes our relationship with God and many ways, fear can be one of the greatest enemies to the Christian Life. As followers of Jesus, we can be following Jesus in faith. But actually, there are so many things that we become afraid of in life that we find ourselves. No longer following Jesus, but acting on our fears. You know, there's many examples but you do for some of us. Maybe we just can't see past our circumstance and so we simply are just ignoring God that's what the consuming our thoughts. Or we just can't imagine how this is going to work out for our good and so we begin to doubt God's love and his care in our lives. That was actually the case for the disciples look at verse 38. But, he was in the stern asleep on the cushion and they woke him and said to him teacher, do you not care that we are perishing? Here are the disciples and a terrifying situation. And what is Jesus? Doing? Absolutely nothing. He's asleep on a cushion. He, he doesn't know nothing about it. No wonder, they cry out. Do you care? Don't you care? If we drown? I mean, it was your idea in the first place Jesus. You got us into this mess, don't you care? Even though your own life, you're going to Die 2. And again, in many ways, we can do the same in the midst of fearful situation. It feels like God is doing nothing. He's falling asleep on us, and he doesn't care. So many things that we become afraid of in life that we find ourselves. No longer following Jesus, but acting on our fears, And why might that be the case in our lives? Why why am I that be the case that we don't follow Jesus? But acting our fears and what's going to help us overcome that? Well, that leads to the second points, the greater fear. Look at verse 39.

And he awoke and rebuked the wind and said, to the Sea, peace be still and the wind ceased, and there was a great call. An unbelievable scene. 1 minute Jesus is sleeping on the boat. The next minute, he speaks a word and steals the storm. Actually, the word there is to be quiet, literally cease. Just as you would talk to an unruly child. What's astonishment is that the storm obeyed like a compliant child. Jesus put on display extraordinary power and absolute Authority. Has the elements of the world, rise up and uncontrolled chaos. Jesus seems to have complete Command over them. He is in control. If we get a hint of that control during the storm, notice the language that is used in verse 37. Look at verse 37 again and a great wind storm arose and the waves were breaking into the boat. So that the boat was already Philly absolute chaos in verse 37. But look at verse 38. But he was in the stern asleep on the kitchen. What a contrast, absolute chaos, but Jesus is completely at peace and with Serenity, your the, the detail of the cushion almost makes you feel that way. Right? He's asleep, sound asleep, he's got one of those, like, he's canceling machines in his ears and it's most likely a peaceful stream, right? If you did a test to see who is anxiety levels, read an all-time high, it wouldn't be Jesus in that moment. Why? Well, at one level it's because he's human. We're seeing his Humanity on this play here, but I think, Mark is even hinting at his control here. He is in control and in the call me of the storm. We now see that control on full display And notice the immediacy of it. Look at verse 39, again. And he awoke and rebuked the wind and said, to the Sea, peace be still and the wind ceased, and there was a great calm. I am not a meteor meteorologist, but from what I understand is that after a storm, the waves, normally persist for hours and sometimes, even days after the wind dies down, but we Jesus complete call glassy flat. See, there's not a ripple in the waters. Jesus has enormous power and authority and the disciples are witnessing that. But instead of letting the miracle, just be a miracle and, you know, they did keep moving on, go to the other side of the sea, instead of that Jesus actually uses this miracle, as a teaching moment. He wants to teach the disciples from this and he does so by speaking to them and asking him these questions, look at first 40 And he said to them. Why are you so afraid? Have you still no faith? Notice the disciples in their fear question. The concern of Jesus. Jesus intern questions, Their Fear. Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith? Now, if you were the disciples, if you were in their sandals, what would you be thinking? I probably be thinking, hello, we were afraid because we were about to die. Duh, probably not say that the Jesus but at least that's what I'd be thinking or maybe just flat-out anger. What are you doing? Rebuking us. True lot of different spots that I be thinking but is that how the disciples respond? Look at verse 41. And they were filled with great fear. And said to one another who then is this that even the wind and the Sea obey him. The disciples were fearful when they were about to die. But when Jesus performs this miracle and speaks to them, they are stilled with great fear. And it leads them to ask this question, who is Sky? Who is this? Now if you have been going along with us and Mark that question is not unfamiliar, it's very familiar that has been the theme question. All throughout Mark's gospel. It's the theme that Mark is addressing Jesus identity who then is this, who is this? Jesus the disciples are following And even after this amazing Miracle, the question is still being asked as if there is still more to Jesus that the disciples need to learn and we need to learn about Jesus.

And what Mark is masterfully doing is he is getting us to focus on Jesus to focus on Jesus, even in the midst of fear. And what Mark is doing is he's he's really showing us with this text. What is often underneath our fears and what the solution to our fears can be? But think about both of those things. First, what is underneath our fears? Well, there's a lot of things, we could discuss a lot of things, but based on March after 4 here, one of those things is a lack of faith in Jesus. Often, what is underneath? Our fears is a lack of faith. In Jesus, one writer writes, fear grows best in the soil of unbelief. Fear is generated by a lack of faith and a lack of faith at times is strengthened by fear. And again more specifically I'm saying it's a lack of faith in Jesus. Now what do we mean by that? But here's what I mean by that face here is not simply that Jesus can get you through the storms in life, that is not simply what it's saying, faith is knowing who Jesus is more precisely, because faith is in something, it is an object that our faith is in. It is the person of Jesus So it's not how much Faith do you have? But it's how well do you know, Jesus? That's the point of Jesus questions. See, Jesus follows up his first question. Why? So afraid with a second question. Do you still have no faith? And the implication of his second question is that if the disciples had draft his identity who he was, then they would have trusted him to calm the storm. It might have been still scary but they would have trusted him because he was with them. And remember the disciples already, they have witnessed a lot of this Jesus. They've witnessed his miracles, they have seen his authority but for them in that moment Jesus power and presence. Really didn't factor into the equation. All that they could see was their circumstances bad storm water and boat sinking going to die. They didn't look at Jesus. They didn't remember who he was and all his grace, and Glory. I didn't remember his teaching. And so their perspective was skewed and they were deeply afraid. It seems wholly reasonable to be afraid of the threat of death. You're not when you know who Jesus is. That's a powerful truth. Who is Jesus to you Church.

How big is your Jesus? How well do you know the king of kings and Lord of lords? Panic-stricken. And in the, urgency of the moment of fear, do we question Jesus? Like the disciples? Don't you care? That we are perishing? Might we act and say things that don't be fit. Our King and savior. I know I do at times. And we might think it's okay to react in those ways. We might think it's quite natural to react in those ways. The church. If that is the case, then it's only because we have shrunk Jesus down. We have minimized him. We lost sight of his promises. We are failing to believe in his goodness and his grace. And so often times what is underneath our fears is a lack of faith in who Jesus is and that leads to our solution. The solution church is not to become more Brave. The solution is to grow to know, Jesus more precisely be holding him for who he is and what he can do. That's the solution, get to know the king of kings and Lord of lords. One writer says, the more godward, we are looking the less afraid we will be So we need to Behold our God today. We need to behold Jesus today, everyday, right? But Mark is wanting us to really focus on him. And this is the Jesus that we need to behold today two things Mark highlights for us. First Jesus is Lord, creator of all. That's what we see. Jesus is Lord creator of all. Mark has just shown us how powerful Jesus is. We've seen him heal people, we've seen him, cast out, demons demons, he can calm storms. And these incredible Miracles are really meant to proof that Jesus. This man really is the Creator. God, One minute he's sleeping. The next minute, he's shushing. The waves. In fact, the Old Testament reading that Jim read for us earlier from Psalm 107 is meant to prove this time to look at the text. But go back, read verses 23 to 31 and just noticed the parallels and similarities to our story today. These verses from Psalm 107, they would have been sung actually regularly in the synagogue and they would have been known most likely by the disciples. But it's one thing to sing a praise song. The God for his power over the wind and waves. It's quite another thing to be in a boat with a man who calms the sea in the wind with the word especially when seconds before you head, rudely waking him to complain that he didn't care for you. The awesome reality of Jesus identity was coming home to the disciples and I hope it's coming home to us. Jesus is the creator Lord. And not only does the Old Testament make this clear but so does the New Testament, our affirmation of Faith. The reading we read earlier. What did Paul say in Colossians 1:16, Jesus is the image of the invisible. God, the firstborn of all creation for by him. All things were created in heaven on Earth, visible and invisible, whether Thrones, or dominions or rulers or authorities. All things were created through him and for him, and he is before all things. And in him all things, hold together. Not only just Jesus create the world but he also sustains the world. That is Dexter mature. Biblical view of Jesus. He's the Creator and he is at work in the world, and he is sustaining it, Jesus is in complete control. And isn't it true that often times another reason we fear is because of a desire for control and that the case often times, I think I'm in control and as soon as things get out of my control I panic and I get scared. But the one who is in complete control, says, do not be afraid. Do you know that about Jesus that this Jesus is the one who is creator of all. That's the Jesus. We need to be whole today. The second not only is Jesus lord, creator of all Jesus is Lord savior of his people. Let's not lose sight that in the midst of this amazing miracle that Jesus actually deliver the disciples. He actually save them. They are convinced he doesn't care about them but Jesus proves, he does. You know what Jesus have really taken them into the storm and abandoned them, would this Jesus really have failed to take them to the other side. No, of course, not. It is this Jesus, who acted, who spoke, who saved, who rescue them and you rescue them from their fears. And on a much bigger scale Church. Jesus has done that for all of his people, all of us. They say that you're most afraid of the thing that you do, you think can have the most threat on your Lively Hood. You're most afraid of the thing that you think and have the most threat on your life in the hood. And we often think of our spouse may be the, our family, or our job being taken away. And yes, while those things can be devastating to lose and they're scary, the Bible speaks of an even greater threat to our livelihood. Do you know what that's red is God himself. More specifically, the Judgment of God. Does the Judgment of God terrify you today? It should. 50, the Bible makes it very clear that all mankind has rebelled against God. This is what the Bible costs. In its where we have turned away from God, and as a result, we are under God's judgement. We actually experienced God's judgment against our rebellion, in the reality of pain sickness, natural disasters, and even death. Those are many of the things we fear. In fact, the sea it portrays this is the people in the ancient world were all afraid of the sea because the sea was like this uncontrollable and mysterious force, it was unsafe and it was a symbolic. It was symbolic of the evil and judgment that we face. So we experienced God's judgement and our rebellion and the reality of pain sickness and natural disasters in death. But there is a further judgment that all mankind will face. We will all one day stand before God and give account to him for our lives and our sin, in our rebellion of him. And the sentence is eternal separation from he will cut us off from himself permanently. In the Bible, makes it clear that since God is the source of all life, all good things, being cut off from him, means a destruction That Never Ends. And that is a terrible thing as frightening thing to fall under the sentence of God's judgment. It's a prospect that we all face because we are all guilty of rebellion against God. But in finding Jesus Christ, Mark 1:1 in the beginning, God was up to something in this world. He was doing something. He is a rescuing redeeming and fixing this broken world. And in many ways this miracle hear the comment of the storm was a foretaste of the new creation before taste of what Jesus had come to do and what he would do, if he would save his people, he would turn this world around. One day, we know another storm would be whipped up by Satan a vicious storm. Where it would not be on water, but it would be on land in a place called Gethsemane. where the disciples would be asleep and Jesus would be awake and in those storms Jesus would voluntarily go overboard in order to comment just like Jonah didn't Jonah chapter 1, It's really cross and Resurrection Jesus would Deliver us from our greatest enemy, since Satan and death. In order to bring us peace with God, in order to bring us forgiveness with God, in order to bring us a new life. With God, both now and for all of eternity. That same Colossians patches that I just read it again. It's an affirmation of faith that goes on and says this about Jesus. For in him, all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell, and through him, to reconcile to himself all things. Whether on Earth or in heaven, Making Peace by the blood of his cross. Brothers and Sisters, Jesus has delivered us from the greatest threat to our lives, Eternal, separation from God, the fear of all fears, and he has delivered us for the greatest joy of Our Lives, Eternal relationship with him. And that can make a world of difference when it comes to our fears. This is the Jesus. We are to behold today, church. Do you see him today? Do you believe in this God, this Jesus, who is Lord of our lives and saves us? And who is committed to saving us in the fullest way?

Well, when we get that and we understand that, and we trust that and believe that here are two things that will happen. And I hope they start happening in our lives. Today ain't even as we continue in the series. And Mark first, we will start addressing our fears in many ways, the point of this passage could be this Jesus, not only commands, the winds and the waves, Jesus commands, your fierce And only someone who is, Lord of all who is Creator and Redeemer and Sovereign over all someone, who knows the future. Who knows the outcome is secure and has a plan for our lives. Only someone like that. Can tell us not to be afraid. And if that is the case, then we need to start addressing our fears and start getting underneath them. You know, ultimately what is it? That I'm not believing about who Jesus is. What his promises are all about. What is it? That I'm not believing about him. Or what is it that I'm longing for. Is it the need for control? In essence, what we're doing is, what I like to call a pathology of our fears. We're going back to root causes so that we can deal with the problem. Do you ever have a fever? It's foolish to only try and cool down your skin, right? You're not going to get to the root of the problem. You actually need to deal with the sickness itself. That's all we want to deal with it. We want to get underneath our fears, and we need to start addressing our fears, and we can because it's in the context of God's covenant relationship with us. at the first thing with seconds, we're believing in beholding Jesus for who he is. We will actually start entrusting our fears to our Heavenly Father God, not only commands our fears, but he commands our trust because he is truth and he is trustworthy. Yes, we will fear, many things. We are going to have trouble. We are going to have bad days. Our plans don't always work out. There will be suffering and pain. The Point Church is not that fear and anxiety will be permanently gone, but it's what we do with those fears. That is what makes us Christian We cannot know what tomorrow brings but we know the God who brings it will. We give it to him. Everyday will be an opportunity to give into fear the point. Is that, as we walk through the trouble, will we give it to our creator and Our Redeemer? Where we bring to him through daily prayer, the things that we are freaked out about and we say father's, tell me your goodness here. Help me to trust you in the midst of it. Tell me to remember your good purposes in my life that you're using this thing that I'm worried about in my life for my good. Please help me to remember this. Even the things that I don't have under my control. Help me to know that you were using this to draw me into a deeper relationship with you.

I love David's words in Psalm, 23 powerful words, and I'm sure we all know, even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. Why can David say that? The Lord is my shepherd. He knows his God. What do you reminded us of that in Sunday school to know, God to know who he is his character. And when we know that it will help us to trust him more. That's what David was doing in that moment. Will we trust God and Trust our fears to him? Now this is going to take a lifetime to learn. We are all slow to trust quick to doubt and even quicker to speculate sometimes. But God is extremely patient. Has one Rider said, his promises, always stock, the shelves of our soul. They are right there. We just need to grab a hold and gaze at them. And one of those promises is that when you and I fail to trust God, and give him our fears and worries. Jesus comes to us, with Mercy, to forgive us with, love to embrace us, and with blood to purge us. And church the more that you. And I behold that Jesus the savior of all his people, the more it will lead to all and worship where the right fear, the lord would displace all other fears. Would you play with me?

King Jesus. We pray this morning that we would give our fears over to you right now even more. Please, we pray that you would take them from us, you died to save us and to secure Us in an eternal loving relationship and you Rose again to New Life. As the Risen Lord, the one who is Lord over all even our fears Lord, we repent from our doubts from the ways, we forget you or think of you differently, Oh Lord. Give us an accurate view of who you are and to believe you may your spirit. Take a hold of us today so we can bring glory to you in Jesus name. We pray. Amen. Amen. What church? I can think of a better him to sing and response. Then the hymn Be Still My Soul. Why Don't We Stand and let's sing together and response?

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