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Anatomy of Forgiveness—Part #3—Healing Wounds With Church 11-23-08

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Anatomy of Forgiveness—Part #3—Healing Wounds With Church 11-23-08

I Love God—I just don’t like His people

His father had an offense with LEADERSHIP (26:19)

·        He got 'burned' by it

·         So although Jotham loved God-- he kept His distance

·         From the presence of God

·          In the corporate gathering

Perhaps Jotham was disillusioned by what happened to his dad

·         Maybe afraid

·         Although he feared God, the enemy warped that fear--and he kept a distance from the presence of the Lord

·         Maybe there was a wound-- what will happen to me if I enter that place

·         So he distanced himself

There are those that say-- I love God-- but don't like the church

·         They may even stay faithful to God-- fear Him--serve Him

·         But when we avoid the corporate gathering we miss something that can only happen when we gather together

It affects more than us

·         It affects the next generation

·        (IT’S NEVER JUST ABOUT YOU!!!!)

·         Something happens when our kids grow up not seeing the generations together worshipping

·        Affected by breaks in relationship

And although we might feel we have a clear conscience in our personal relationship with God

·         We abdicate our role as parents to raise children in the house of God

·          Instead of living in the house under the scarlet cord

·         We live in the house of our disillusionment  with the body of Christ

·         The house of our wounding

·         The house of offense

·         And for some, even the house of pride (we can do it better-- we don't need the house of God--we don't need God's people-- they're hypocrites-- we step away)

There's something unique that only can happen when we encounter the presence of the Living God in a corporate gathering

·         That only happens when we journey TOGETHER on this walk of faith

When we cut ourselves OFF from

·         Corporate worship-- corporate connectedness

·        It opens a door

·         That can bring a curse on the generation emerging

It's subtle-- it appears to not affect anyone—after all, we still love God-- we still love His ways

·         But over time—there’s something that happens in the generations that follow-- our children-- their children-- something is eroded

·         Something is lost

·         And out of that open door-- a spirit of death and wickedness steals the next generation

Ahaz, Jotham's son

·           Not only rejected God

·         He nailed the doors to the temple shut

·         He burned his sons (Jotham's grandsons) on the altar of idols (28:3)

·        And led his generation into idolatry

ALL of this began with one generation picking up offense with Leadership

·         The next generation served God at a distance

·        But abdicating their mantle to raise children in the house of God and in the ways of the Lord

·         And the result is the NEXT generation was poisoned, murdered and seduced by the idols of the day

·         And an entire generation was shut OUT OF the house of God

·          The presence of God

Feet of Clay Syndrome

·                    All heroes have ‘em

·                    What will we do when . .  . . ?

Eat meat, spit out the bones

How do I forgive/boundaries—and still be hones

·                    Not enter gossip

·                    Spheres of transparency

·                    Honor

·                    Remember the good report—it IS there—fear God in it

Above all, guard your heart

Tough thing—disillusioned/grieving over failed, fallen, flawed leaders

·                    Saul is dead—move on  (was that the quote)

·                    There is a time to look forward

Hard when the innocence is gone

·                    I trusted them

·                    It was so good

Truth is, it WAS so good

·                    It’s okay to treasure that

Conflict of child of divorce

·                    Mom nor dad all good nor all bad

·                    I betray one to love another

·                    We have some good histories of good things God has done

·                    Okay to honor those

·                    Human beings often make the mistake of judging and entire experience by how it ENDED

Feet—of clay

·                    John Dawson

·                    Explain/develop


·                    Out of the box

·                    Beyond the controlled environment—in the heat of the moment


·                    Nakedness—vulnerability


·                    Where they fail in a big way

·                    David

·                    Moses

·                    But how were they remembered

Look how GOD remembers:

·                    David—man after God’s own heart

·                    Saul/Jonathan—through David’s memories

He has shown you oh man what is good, what the Lord requires of you

·                    Do justly

o       Don’t pick up bad spirit—be JUST

o       Love Mercy—show it to others—show it to your enemies—show it to the ones that annoy you

§        Just because you show mercy doesn’t mean you need to make self vulnerable to them

§        Trust

§        SHOW MERCY

o       Walk humbly with your God

Some of us have issues—not just forgiving former leaders/situations

·                    But forgiving ourselves in situations

·                    I used to be ‘name the ministry role’

·                    This is what I loved ‘name the victory’

·                    Failure/disappointment/etc—grieving over that thing

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