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1 John 2

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1 John 2:1-6; 15-17;28   

I.          Vs. 1-4: Proof of a relationship w/ Christ

A.         v.1:  The word is given us so that we not sin, but if we do, Christ is our advocate.  Lit. intercessor (one pleading our case)

B.         V.2: Christ personally made the sacrifice for our sins, with His own life.

C.        The proof that we know Christ is to keep His commandments.   Keep His commandments = Know Him

            1 Thessalonians 5:14-22.

D.         V.4: You can’t claim to know Christ, and not keep His commandments

II.         Vs. 5-6: Moving beyond commandments.  Keeping His word = In Him

A.         V.5: Keeping His word goes beyond commandments.  It is doing more than just the minimum that is required,  it means going beyond the requirement and attempting to please Him.  lit. a motive or will

B.         In this, we move beyond simple obedience, His love is perfected in us.  By this we don’t just know Him, we are in Him.

C.        V.6: We should be conformed to His likeness, as all saints are predestined to be.  Christ is to be our Model

III.        Vs. 15-17: Do not love the world

A.         V. 15: To walk as Christ is to not love the world (sin).

B.         V.16: All the things in the world are not of the Father, they are the complete opposite of Him. 

            C.        Anything that is not of the Father is inherently evil.  All false religions, no matter how “good” they seem, are evil. “…for whatever is not from faith is  £sin.”  Romans 14:23

D.         V.17: All things of this world (the sin and vileness), and their rewards are temporary, but God is eternal.  To do the will of God (please God) allows us to abide in Him forever. 

E.         “Without faith, it is impossible to please God.”  It doesn’t matter how much “good” you do, if it is not of the Father, it won’t please Him.  (No matter how many children you feed, or how many people you help.)  Heb. 11:6; Mat. 18:5    

IV.        Vs. 24-25;28: Abide in Him.

A.         vs. 24-25 Abide  Lit. to remain, dwell or live.  Eternal Life=Jesus Christ

B.         V.28: The only way to abide in Him is to please Him.  That means moving beyond the bare minimum, moving beyond the law.  Obedience is necessary, but we are to know His will and to do it.

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