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Matthew 25

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Matthew 25 (Before we even start, I would like to say I think I might not say it enough, that I am powerless to impact your eternality, but the Holy Spirt of God can do that and that is what I pray will happen). I heard a story that is too good not to share, - deacon wife, good at obeying the rules, playing the piano, but one morning during the sermon, Jesus nudged her and said, you don’t know me. And she started arguing with Jesus, and said, I do this, I do this I serve, teach the youth, I am a good wife to my husband, Jesus listen patently yes but you don’t know me… So she went home read in Luke struggling weseliung with the text and coming to the conclusion, well I don’t know Jesus, it had all bee about how to conform to the rules of the church. She goes back that evening to church at an evening service she is playing he piano during the invitation to give one’s life to Jesus, and the holy Spirt says it is now… She said, I am playing the piano, and the youth that I teach is here, it will be wired, - it is now… She stops playing the piano, - and infront of everyone the person that seemed to be a great Christian, walked up in front of all and gave her life to Jesus. – She know about Jesus, now she got to know Jesus. And it changed her life and she served til she just died last week at 82, hosting a youth group in her house. Great testimony of faithfulness.
Today’s text, will challenge you, it will ask if your faith is real, and that is a good thing, you will find out if it is, and you rejoice with joy of what Jesus has done, and his faithfulness. Or the holy spirt may say to you, you don’t know me. That is also good, then you can wrestle like the woman, and repent and ask Jesus to let you know him and not just know about him. (voice of the enemy – unsesific accusations, - condamtions, - like in the woman’s story, Holy Spirt is specific, and inviting).
Jesus gives two parables about the kingdom of Heaven. The themes are be ready, and be found faithful, then Jesus concludes by surprising people in explaining the Judgment on the last day.
This week I talked to one of my friends, and he was sharing how he was so exited about traveling, that he had packed his traveling bag, and suitcase, and let is set at home to simulate how his clothes would be after he journey, he had looked in making his own travel bag, so it would fit just the way he liked. He was trying to get ready for his work trips so it would be as great as possible. That is not me as I said I normally wait for the last moment, the night before to pack my bag. (One of our daughters packs many days before). The question would be as we arrive our if something happens during our trip are, we ready to respond to that? Do we have extra underwear and socks with us? Are we ready to for fill the purpose of our trip? Are we ready are we wise?
In the parables point are we ready for Jesus to come back and go to be with him? Are we falling asleep? Not ready, concerned about many things of this world, The wise build their lives on the rock of Jesus…. And they were ready… But the foolish came to a locked door, saying lord, lord. But Jesus said the chilling words, Truly I don’t know you. The were thinking that they knew the master but he did not know them…. We are not known by only having knowledge of Jesus, but the sign is a life lived out for Jesus.
The words I long to hear… Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter in to the joy of your master. The Goal of our life…
The parable of the talents. They are given after their ability, but how will they and we respond?
The to first respond in faithfulness after there talents… and get a great respond from the master.
But the last one does not… he complains against his master, who he thinks he is and that the master is hard man unjust taking what is not his. And his response is to hide the talent in the ground. But the master accuses the him saying he is a slothful and wicked servant… And that he was not faithful with what he was given, he was given a talent to steward, but did not do that well. Not even the obvious, and get interest on his money in some way the master lost money giving it to the last servant. The response and words are not: enter in to the good. Instead the one talent will be given to the faithful servant, and the worthless servant will be cast into the outer darkness, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.
Ready, wise, looking for the coming of the king, being a faithful steward of what God has given.
All Jesus has been saying the last chapters, the warnings, the call to faithfulness, readiness, looking for and expecting the coming king. Therefore, living out faith in God, and in the hope of the Messiah, Jesus will conclude and say what will happen when the son of man comes in his glory. The angles with be with him and he will sit on his glorious throne. (not me or you, He will judge).
Dividing the sheep and the goats. 34 sheep. Come you who are blessed, by my father, inherit the kingdom, prepared for you from the foundation of the world. Feed the poor, give water, welcome the stranger, give clothe to the necked, visit the sick, and people in prison. (Being faithful living out the gospel of Jesus, ) And living it out not to get salvation, but because they are changed by Jesus, by God, and it flows out of them, they are even surprised at the son of mans words. The don’t come and say hello, son of man look at how great I am feeding the poor, look at my facebook, tick tock, insta, look at how great I am, no, they are living like that is normal, not seeing it as special, - (so it is not let me do that, no be changed, and get to know, really know God and that life should come out… little by little… ). Verse 46 eternal life.
The Judgment of the ones 41 depart in to eternal fore prepared for the devil and his angles, why because, you ignored all the people that needed help, you ignored me, my life, you lived for yourself, you trusted in your works, religious deeds, but you were never changed, you call me lord but I never knew you. And you never knew me,
Then what? What did the Holy Spirt say to you in this time? Did the gospel of Jesus Christ, and his voice say, you are mine, I know you and you know me, or something like that.
Did you hear a lot of condamtions, shame, you suck, you are un loverble – evil.
Did you hear a voice of invitation, you don’t know me, - but you could know me…
Why warnings, why encouragements to be faithful, why do we keep saying the same thing over and over, why do we hear the gospel of Jesus Christ every week, - Because we need it, to be molded shaped, met by God, in Jesus life, death, resurrection and his return, because we can be led astray, fall asleep, doubt, hurt, shame pain guilt, and we are but we can remind our self that we are free in Christ Jesus. And our life lived for him, not other tings, but in the joy of Jesus we might be surprised as Jesus looks on us and pronounce thanks for doing that, - we might say what? The things you did for my family members you did for me. Yes what you did for others.
The call for all is not to be surprised in the other way, trusting in our own work, religions deeds and practices, and being blind to the people Jesus sends our way. And her the words of right judgment, - you lived for your self or your own God, now you get what you dercerve and what you wanted and lived for. Eternal punishment.
But don’t do that, as Jesus has said so long stop doing that and turn to God that you might live, the ones in Jesus rightusnessness will go in to eternal life.
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