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Double Portion Christians

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Double Portion Christians


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2 Kings 2:1-2:15 (NIV, NIRV, TNIV, KJV)

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Intro: the other night I ate at Golden Corral and on the food bar was fish, steak, chicken and shrimp. I couldn’t decide what I wanted, so I got a little bit of it all, twice. I guess that is why so many people like that place, you can get a second helping, and you can get a double portion. God has a plan for your life, and it includes a double portion. Most people settle for second best, but there will always be double portion Christians. Today, looking at Elisha, I want to encourage you to be a double portion Christian.

2 Kings 2:1-15
background: this is a special story in the Bible for those who want more of God. If you look at Elisha and the members of the school of the prophets you can see two distinct types, those who want a single scoop, and those who want a double blessing. Today there are three keys to becoming a double portion Christian.
a. you have to stay a little bit closer
b. you have to go a little bit farther
c. you have to want a little bit more

I. You Have To Stay A Little Bit Closer—v.7- to view afar off—the names of the members of the school of the prophets aren’t given, but this statement shows the difference in Elisha, and the rest of the prophets.

a. they were content with following from afar—that is the story of many people, content with a relationship from a distance. Just close enough, but not near. Ill) years ago when our family would move from one place to another, I would try to write friends and stay in touch, but long distant relationships are hard to maintain.
b. Peter—following from afar may get you into big trouble—he denied the Lord through following from a distance.
c. Elisha—stayed close to the fire—over the years I have noticed something, those who walk in great power with God are the press in Christians.
Ill) years ago at Bible College they had a bell curve system—it worked fine in most classes because if the teacher gave a test that most people didn’t do well on, everyone was rounded up. It worked in every class except a Science class, because there was this one girl, no matter how hard the test was, she would get 100. I still remember where she sat, she sat front and center, and helped the professor with the over-head.

II. You Have To Go A Little Bit Farther—v.6 and the two went on—if you can visualize this story, here is the old prophet Elijah, here is the young man of God Elisha, and no matter where Elijah went, Elisha was one step behind him.

a. you can’t stop at Bethel, you can’t stop at Jericho, you can’t stop at Jordan, none of those places are where the double portion Christian lives. You have to cross over Jordan, you have got to go where the glory is about to fall.
b. I notice an important fact: the other prophets tried to discourage Elisha, Elijah tried to pursuade Elisha to lag behind, but Elisha wouldn’t have any part of it. He said, I am going all the way to the glory, and nothing else matters in my life.
c. Nevertheless—if you see me when I go it shall be granted to you. The anointing isn’t cheap, the power of God has a price, Elisha just because you say you want to have anointing won’t be enough, you will have to go the extra miles to receive.(ill) one of the great men of God years ago was the man with the nickname praying Hyde. He was a missionary to the Indians. During his life there were many supernatural healings and miracles.

After he died, the discovery was made of the secret behind his extraordinary ministry. Next to his bed there were two indentions on the wood floors. After some research it was found out to be imprints from his knees on the floor where he prayed.

III. You Have Got To Want A Little Bit More—v.9-10 As you read the scriptures you find those who want a little bit more. Elisha went after a double portion of the Spirit of God.

a. you won’t become a double portion Christian on accident. You must purpose in your heart to have all that God has for you. Some people want to catch the anointing like getting a cold. But God says, move toward me and I will move toward you. We must take the first step to activate the power of God in our lives.
Ill) a great violinist had finished a wonderful performance and a lady who had been so moved went to the man and said, I would give my life to play like you. He said, that’s what it takes, for I have given mine.

b. years ago a phrase was coined that has been used over the years, God doesn’t need our ability as much as our availability. If you have the want to, God can supply the rest.

Ill) years ago a quarterback at the University of Alabama was told to run out the clock. But seeing a receiver wide open he threw the ball, but it was intercepted. The cornerback known for his speed was racing down the sideline for the winning touchdown, but was tackled by Alabama’s quarterback not known for any great speed. Bear was asked, how come your boy was able to catch that cornerback. Bear said, their boy was running for a touchdown, my boy was running for his life.

Close: at the end of the story we find Elisha operating in the double portion of the Spirit of God. Today we know why, he stayed a little bit closer, he walked a little bit farther, and he wanted a little bit more. I pray that this church will be full of people that go after God.
If you go after God, you will receive.

Ill) a few years ago our ladies returned from the Women’s retreat and many had received the Holy Spirit in a special way. One young lady wanted the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, but came home still seeking. She told an amazing story, after feeling like she had missed her opportunity at camp, she woke up in the middle of the night speaking in tongues. She had gone after God and God filled her when she least expected Him too. If you go after God the mantle will fall on you.

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