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Jan 15

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We've been doing a series through the book of Ephesians, someone who said, dude you pray to Pieces all the time. I I know I talked I told the Lord that he said I don't care. I'm the Lord You're not do what I say, stop it back to Ephesians in the Lord, begin to just unpacked them. Some things to me, that's a good thing about it is I've had two weeks to prepare this sermon so you're going to get twice the information. Actually I had it done last Friday and Monday morning I erased it all over and start it over again. No more begin to show me some different things in there that I think that's for us as long as this church. And as these people in this room, I think you need to hear it this morning. If you didn't need to hear that, you wouldn't be here. But you're here this morning to hear from the Lord. Paul in Ephesians is in writing to the church in Ephesus and he is. And he is just, he has to be 4 in chapter 1, through 3. He is continuing to remind them who they are. They are forgotten, but I don't let y'all. But sometimes I forget who I am in Christ. I forget what God has called me to or who got his said, I am why? Because the world says all the things that we are, they will tell you all the time who you are and why you want to be this way or not be this way. And if we if we listen to him, they begin to become become our thoughts and our ideas. If we are the gases that is not, I'm not over the world but I must have it and so I'm Different. I think differently about you. if you remember two weeks ago, we we were up In in chapter 3 and in in the last first of the first section there in verse 13. He said, so I asked you not to lose heart over what I am suffering for you. I just thought that was an interesting statement not to lose heart or what I am suffering for you. We know that Paul is in prison right now. We know that he's in Rome in prison in the text. He said he doesn't say he said I'm a prisoner of the Lord. Prisoner bro.

Play Paul knew where got wherever he was to be at it. He knew that God was Sovereign. If he would be there to minister to the people go back and read the story. We ain't got time. But I would love for you to go back and read the story, Acts 19 through a 25, or so, when you see that Paul had spent some time with these people in, if he knew, then he knew of the faith. In the end of chapter, 25 x, Paul leaves in physician, he tells them, you will never see me again. They're probably pretty broken hearted. I'd be like if I came in here this morning and said, God lord, calling me to answer this or calling me the Roman and you'll probably never going to see me again. Because when I get there, the first thing to happen is they're going to throw me in jail for some bogus charges.

I'm going to set there. Until my death.

Pretty broken hearted people there and Infosys.

Paul could tell them to get over yourself and get back on the road, right? This is normal, right? We do this all the time. I mean, we're whiny people, right? We get in these pity parties in an opponent and pray that we're going to have to go over, isn't it? They would just get out of their pity party but God would do something amazing through them. I'm going to begin to read here. In verse 14, he's just for this reason, I bow my knees before the father. From who, every family. In heaven. And on Earth is named.

Imagine This. Paul in his cell. Probably not. Probably, don't look like our normal jail cells at probably in a cave. Somewhere. It locked up bound up. He falls to his knees. As he prays for these people. And I know what you're thinking, but why does that symbol anything? I told Maddie last, not the reason we had you stand the entire worship. Service is one of them. We are like, man, we're we're getting pretty young forever to stand through the whole service. But if it's here's the reason is the way we posture our body counts for something. It says something. If someone was to walk in the store this morning and then we would all be sitting here, half a sleeping dead. I don't want to be there, but when we are alert, we have text out when we're getting into, it may God use you. Begin to see God is at work. And if someone comes in that what they see is a church that love the word of God that wants to do what God says, so pop postures himself in a way. Just say that I am taking time out of my day to get on my knees before the Lord had to pray earnestly for you to desire, that God would do something amazing in your life.

I needed to hear that.

When was the last time you got on your knees before the father? And begged him for. To show you something. I want to give you something new.

Because easily we getting this routine of a lot of times, my prayers is when I'm driving down the highway.

But there's something different between driving on the highway and making sure I'm focused on the road and giving him my full and undivided attention. humble servant, Paul was

He doesn't, he's not part of them anymore. He, he, he is really in a different place in. Then he is just pouring out his heart for these people to God. He said for this reason, I believe if we looked go back all the way from the 1:1 of the same text, this is the third time. He said, for this reason, we will say that we have to go back up that we have to let him see what what was said before.

In this. It's so that verse 19 for this reason because what is this reason so that you no longer are strangers and Aliens but fellow fellow citizens in the Saints. And the members of the household of God, he said I'm praying for you because you are his children.

When was the last time we prayed? Like this.

When was the last time we came to a prayer meeting and it wasn't just a gossip session.

I think it's okay to pray for illness is not think it's okay to pray for people that are having surgery and I'm not saying that's enough. But when do we get past the praying for just people to be healed a physically and start praying for them to be healed spiritually.

All continues.

What is reason? The bow, my knees before the father. and whoever family in heaven and on Earth is named Alsace. God knows it all.

He's the king of kings. That's why I'm talking to him and not to any of these other false gods. That's why I'm praying to him, because he's the only one that can fix this either. He's the only one that can keep your heart from keep you from losing heart.

Then pause starts with prayer.

416. That according to the riches of his glory. he may Grant you to be strengthened with power. Through his spirit in your inner being.

But we don't need that. We need you. Do know, you don't need me, you need to be strengthened. You need the power of the spirit to come into your Isa, to be in your inner being somebody else by with license, in order to get inside of you. Because when that power gets inside of you, that changes things, we don't need to fix them or outer appearances. So that God will be pleased for no gas and I want to give you a chance to change your heart. Hear some observations, I see here, that I think that we can point out this morning. First of all, God. In his glory. Can grant anything. We need to us. Football size here. Pause. His God can give it but according to the riches of your glory, Not you didn't say some of your riches. No, he said because you are so rich because you own the cattle on a thousand hills because you are the god of the universe that you put the stars, are you put the moon there? You put the Galaxy Nexus that you created, man, because of all those things God, got because of your glory. You can grant this to them.

Be strengthened. With power. Through the Holy Spirit. In your inner being. I've two questions for you.

I've been telling Maddie all week or last week day is it man? I had something that I feel like it could be life-changing for us. What is it? I'm not telling you until the servant. I'll tell me and I had to get wait for this and I've called a pastor friend of mine. Is it, man? Let me tell you this to make sure it makes sense, because it makes sense to me, but I will make sure it makes him somebody else. And he somehow, I would love that. So, here it is. Are you ready for this?

This rebirth 17 first.

So, that Christ May dwell in your heart through faith. That you being rooted and grounded in love. Various Chelsea, it.

I looked at the word, dwell. It means to make it home.

It means to do a live there. Be there to dwell with the songs. We sang this morning and I thought dwelling, no, I want to dwell Where You Are.

Most Christians today.

Are not allowing God to make residence in their hearts. But they treating like a guest.

Because guests are different, right? I mean invite you into my home? When I met you in as a man, you can. Please come in. Please have a seat. But when I'm done with you, I'm probably going to tell you to go home. The guests are invited in it. So many people. It said have you invited Christ live in your heart? Can we invite him as a guest to say God come and just on Sunday morning at 10:30 show up within my heart and I love it. I just can't wait to see you. I'll fix you a good meal for you. I'll dress myself up. I'll look good for you.

But when lunch time is over, it's time for you to go Lord.

This is what's been happening, all over the world.

People of Faith continue to invite God as a guest into their home. And I said, no, no, no. I want to dwell in your heart. I went to live there but, you know, there's a difference between someone that lives in your heart. Someone that lives in your house. You think it was someone lives in your house. What happens if they have access to everything that you have?

They can look in your pantries. They can they can, they don't have to ask where the bathroom is they know because they live there.

Jesus said, I want, I want to pop up all praise for the that Christ May dwell in their hearts. This is different than a Sunday morning get together. I am so freaking sick of Sunday morning get together with people that invite Jesus into but tell him to go home after Services over to live, life aren't glorifying the guy that we get to do things that are glorifying to God and I'm saying, didn't you? Invite God in what you do? Kick him out on the corner. That's what Paul was saying here. That Christ May dwell in our hearts, through what, through faith. Faith in what facing faith in God. Faith is a everyone of you. This morning have faith in that Pew is going to hold you up. There's a reason y'all move back Wednesday because y'all think that was going to break, there's a reason you gave your full faith to that. Few God is saying it would God, dwells in our hearts, guess what? He doesn't get the spare bedroom, he gets the master bedroom. He becomes the master becomes the head of the household and when God is the head of our heart and the head of our household, what he says goes.

Not what we say not if we feel like it hit my house on the head of my household. If I tell when my children go clean your room, what if they said? I don't feel like it today. I don't care if you feel like it. I'm a hell house. What I told you to do this. God is saying that we have to begin to allow him to dwell in our heart and God whatever is in the heart if you want it gone take it out to come over. If you don't mind if you don't want it there take it out. If you want to take me to a certain place or do something different when they know what I'm already doing. Then God whatever it is. I want to be faithful to you. Why? Because you're the head of the household.

too many Believers are not allowing God to be head of their house that they want a Saviour, but they don't necessarily want to Lorde

We have got to get back.

2 second God if you dwell in my heart it's my prayer this week. Lord. I'm sorry, I've made you a guest at home, you own? Scripture says that our body is a temple for the Holy Spirit. He dwells in me and I've invited him. I treat him like a guest most of the time. Sometimes like a second-class citizen.

Do we have to have faith? Then we allow God's well at our hearts. But he's going to do what he does. For our benefit for his glory.

For our benefit for his glory. If Harrison this week got in trouble at school because he didn't they mailed off to a teacher. I and if, if you saw him, he was running down the highway but he ran 3 miles the other day. He thought he was dying, but he didn't. He made it through. But as I'm a be running, I'm rolling down the window cuz I'm not running with him, you know, better than that. So I'm talking to him and I'll say Harrison, next time, your teacher tells you to do something. You say, yes, ma'am. And you do it she said for you to jump, you ask her how or where at This is how we to be treating. God, got? What do you want from me? Yes, sir. Yes, sir, Lord. I'll get right on that father at dad cuz I want to please, you God.

Did you give him? Everything, but he becomes head of the house, will guess what else? He's in charge of our financial situation.

He's in charge of the way we spend the money.

Sounds a little different than a Sunday activity.

Sunday activities. Don't get anybody to heaven.


I like dwelling in Christ.

Verse 18.

Meet them in Route 17 again. So that Christ May dwell in your hearts through faith that you being rooted and grounded in love I miss that part rooted and grounded in love. Rooted.

Sing about a plant rooted in the ground around here, you better have some good, good roots or it's going to blow over. Someone is grounded, meaning. They understand what, what they have a good footing. We could hold on life. I wrote this in my notes. I said, when we are grounded and rooted in God's love, The storms of this world will not Shake us.

Yeah, they they might not be fun. But it will not, we will not lose heart. What did Paul in the book? Revelations, not Paul in the Book of Revelations. What did what did they say about the church in Ephesus? Remember Did you done all these good things? Your great people and you can point out false teachers but you have forsaken your first love sound familiar.

Sounds like the world, we live in.

We are rooted and grounded in love. We may have the strength. To comprehend with all the saints, what is the breadth? And the length? And the height and the depth?

God, did not call you. To allow God to dwell in Your Heart Alone. That's what this bodies for. Busy all this, when you kept keeps talking about shrinked, wrapped shrimp, is this, is spiritual drink, not physical strength because you can't, you can't have enough Spirit to drink to do with hold the scheme to the devil but spiritually. He said, when we are spiritually strengthen, we can work together as the body of Christ. This is all the saint and we can just marvel at the Breath of God at the length of God at the height of God and verse 19th. And to know the love of Christ.

That surpasses knowledge.

That you may be filled with the fullness. God. I don't know about you, but I want to be filled with the fullness of God. If you're in this room and using, I don't know if I want to be full of God was. My question is, then God doesn't dwell in your heart. He hasn't made you not allowed him cuz he got doesn't push himself in, you have to invite him. As you invite him, if you quit, treating me like a gas and treat him like a lord, like he deserves a master of your house.

I don't know the love of Christ, that surpasses knowledge. What's what? What PSI a pulsating is no longer a head thing but it's a heart thing. It surpasses. The knowledge that I know God is real. Maybe you're there here this morning. I know God is, is the savior I got that. I know that I should go to church and got that. I know I should remember. But does that transfer from a head thing to a heart thing? Because he dwells in your heart? That's what we comes out of that.

our faith can no longer be by knowledge alone, but by faith in him, it has to be something that surpasses knowledge. We know we shouldn't do this but we're not when we don't do it because we know that Christ lives in us and we are new in him, we are New Creation then it makes a different by. Why don't we do that? Because the Bible says so no because I love my Lord. My God, my savior so much. I would never want to. Disrespected.

What happens with this is, what happens. When we give God a heart, he feels it up. He begins to clean out closets. If you can set the clean out, drawers. Things that we want, don't want scene. if he begins to form your life, because scripture says, where your heart is, where your treasure is, there is your heart. What are you treasuring this morning? Is it God? Where's that the things of this world? I can't answer that for you. I can answer for myself. I've repented a lot this week. I promise you. Did my treasure isn't always in him? But he's better than diamonds and rubies and all the other thing.

Then Paul finishes this prayer.

reverse 20, he says, now to him who is able

We're not sorry now to him, who can do far more abundant than all we ask or think according to the power at work within us.

First of all, went out here, God can do more than we ask or even think. Why? Because the Holy Spirit. Lives in office. when we dwell in God,

Chapala 20. Lord, I know you can. What a note leaving the, the simple prayer that I'm praying. These, these really one or two sentences with and I'm praying. I know you can do it and so much more Lord.

Then Paul finishes prayer. To him, be the glory. In the church. Body of Christ. And Jesus Christ. Through all generations forever and ever, amen?

So, I asked you not to lose heart.

Because when we lose heart, guys. What happened to the treasures? This world begins a takeover.

Nepal's prayer for them. If they understand, they get this that God is not in dwelling, in your heart style. Some of you this morning I'm I'm doing a good job at, man. I'm I am just

Making you aware of. and reminding you of

the guy that dwells in your heart, And you have insurance in that. There's some of you in this here. This morning I might have broke your assurance.

You might be there saying you were saying this morning. You can what I've never I've never asked God to dwell in my heart to take over my life.

Only then can we come become true followers of Christ. Faithful followers. Will Paul call them here and enforces? Either way, I think we have to, you have to examine your heart. Where is he? Your treasure? Because where your treasure is. There is your heart.

As we begin, get ready for invitation.

I believe this was from God for us. How will you respond to God? Maybe it's impresa point. Thank you for throwing in my heart. Maybe, maybe there's some areas. Maybe there's some doors that you not allow got in. Can you keep close what I want you and all are in my life except this one maybe it's an open that door and let him in that one. As we finish, I'm going to pray for us but I'm going to prayer. I'm going to pray the exact prayer. Depaul's price of turkey differences. Can you pray for us?

Father. According to the riches of your glory. May you strengthen us with your power in our inner being so that Christ May dwell in our hearts, through faith. That we might be rooted and grounded in love. Let together we make comprehend. What the breadth and the length and the height, and the depth of your love is Christ in Christ.

Father, that you may feel us with the fullness of god, father. We know that you can do far more abundant than we ask or even think Lord because of the power of the holy spirit that works within us. God to you. Be the glory in the church. In our cells, father, and in Christ Jesus for all generations, forever and ever. Amen. So as we sing this last song, I invite you to examine your heart. Are you allowing God? Give me the master and Lord of your life. Head of the household. Or you treat me like a guest.

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