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Unresolved Anger

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Unresolved Anger


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Numbers 20:12-20:61 (NIV, NIRV, TNIV, KJV)

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Number 20:1-2 @ 6-12
Read verse 12 twice

Title: Unresolved Anger
Has anybody been mad, upset, over the last 60 days? Have you allow someone to get you to the point where you wanted to say something to someone, and the something you wanted to say, and it wasn’t God Bless either. Something you wanted to say was not “have a nice day”.

You wanted to say something that would propelled you back to the street days…we know we are saved, but we remember some of the stuff we have said, before we got saved. Amen

When we got saved, it didn’t wipe out memory…we still know how to handle some stuff, we still know how to say some words…and some people where so good, that they made up on their on words…. we still know how to prepare for battle. We know how to take them earring offs, roll up our sleeves…we still know how to move that head…we have not forgot how to snap them fingers.

Has anybody have taken you back to that point, where we used be, to circumstances, where in our minds, we can visibly see ourselves getting to a point of doing some stuff that you know God is not going to be please with.
And sometimes to the point where you say, I know love the lord, and I know I am saved in Christ Jesus I know I am save with the holy ghost, But sometime folks get on our nervous, and upset us so bad, that you can visibly some stuff that what to do, that you your hands going around somebody neck.

And sometimes we can get so angry, that all you could do is grit your teeth. In addition, tears came down. And you had to go somewhere to calm you’re nervous…or may be the next day; you couldn’t even go to work.


Now anger in itself is not wrong. In Ephesians, it tells us to be anger, but sin not.
Now the sin part…it says we should not let the sun go down on our wrath. In other words we must do something with our own self. We must deal with this energy, because that’s want anger is. .energy. And lot of time when we get anger with someone else we cannot right away resolve the situation between the other person and ourselves.

However if we got some anger, or energy in our system, the bible tells us that we have to deal with it.

but first we need to resolve our wrath, and we need to channel this energy/anger to do some good for God.

Now here we see Moses. We all know about Moses. Moses the Deliver. Moses is the one who met God on Mt Sinai. Moses is the one who brought the word down to the people. Moses who had the burn bush experience.

But something devastating happen to Moses in this Chapter, we read about it in verse 12.

Its says that Moses and Aaron was not able to enter into the promise land that God has provided for them. Simply because Moses, had some Unresolved Anger.

You know unresolved anger is a silent killer. When we are angry about certain things in our life. And we don’t bring it to some kind of resolve in our self. What we tend to do, is we tend to harbor up this energy with in us.

Many times, we walk around as if nothing is bothering us.
However, if you got some anger that you have to deal with. The first that we have to do, is let the Lord know that we got some anger.

To many times we try to hide the fact that we are angry about something. This anger can become madness. This is a reason why there is so many killings among other things that relate to anger…that anger has turned into a madness…it is a “Silent Killer”.

Sometimes we get anger about something, and we kept holding back, hoping it will take care of itself…then one day, we explode with that anger that we have been harboring, that never was resolved.

And in addition, sometimes that Anger explodes at home. . On our spouse, or our children, or our friends. That unresolved anger that’s maybe on our jobs, we bring it home…and it explodes. This Anger comes out on someone that we are not even anger with.

And if it is not resolves…someone’s always get hurt. And when this anger blows up, we are going to miss our blessings…we are going to be just like Moses.

God Took Moses on the mountain and show him the promise land…But He said Moses you cannot go. And the reason is because Moses allowed His anger to get the best of Him.

Unresolved Anger will steal your joy, steal your peace. And most of all, unresolved anger would rob us of all things that God has in store for us. A lot of time we don’t think our anger will affect us. But it does. It has a great impact on our life.

Now there are two things here in this scripture.
First, of all we cannot control our situation and we cannot control people.
But what we can control is how we deal with our anger.
Now as we know they were in the desert for a period of 40 years.
Now they were not suppose to be there that long. But because some person didn’t not believe the account of God, they had to wonder in the wildness for 38 extra years.
Now Moses is caught up in the unbelief of the people of Israel and he has to wonder in the wilderness for 38 extra years. Therefore, he cannot change where he is right now.

Some situation in our life will not change, until God is ready for it to be change.
And sometimes we cannot change where we are sometimes. Now even though we are there because of the disbelief of somebody else we still have to wait on God to come, to move us to another level.

Moses may have been upset, because he was wonder in the wilderness for 38 years.
Many people have anger that they have been holding on for a long time. It may not have been 38 years, but if it was just 38 hours…that is still too long. Because we give the devil a foot hole if we hold on to anger. Cause the devil is going to attach his self on to that anger and instant gate the situations.

What we are anger about can be resolved fast, if we go to God. But if we don’t go to God . . .the devil is going to latch onto that unresolved anger. On each minutes, on each and every hour, each and every day. He is going to start adding on stuff to it. Adding more to it, then what it’s really about.

Somebody mad with a family member, and you been mad for 45 years. Why? Because somebody told you 45 years ago that you had a nappy head. ..And you still upset about that.

Now why would a person still be holding on to that anger from 45 years ago? Theirs the perms the hair, the twist, the curls, the weaver, and the extensions. The hair can get taken care of . . .

Well here is why! The devil took that unresolved anger and started building on it. Now because they said something about your hair was nappy and maybe that was the truth. That person hair may have been nappy that day.

You see . . . sometimes we get mad about things that are true.
And many times we get mad when people expose the truth in our lives. Meaning we need to check ourselves, before we get mad with somebody else . . .And anger is what the devil plays on.

Secondly, in verse 2 thru 5.
It tells us about the congregation.
In verse 2, its says, there was no water for the congregation. And Moses couldn’t change that right away, so they gathered themselves against Moses and Aaron.
In verse 3, it says the people chode with Moses and spake, saying, Would God that we died here in the wildness.

Now what they are doing is complaining about what God has already done for them.
Now this is nothing new. . The time the Israel left Egypt, the second day they were complaining.

They were all right as long as they were fleeting from Pharaoh… They were all right as long as they were crossing the Red Sea. However, as soon as they got to a place of deliverance, they start complaining. Now for 38 years, they were complaining against

Now one thing we can’t do is change people. These people were complaining for 40 years. Moses was praying for them. But they wouldn’t change. Moses went to God
on their behalf, but they wouldn’t change.

We need to know that we cannot change people, but what we can do is change how we react with them. And if we know that, we got the love of God in our life and God is doing something mighty in our life. Do not let people attack you and cause you to do something against God and cause you to loose your blessing.

Moses is on the verge of cross to the Promise Land.
And for 38 years, he did not let the people get on his nervous. But just when he is ready to cross into the Promise Land of God, He let the people get on his last nervous.

Now I want to say, that when people start getting on our nervous, it maybe an indication that we are getting closer to the promise that God has made for us. And the only thing that will can keep us from the Promise that God made to us is how we react to them.
So if you have folk that are getting on your nervous, it means you are getting closer to God promise.

Some of us today are close to our promise, and the devil is going to do his best to keep us from God’s promise, by causing us to get angrier then we have been in a long time.
He will send folks in our life, that will make us question ourselves, “Lord am I saved”
Because I got these feeling…. I got these words that aren’t nice I want to say…. I am remembering what I can do…how I can roll up my sleeves, How I can get ready for battle…

When this happen, we are getting closer to our Promise Land
Let us not let unresolved anger steal what God has plan for us.
We know life is not easy…. But God never said that it would be…. But he did say, he never forsake us, or leave us.

You see Moses had to deal with Israel and he had called them stiff neck, rebellious folks .
Now here what is happen in verse 5. . Moses is anger with the people, and they are talking about him, and they are saying look, Moses you should have left us where we were; Moses you don’t know what your doing; you got us out here in the wilderness to die.

In other words, they are blaming Moses for all their problems.
When you tried to do right toward people, all they tried to do is put all the blame on you, instead of telling you how you did something good, or bless you, or how right you are, or I appreciation that. However, every time something goes wrong in their life, you are the first one they want to come in put all the blame on.

However, Moses has to deal with this. In look was he does in verse 6. First, he does not response to the threat and ridiculous of the people. What he does is, him and Aaron get in the presence of God.

So when folk get on our last nervous, we need to seek God face first.
Moses and Aaron went to the door, the bible says they fell upon their faces; and the glory of the Lord appeared unto them.

When we go to God in Pray, we go in a humble manner. . . In verse 7, it says that the Lord spake unto Moses, and God gave him instructions. . . .He tells them, take the rod
And gather the assembly together.

Moses and Aaron went to God, and say, God the people are getting on their nervous.
So God said, here is want I want you to do. . . take the Rod.

Now this Rod represent. the Strength and power of God.

Remember God took the Rod from the beginning when he told him to go back to Egypt. He turned this originally rod into a symbol of His Power (God’s Power). And he told Moses to drop the rod, and God allow this rod to turn into a serpent. He said pick the rod up, and the serpent turn back into a rod.

We need to know that the one thing that we have in our favor is the POWER OF GOD.
We got the power to change how we act toward someone.
We got the power to change how we response to someone

We may not be able to change them or the situation, but God said I got a ROD IN MY PRESENCE…I got the POWER OF GOD IN MY PRESENCE. In addition, what we need to realize when we go to God in prayer, we need to say, “greater is he that is in me, that is he in the World

We do not have to response to folks like they response to us . . . .we can go back with some power in the Name of Jesus Christ. we can go back and response to them with the Rod in our hands…. Go back to them with the Power and presence of God.

Now God told Moses to take the Rod, and gather all the people.
The same folks that Moses is upset with, God says I want you to go in front of them.
God wanted through Moses to show His Glory. . . Now the people that God wants to see the Glory, is the same folks that Moses can’t get alone with . . . . .

Now If Jesus can get alone with the Pharisees and the Sadducees
If Jesus can take being spite on to save us
If Jesus can deal with a cross, how come we can’t deal with folks that anger us today.

So God said, get the Rod and get the people . . . get all these folks that you got a problem with in your presence. And I need you to take your brother Aaron with you. In other words. Moses needed a prayer partner….He needed someone with him that knew what he was going through…Someone else that needs to know where to go when there is problems…. He needed somebody that trusted God Word.

And now God tells Moses to go to the Rock . . .and make sure you do this in the people present . . .when you get to the rock, I am going to bring your water . . . I am going to take care of this situation . . .but I what you to speak to the Rock . . .

Now in verse 10 . . . Moses did just about everything God told him to do.

But He fail short on one thing. Moses and Aaron gathered the congregation in front of the Rock. He said to them “Hear now, ye rebels. This word rebels here in verse 10, tells me that Moses still has the “Unresolved Anger”, because he does not say, gather here all these saints; he does not say all the people of God, come let gather; he does not say brothers and sisters in the Lord.

But he comes out and he calls them, REBELS.
Now Moses just come out of the Presence of the Lord and just talked to the Lord. But the first words out of his mouth he calls the people a name . . .

Some times after after we pray, we still have an attitude instead of gratitude
Moses just left the presence of the Lord, and He still was anger…He came from the presence of the Lord with an Attitude; instead of Gratitude. He should of
been graceful out of 40 years God spear him; 40 years God gave them food; after 40 years God protected them; after 40 years God provided water out of a rock. . . .

Un resolved Anger, will leave us looking over at the Promise Land…..We will never get to the promise of God if we do not let God take care of our unresolved Anger
We got to talk to God….we Got to let God know we are Anger…..Moses went to the place of prayer…but he did not tell God he was anger. . . and He needed to resolve it.

We may be upset many of times in life, but we got to give the Glory to God….When we pray…and instead of having a attitude….we need to have gratitude toward God Glory and Power.

In verse 11, it says…Moses lifted up his hand, with the rod, with the symbol of power; with the symbol of God’s present; with the symbol of God’s anointing, he hit the rock, not once, but two times…..Now once would have been enough but he did it two times.

You see the first time, Moses, sin against God, he wipe away the opportunity to enter the Promise Land. . . .He had been working for 40years to get to this point. And in a matter of 40 second, he forfeit the blessings of God.

How many blessings have we forfeit because of unresolved anger.
He told Moses to speak to the Rock. Now Moses Rock was the Rock in the Wilderness But now in our time, in the New Testament, our Rock, is Jesus Christ.

God told Moses in Verse 12, that he had an opportunity to Glory God Name. He had an opportunity to Sanctify God in the eyes of the children…your not just their leader, but you are their example.

It all depends on our action, do we do it God’s way, or, do we do it according to the World…. Or do we speak to the Rock.
Our blesses can be tied up in unresolved anger that is inside of us from years ago……people that we are still anger with ; and Moses said, learn from Him. . . . If we got any unresolved anger, get ready of it…today. . . .Take it to the Rock

Moses did not get to the Promise land, because he allowed his anger to take over and he didn’t trust God in sin against him. Even though Moses did not go to the Promise Land, the children of Israel went in. . . . Pharaoh could break Moses, the sea couldn’t break Moses; the plagues couldn’t break Moses but unresolved anger did…….

But God said, I giving my people another chance, I going to keep your promises on whole, but we must get ready of that unresolved anger; and its only because of mercy tof
god hat our promises our on whole from God . . .….

Even though I can’t touch Jesus Christ physically, but when I got anger in my life, and I can’t resolved….I can go to the Rock. . . .I got the rod. . . the symbol of power; the symbol of God’s present;

I know the battle is now my…I know the battle is not ours; we know God is going to take care of our battle. . .

But we got to the Rock, we got to speak to the Rock, we got praise the Rock, we can Stand on the Rock of God’s Word….And as we stand we got to seek the glory of God.

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