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If a man dies

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“If a man dies, will he live again?”  (Job 14:14)

I.  History establishes that Jesus died.

1. The soldiers knew it.

            2. The response of the disciples confirmed his death.

3. The authorities were convinced he was dead.

But then came SUNDAY MORNING!

II.People began coming to the tomb (John 20)

1.      Mary Magdalene (Luke 7:51)

2.      Peter and John

    “He SAW and believed” (John 20:8)

            - to perceive, to comprehend the implications,

                        to reason back from the effect to the cause

- They saw the GRAVE CLOTHES

III.  The TESTIMONY of these witnesses is PHENOMENAL

Some accuse these men of wishful thinking.

BUT in the Bible, these men are skeptical.

SO, their faith is a genuine faith.

Thomas wanted to check things out for himself.

Finally he says, “MY LORD and MY GOD”

IV.  The TESTIMONY of these witnesses is BOLD

             (Acts 2:22)

V.  The TESTIMONY of these witnesses is EXCITING

1.      They went out and proclaimed it immediately.

2.      They gave the testimony while facing great risks.

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