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How to Silence the Ignorant

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1 Peter 2:13-17

We have seen up to this point that our hope is based upon God's salvation which He has given to us. Starting in 2:13-3:12 we will now see that the hope gained from our salvation is displayed in our submission.

Submission to the institution of government pleases God and silences the ignorance of foolish men.

Our submission is commanded by God first to the government.

I. The Command to Submit (13-14)

A. The Source of Government
Romans 13:1-2
Acts 5:29

B. The People of Government

  1. Kings
    presidents, premiers, prime ministers, etc. - President Obama
  2. Governors
    Leaders of states or provinces - Governor Douglas.
  3. All - local mayors, councils, selectmen
    What if you live in a comunist country or a dictatorship? What if they are corrupt?

711 200 Years As Average Civilization

What is past is prologue. History repeats itself as time marches on. A study of history shows that the great civilizations of the world have averaged about 200 years. The people of the world have followed this timetable.

The people go:

From slavery to spiritual faith

From spiritual faith to courage

From courage to liberty

From liberty to abundance

From abundance to selfishness

From selfishness to apathy

From apathy to dependence

From dependence back to slavery.

Encyclopedia of 7700 illustrations

C. The Purpose of Government

  1. For Punishment
    Romans 13:3-7

2911 What An Arrest Means

A youth was stopped for a traffic violation. The public safety official recognized the odor in the violator’s car, and it was found that he had a few “joints” with drugs. He was convicted of a marijuana possession, an automatic felony, and received a suspended sentence. Maybe you think that is a pretty light sentence and something he could take in his stride and that he didn’t lose much.

Well, all he lost was his right to vote, to own a gun and the right to run for public office.

He also lost the chance to ever be a licensed doctor, dentist, certified public accountant, engineer, lawyer, architect, realtor, schoolteacher, barber, funeral director or stockbroker.

He can never get a job where he has to be bonded or licensed.

He can’t work for the city, county, state or federal government.

He cannot be admitted to West Point, Annapolis or the Air Force Academy.

That’s what he lost.

Encyclopedia of 7700 illustrations

  1. For Praise
    tax deductions for children, early release for good behavior, awarding good citizens.

Paul used his citizenship to protect himself. Acts 16:35-40

Acts 22:22-29

Acts 25:1-12

II. The Reason for Submission (15)

A. To Fullfill the Will of God

B. To Do Right

C. To Silence foolish men

  • put to silnce = muzzle or gag
  • ignorance = agnostic.

III. The Heart of Submission (16)

A. We are free from the law of sin

Those who blow up abortion clinics, or kill doctors wil often justify their actions by saying that because abortion is wrong it gives them the freedom under God to do these horrible acts. That is using freedom as a covering for evil.

B. We are slaves of God

So we must submit to His law which includes obeying the government.

IV. The Balance of Submission (17)

A. Honor all People

  • honor = place a value. They are created in God's image.

B. Love our Brethren

  • love the family. All true believers, even the ones who we may disagree with theologically.

C. Fear God

D. Honor the King

  • For us in 2009 this means that we are to place a proper value on our president. Mr. Obama is to be seen as a man of great value because of the office which he holds. If we wish to muzzle the ignorace of unbelieving men then we need to give him that honor.

Proverbs 24:21

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