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Restoration Movements - Joash & Amaziah

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2 Chronicles 24-25

Introduction:  This evening we will look at two restoration movements that started well, quickly went into denial, with both of the kings changing gods.

I. Joash     2 Chronicles 24

     A. Good

1. 24:2   Because he had an old, wise, spiritual priest to guide him

2. He restored the temple (faith takes action)

3.  Joash’s faith led to honesty in the people   2 Kings 12:15

     B. Bad

          1. He was persuaded to act contrary to God’s way  

              a. 24:17

              b. Evil is always around waiting for an opportunity

               c. 24:18-19

          2. God tried to bring him back   24:19-20

          3. He had the prophet killed (24:21), who was not only the son of his early adviser but his cousin.

          4. God sent judgment in the form of a small army from Damascus   24:23-25

II. Amaziah    2 Chronicles 25

     A. Good

          1. 25:2    2 He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, but not wholeheartedly.

                  בְּלֵבָב שָׁלֵם

              Shalem – peace; complete, perfect, whole, fully devoted, undivided (1 Kings 11:4)

                  Lebab – heart, inner person, mind                        

              Amaziah did what the Lord said was right, but he did not really want to obey him.    New Century Version

              He did what was pleasing to the Lord, but did it reluctantly.  TEV

            2. He followed the Law of Moses   25:4

          3. He listened to the prophet who told him to have nothing to do with Israelite soldiers    25:6-10

          4. God blessed his war against the Edomites

While he was at war, the Israelites that he had contracted with to help in the war were angry because they were not getting their share of spoils.  So on the way back to Israel they attacked several towns in Judah and robbed them.    25:13

     B. Bad

          1. When Amaziah returned from the war, he brought back their idols and began to worship them (possibly thinking they had blessed him instead of the Edomites).

2. He threatened to kill God’s prophet who came to call him back   (He might have been thinking, I lessoned to you last time and lost a lot of money and had several of my cities attacked and 3000 people were killed.)

3. He went to war against Israel and was defeated   25:17-24

              a. The wall of Jerusalem was broken down, the temple and palace were robbed

              b. There is some historical evidence that Amaziah was held captive in Samaria for 10 years, then released when Jehoash died.  He lived 15 more years.  His son Uzziah was made regent (a person who governs a kingdom in the absence or disability of the sovereign) in his absence.

III. Lessons for us

     A. Our commitment should be wholehearted     25:2

          1. Matthew 22:37-40

          2. Matthew 6:33

          3. Luke 14:26-33

          4. James 1:5-8

     B. Restoration gets people excited    24:10

     C. Restoration can get side-tracked by the influence of evil    24:17-18

     D. Good starts don’t guarantee faithfulness

Conclusion:  Where are you in your faith?  Are you following God’s way (Bible) better today than when you were younger?  Are you still learning from the Bible or have you arrived?  

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