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7 Ways to Have True Peace

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7 Ways to Have True Peace.

Romans 5:1

“Therefore having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Students of the Bible have previously noted that there are seven ways believers are justified in the scriptures.

Donald Grey Barnhouse puts these seven into divine order for us, and so we shall have a look at them.

I.                   Believers are Justified by God. Rom. 8:33

See Solomon’s statement about God’s workings in Eccl. 3:14

II.                Believers are Justified by Grace. Rom. 3:24

We know that grace is properly unmerited favor.

Examples of:

A.    Noah  Gen. 6:8

B.     Lot  Gen. 19:19

187                                          9c     צַדִּיק (ṣaddı̂q) just, lawful, righteous.

This root basically connotes conformity to an ethical or moral standard.

C.     Jacob  Gen. 32:5

III.             Believers are Justified by the blood of Christ. Rom. 5:9

See Heb. 9:12

IV.             Believers are Justified by the resurrection of Christ. Rom. 4:25

Barnhouse accurately notes, that the resurrection does not make us justified, but because we’ve been justified, Christ rose.


V.                Believers are Justified by Faith. Rom. 5:1

Notice that justification by faith is fifth in order. Without the preceding four there would be no faith.


VI.             Believers are Justified by their Words. Matt. 12:37

A proof to others of our place in Christ, and our having been declared righteous.


VII.          Believers are Justified by Works. James 2:21

Conclusion:     The preparation and work of God for the disposing of justification on our part, needs no further evidence in the acquisition of peace with Him.

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