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Sermon - Mama was There

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I.       Introduction.  Why are Mamas so special?  What makes them stand-outs from all others?  The list is too long to name!  My list may be different from yours.  But I believe this morning that one thing all of us who have had Godly, genuine mothers can say is “Mama was there!”  The battles we fought seemed winnable; the burdens we faced was made lighter; and even the blessings we enjoyed were made sweeter because Mama was there.  Never take for granted the affirming, assuring presence of Mama!  Thank You, Mary, for allowing us to learn from your glorious life of honor and hurt, of majesty and misery, of joy and sadness, the blessings from having Mama there.  Mary shows us when Mamas are there and what Mamas do best.

II.    Mama was there Checking On!   (Luke 2:51)  As Jesus grew up, I believe Mary kept checking on Him, watching out for His protection and purpose.  Good Mamas check on their children regularly not to be nosey but nurturingDon’t shut them out.  Whenever Valarie hear a strange noise or when she hasn’t heard any noise for awhile, she always tell me, “Go, check on the boys and see what they are doing.”  Even my Mama still checks on me and I’m 38.

III. Mama was there Cheering On!   (John 2:1-11) At Jesus first public miracle at the wedding, v.1, Mama was there encouraging Jesus (this is your time) and even commanding others (do what He says).  Good Mamas cheer on their children not to blow their heads but to build their characterDon’t let them down.  My Mama called me the other day to say I sang well.

IV. Mama was there Commenting On!  (Luke 8:19-21) When Jesus was at the height of His ministry in popularity, Mark 3 – some thought He was crazy and there was always a crowd, here come Mama checking on Him and wanting to speak with Him.  Good Mamas are going to give you their two cents (whether you ask or not) not to run your business but to broaden your visionDon’t tune them out.  Listen to them and learn from it.

V.    Mama was there Counted On!  (John 19:25-27) As Jesus hung dying on the cross, Mary was there.  Good Mamas are counted on in crises by their children not for solution but for supportDon’t turn them off.  Jesus took care of Mama.

VI. Mama was there Carrying On!  (Acts 1:14)  In Jesus absence, Mary was there in the new Church start.  Good Mamas carry on in others’ absence not for glory but for the goodDon’t overlook them.

VII.          Conclusion

ü  Appreciate Mama for being there in lonely times, in lean times, in low times, in loving times, in laughing times.

ü  How is it possible for Mamas to be there so many times?  Power of Holy Spirit

ü  Therefore, to be able to be there for others, be there for yourself in prayer and quiet time with the Lord.

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