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Free at Last

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There was a meeting of the Communist Party executive committee in Russia that was chaired by the tyrant, Joseph Stalin. In the middle of the discussion, Stalin, livid with fury, leaped from his seat only to crash to the floor unconscious. As the other members of the party stood in shock and disbelief, scheming bureaucrat, Laverenti Beria jumped up, thinking Stalin dead, and danced around his body shouting “We’re free at last! Free at last!” But the door to the room burst open and Stalin’s daughter forced her way in and fell on her knees by her father. At that, the prone dictator stirred and opened one eye. Seeing that Stalin might not be dead after all, Beria immediately stopped his dance and, at once, dropped down beside Stalin, seized his hand, and covered it with kisses. He could have been a little Joash! He went wherever his influences took him. He was an expert at conforming

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