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Feuding French Towns Leave One-Way Streets Facing Each Other

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French commuters got caught in the middle of a local political standoff Tuesday after feuding towns changed the direction of road markings — leaving two one-way streets facing each other, AFP reported.

The Paris suburb of Levallois-Perret and its conservative council are reportedly embroiled in a heated dispute with its neighboring town, middle-class and Socialist-run Clichy-la-Garenne, over traffic congestion.

On any given day, thousands of commuters travel between the two towns en route to the capital.

On Tuesday, Levallois mayor Patrick Balkany declared his portion of D909 a one-way street, directing traffic into neighboring Clichy, according to AFP.

Gilles Catoire, Clichy's mayor, reportedly then declared his section of the roadway one-way as well, sending traffic in the opposition direction.

Mass chaos ensued, and local and national police were sent to guide traffic away from the gridlock, AFP reported.

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