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In The Hands Of The Lion Tamer

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IN THE HANDS OF THE LION TAMER    Grimsby, 08/23/09

INTRO:  Soon- Kids’Rally. Theme:  And The Winner Is. Story from Dan. 6. Familiar to us- Lion’s Den. This story highlights God’s power, His intervention in human affairs, the value of human faithfulness, conviction, commitment, God-honoring lives, and provides a short course on how to live among those who do not hold God’s values.

Daniel went into Babylonian captivity as a teen carrying a record of unwavering faithfulness to God and is now 80 years old under  Medo-Persian rule.

1.     Promoted to president along with 2 others who worked under King Darius and over 120 governors of provinces. The job of the presidents involved making sure the tribute money from the provinces made it to the king’s treasury.

2.     Under the previous administration, Daniel had already received notoriety when he was given purple clothes, a chain of gold and a proclamation that he was 3rd ruler in the kingdom-5:29

3.     Out text says that this king is now planning another promotion for Daniel-“over the whole kingdom.”-3

I)       PLOT OF THE LEADERS- 6:4-9

A)    Faithfulness Earned Him Royal Respect

1)     He worked more efficiently than others.

2)     One way to influence others, including employers is be responsible and trustworthy.

3)     We should know and practice this more than others.

B)    Incorruptibility Earned Him Enemies

1)     Perhaps it was jealousy

2)     Maybe he kept them honest against their will.

3)     There are 122 of them, so Daniel is outnumbered.

4)     Plan “A”- fault with relation to job-  was a failure

5)     Plan “B”- with regard to his faith- easy success.

C)    The Plot Was Simple

1)     Appeal to the logic and pride of the new king.

2)     Make a new law that no one was to be worshiped but the king for 30 days.

D)    When you work “as for the Lord,” you might make enemies

1)     But your calling is higher

2)     You are here only to serve God until you see Him.


A)    Headline Babylonian Banner: “Daniel Dies Tonight”

B)    But Daniel Had A Good Habit-Pray Always cf. Acts 5:29      

1)     “A day like all days…” . When he learned that the law had been signed…”he went… prayed three times a day”

2)     This shouts, “Teens, don’t give in to the pressure to change. Always be God’s person.”

3)     His Prayer Didn’t Guarantee Life Would Continue-3:17,18

C)     Do You Have A Prayer Habit To Turn To?

1)     Different than “emergency measures act.”

2)     He was caught because the spies knew his routine.

3)     Had he hidden, they would have found some way

4)     Our prayers are not interrupted by threats but by our schedule.


A)    A Reminder For The King-12

1)     The 122:  “Did you not sign and did you not say…?”

2)     Darius : “The thing stands fast according to the law..”

3)     The 122: “Daniel….pays no attention….”

B)    The Remorse Of The King-13

1)     He was “much distressed.”

2)     He “labored till the sun went down to rescue him.”

3)     This king seems to have a heart for justice, but has put himself in an impossible position:

(a)   He allowed himself to be talked into something

(b)   Now he is bound by law and justice to keep it.

4)     Always be careful whether 18 or 80 to make good choices. They might come back to haunt you.

C)    The Ramifications For The King

1)     Forced speech: “Cast him into the den of lions.”-16

2)     Heart’s desire: “May your God…deliver you”-16

3)     Exceptional night: fasting, no entertainment, no sleep.


A)    Daybreak Dash- Like Usain Bolt, Darius Was At The Den

1)     On the way he “was crying out in anguish”

2)     “Daniel, has your God been able to save you?”

B)    Den Declaration- “I’m fine, I just woke up. How was your night?”

1)     Always a good time for testimony about God

2)     “My God sent his angel….shut lions’ mouths…”


A)    The Law had Been All People Worship The King

B)    Now, All People Worship God Of Daniel

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