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Jen. So, if you have your message notes, you will see. They are. We looking at the Book of James. I've been waiting since last year to start studying the book of gyms with you. And I'm really excited for our journey here on the Book of James. But let me warn you. Jams is one who is the type of preacher that just like a right on your face type of preacher. And I know our church is already small but this is like a church reduction sermon series when you read from the book of James, a lot of churches when they start teaching for the Book of James. That's when a lot of people leave and people don't finish out the book. So I'm praying for you. That all of you will finish the book with me. And I hope and I'm praying that I'm teaching that you wouldn't get mad at me. But remember, I did not write the Bible and you got to find Jim's, wherever Jim's. It is right now and talk to Jim's. Cuz sometimes I'm sharing the words of a book of James to you. You will feel like I'm attacking you but I'm not attacking you in scripture. I did not write this book. Self. Remind can you repeat with me? I did not write the Bible. Come on, let me hear you always. They did not write the Bible K. I did not write any of those things, as much as I will try to stuff in it for you, but that's just the way James is James is just right in your face and James will tell you exactly like it is one of the gyms 122 word, says, be doers of the word and not hearers only that's in James 1:22. And also, when James 1 verse for, it talks about a Perfection, which means like maturity, Jim just saying the 8th. I want you to be fully mature in Christ. In the Book of James is about spiritual maturity spiritual maturity. That's why I have entitled H series, it's time to grow up The last week as I shared with you out the mission for our church as we manifest them by loving God, which is our worship, that's our devotion to God, where we send her our life on God. And in love, people that Fellowship where we get to do life together where we get to build community. And which also means discipleship as God calls us to make disciples, that's when I help you grow. And you helped me grow. That's why we have to love others. We have to love each other and then serving our city Ministry because God has five purpose for your life. At its worst purpose for your life that God has is that you would send to your life on God, then God has purpose for your life is that you would learn to love his family. This Fellowship, this word Fellowship comes in and God's purpose for your life. Is that you will grow and that you will help others grow and God's purpose for your life. Is that all of us will have no place them in pack, a place of ministry where we are meeting each other's need and meeting the needs of people, we don't even know and then reaching our world for Christ that's evangelism. God wants you to share his message to others. So, you see how it all ties in together. He remember, I tell you, the way that you are a church member is to show up you Grow up and live up. So here Jim's is going to help us do the second part, which is growing up and also living up the showing up is on you. Okay, so, first this morning, we only going to look at one verse. We just going to look at the first verse in a Jim's message this morning honoring God with my life, honoring God, with my life, the Book of James start. If you would, please move the slides for me, mine is not working. The Book of James starts with gems. 1:1, it says Jen a servant of God and of the Lord, Jesus Christ to the 12 tribes in the dispersion, greetings.

What do we have to only? Look at one verse, you will see. Jim stayed with me. James a servant of God and of the Lord. Jesus Christ through the Twelve Tribes in the dispersion. Greetings, let me give you the sermon in one sentence. In one sentence is the message as a believer in Christ. I am not my title, my status or position, and my steps are ordered by God to fulfill his purpose. As a believer in Christ, I am not my title, my status or my position, and my steps are ordered by God to fulfill his purpose. Let's answer the. Woo, W when, and why questions? Why did John write the Book of James C? Adams, gyms in the Bible, one of the disciples was called Jim's. But here in the Book of James. We are not talking about this gyms that was a disciple and there was another gyms in the Bible. Also, Jim's was a very popular name during those time. So what was this jams and does James year is no one else, but the very brother of Jesus Christ, or to be feel logically. Correct. We would say the half-brother of Jesus Christ, Jesus was born of the Holy Spirit and James here, start the text and you just say gems. A servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. You see? I don't know about you, but Jesus was my brother. That's not the way I would introduce myself. I would make sure you like somewhere somewhere.

Same house. Hey, You know, that I got some special connection.

isn't that the way we do, when we have some kind of connection, we use that connection But not Jen. And I Jim's Jim's. Start his book and simply saying, gems, a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jim's was simply a servant is that I see it's not about our title, our status or position, would we have? But really our position is only in Christ and it's one of the servant. It's one of a servant and jams and Brace that well as Jim starts his book and refers to himself as a servant. Is he one of the teachings that constantly goes out and talking about Mary being like a Perpetual a virgin or Eternal virgin hear the Bible is clear, you know, Mary Had other children. And if you would turn to the slides, it with me like for looking. And in Mark 6 verse 3, People were talking about, they are named they are being mentioned by name. Your sis is not this, The Carpenter's son, the son of Mary, the brother of Jesus.

My brother. No, we grew up together, man. We went to her bed together cuz my parents only have one room at that time, but his position simply said, I am a servant of Jesus had gems. And those a look, I'm in the Bible and I asked Joseph, in the Bible, Jose means Joseph in Spanish, Judas. That's the same name for Jude and Simon, so we see Jesus. Jesus had for half Brothers, Lucas mother, and he also had sisters. So at least to receive the doctrine. When people talking about being a virgin, that is a false Doctrine and fortunately just Mary, so important to the Catholic church and they try to perpetuate a Perpetual a virgin. But Mary was Not. So after Jesus was born, if we move to the next verse in Matthew and Matthew, if you go back, Matthew 1:23 2025, it says be all the Virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel, which means god with us. When Joseph woke from his sleep, he did. And as the angel of the Lord commanded him, he took his wife. But he knew her not until she had given birth to her son and he call his name. Jesus see before Mary was a virgin, Jesus was virgin but that's what Jesus is our Lord he is God. But Mary Had other our children ending John. There's an interesting passage in John 7125. Let's look at this James. The gym that is very bold today, see how they fell back then. They'd really did not believe in. Jesus, look at Jim 7425 after this, Jesus went about in Galilei, he would not go about in Judea because the Jews were seeking to kill him. Now, the Jews feasts of Booth was at hand. So it was his brother said to him. Leave here and go to Judy at that your disciples made. Also may see the work you are doing for no one works in secret. If he seeks to be that's a mockery. If you do this thing's, show yourself to the world, brother? Before not even his brothers believed in. See a prophet is not honored in his own town.

See what was going on. Jams here. That is writing to us this morning. That is now the humble guy. A servant. He did not believe when Jesus was alive growing up in the same house with him. You see exposure to scripture does not guarantee a Godly life. You see although Jim's was exposed to Jesus day and night, jams did not believe and so did his brother as they did not believe in him. So something happened to Jim's before you go to the next scripture. Scripture in 1st Corinthians 15. Verse 7 after Jesus resurrected from the dead, look at what scripture says, then he appeared to who

James does a special encounter with the Risen Lord? Jesus Christ. It was no longer my brother that I love because he was the first born but now a gym that that special Encounter With Jesus Now James was a chance, man. You do when you encounter Jesus like your life has to change.

Is a relationship with Jesus changes everything. That's why the Romans 12 verse 1 says it says I beseech you. Therefore by the mercies of God to give your body as a Living Sacrifice.

Holy and acceptable two guys in that stuff. That's James now. Jim's now is a servant in gyms, in saying that I don't count that I was a brother of Jesus. I'm just as simple servant and then just said I'm a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. And next verse here, we'll look at it acts 1:14 the gyms with did not believe. Now, look at him all of this with one Accord, we're devoting themselves to prayer together with the women and Mary, the mother of Jesus, and who else was there? Hughes brothers. You see when Jesus was alive with them, they took him for granted but when Jesus resurrected from the dead, they could no longer take him for granted. You see, have you experienced the Risen Lord? I have you experienced the resurrected Jesus if you life is the same, you have Matt. Bet Your Life must have changed completely. Once you meet the Risen Lord, Jesus Christ. And then the next verse Galatians, 119 says, Paul is speaking his, but I saw none of the other Apostles accept Jim's, the Lord's brother Jim's we didn't have to leave now. Emerged as a leader in the church in Jerusalem, James was the one lead and you will see a lot of time Peter and Paul the first to Champs You see what God can do with a life that is submitted to him when we really get an encounter with Jesus Christ. So this is jams, jams. Simply call himself a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. So what is the message? What is the message that James is trying to share it? Simply to use? It's too full to believe. Remember, it's his Believers in the dispersion, that means those people were scattered. They were in Jerusalem, there were suffering persecution, and gems is now writing to them and James is trying to tell them a persecution is normal, dude. Persecution is normal therefore wise up. And if you going to be a Christian, be a real one. That's Jose is version, okay, to dim and telling them the Christian, you need to grow up because Kirsten is normal because a lot of us whenever persecution strike that's when we turn our back on. God. That's when like, we really know that whether we really believe what we say that we believe, When persecution comes, you see the Christians were being persecuted in Jerusalem. So now they started moving out, riding out, not by will not by choice, because they had to move. So, now Jim's as the leader in the church, is writing a letter to do those, a Christian Jewish Christian delivers, and letting them know that a persecution is normal. You need to wise up, know how to deal with your persecution and if you're going to be a Christian, there's no excuses. Don't say, oh, I'm going through a hard time right now. Give me a break Simpson grow up. You need to be a real one. Then just saying, I don't care what you facing right now. I know it's hard, but that's when you grow honest. When do we grow the most?

When we have hard times, whatever brings going perfect in your life, you don't grow much. You don't grow much at all. Actually, you might even go backwards.

Is a persecution is a good thing. But yay.

But that's why we will see. As we go through the Book of James James is trying to tell us. A persecution is a good thing, and I'd only next week, if I message will be honoring God in your pain. You be excited. That's what James will tell us next week. Do you think James is staying a, as a Believer, persecution is normal. Get ready to grow. Get ready to grow when you face trials, when you have problems wise of that means stay in God's word and be real. So that's Jim's. Message to says, we go to the Book of James. You see the persecution that they faced in Acts 8, verse 1, that after the kill Steve. Now, it says install approve of the his execution and there arose on that day of great persecution against the church in Jerusalem and they were all scattered, you see white that's why he's writing to the dispersion, they were all scattered throughout the regions of Judea and Samaria except for the apostles. So all the Christians were moving out in the apostles.

They all going to be murdered. they're going to be all, they all they all will die a martyr's death, and jams was was was beaten to death with a club in a d62 I thought they killed him. That's how he died. Peter was hanging on a cross. But he said, I'm not worthy to be hung on a cross, like my lordy, they put him upside down. Other disciples, they cut them in half others, they dragged them. Well with horses.

the gospel message you 2/3 real or

That's why you cannot toy with Christianity. There's a lot of blood in that those people died for their faith. It cannot be a fairy tale. It's the real deal. Those people, every one of them except John died, a martyr's death.

How many of you would die for a lie?

See all those disciples gave their life. And as those people face persecution, they all moved out. And now Jim's is writing to encourage them to win. Was this book written tradition? Have it that it was reading about a D40 to 8052 what the end of a t-40 because James died in 62. And guess what is it? Start to be seen as the oldest book in the New Testament. That was the first book written in the New Testament. See the books in the New Testament, they are not there in the Bible. They are not chronological okay, we just put them based on categories. C historical Brooks together as, you know, you have the gospels, you have the, the writings of Paul, just the general episodes like a jams is a general episode, because it's not written. Play through a church but it's written to all Christians. So jams was actually one of the first books that was written in the Bible. So where was it written? Probably in Jerusalem? That's where Jim's was cuz James was the leader at the church there. And why did Jim's write this book? So if the message was persecution is normal, jams wrote, this the Y that Jim's wrote. This is that you need to have the If you would move there for me, the web Jim's is trying to tell them is that the why he wrote the book is that you need to have the right attitude in response to adversity. And you need to remain faithful in your trials. You need to have true wisdom, Jim's going to give them a practical matter of practical, guide for living out their faith in everyday situations, and with everyday people. So this will be a very practical book. Jim's is not getting much into too much trained, but it's more about the practices as a Christian member action speaks louder than words. When you say you're going to do something, you start moving your feet. So that's why Jim's only say James a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the 12 tribes in the dispersions, greetings. And then verse 2 What's his message was not like Faldo Grace peace and joy be with you. I've never read the writings of Paul, that's how I have no time for this. Ginger greet. You and engines gets straight to his message, count it all joy. When you fall into various trials, isn't that fun when you're being persecuted? When things are not going? Well, when will explain.

We all know it's not fun but that's why Jim says it will look at that next week so with all that background. So how should we leave? How should we turn back in your message in the back? How should we live? So our message this morning is that we need to honor God with our life. So how do we honor God? The first thing that we can do as we honor God is that we need to exist for his purpose. Not our own, we need to exist for his purpose and not our only see a lot of us that we just, It's All About Me. Myself and I, and then we just put God as a cherry on top. But God is saying AAA, I am the men dish, I am the I am not the Cherry. I'm not the icing, so Jesus or God is saying to us. I want the wheel thing. Just like Jim says, James, a servant of the Lord and of the Lord Jesus Christ. He says, greetings to cease his Lord, their the lordship of Jesus Christ. What does it mean? For Lord, a lot of time when we read the Bible, I think some things just get missed out. We don't realize what we are saying because they just become like family. Already breeds contempt, Julie corner and adverse, Annex verse. It says jams, a servant of God and of whom Lord Jesus Christ. What does it mean to be Lord? The master that means you are totally in control. What does it mean to be a servant? It's the same word for slave is the Greek word. Doulas. That just means you have no, right? That means you've given all your rights, you exist for God's purpose and that's why James years not claiming to any famous. And this is my brother. James did not even use the word Apostle and then on a positive. But Jim's simply said, I am a servant of God and of the Lord. Jesus Christ. The brother parts of go all out the window. James is saying, I am totally submitted James is staying here. I am fully submitted to the lordship of Jesus Christ and the word Lord. There is the same for God. You saying Jesus Is My God is my Lord, he is my master and I'm only his servant. I'm giving away all my rice. You say anything. First thing that he used the word slave there because you were in the Roman Empire with the Greco Roman Empire. You only had two classes of people and the slaves, she at any point, a free person could become a slave slave can become free. But Jim's here is saying that I am a slave. In those days you had slaves, the way you become a slave as prisoners of war or if you are in a lot of bet you can't pay the dead back guess what? Can I become a slave of that person that you owed the Dead with? That's why the Bible says, the borrower is slave to the lender. So if you can dead right now, be careful, it might come get you, I went under the Roman Empire. People everybody wants to be with the higher class, right? But Jen did not claim to be in the Freed Man class. But he said a, I am a slave of God. And Jim said, I give up on my rights. If you were married, and then you become a slave, guess where I can no longer married because you're, you are your own. I can take you and send you all the way to Iowa and then you was a husband to take you to send you all the way to Florida.

See James saying 88, I give up all my rights and I decide to be a servant of God and of the Lord. Jesus Christ slavery. Pretty much means that you completely lose your right. And that's a picture that James is trying to show his gems and saying, hey, when you say that you were Christian, you just saying that I'm totally submitted to God. My purpose, does it matter what Jose want, doesn't matter? But it's only what God wants. That's the call that God's each of our lives. And James is telling us a, I am simply a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ in Colossians 1, 15 to 16. It says, he is the image of the invisible. God, speaking of Jesus, the firstborn of all creation for by him. All things were created in heaven and on Earth, visible and invisible, whether Thrones or the minions or rulers or Torrid, he's all things were created fluid and stayed with me for him. God created you for you.

God created you for him. I love the Denny's proverb that says, what you are is God's gift to you, but what you do is yourself is your gift to God. And I always liked the question, what kind of gifts are you giving to God? See here, Jim's understood the fact that he was created for God's purpose and not his own jams was totally dedicated in 2nd Corinthians 5:14. 215 Paul says For the Love of Christ controls mean, it compels me because we have concluded this that one has died for all there. For all have died and he died for all that those who live? Mike no longer live for themselves but for Read verse 15 with me and he died for all that bills will live. Might no longer live for themselves, but for him, woo, for their sake, died and was raised again. When you died raised to life, you are no longer the same person and that's what James is telling us. And that's why Paul is telling us a really the way you said it is that those who live my As I leave, I should no longer live for myself but I should live for the first time I see this verse. I read it ten times I look at all the different Bible versions and see what they said to make sure that's what it said but you know you just that's what God calls.

It's the UN or you not see the Christian Life, you know, there's no room like, you know, for going halfway you have to go or the way. It's the same thing, deletions 2:20. Since I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer. I will live, but Christ Living in me and the life. I now live in the flesh, I live by faith in the Son of God, will love me and gave himself for me. Galatians 2, 20, if you put that on the screen says I have been crucified with Christ. I mean posing AAA when it when you come to Christ, you die. Death happens. Death happens when you come to Christ. The next thing that we learned in this text is that I willingly submit to his will for my life, every day from the small things to the big one. So honoring God with my life means that I willingly submit to his will for my life everyday from the small things to the big things. How many of you I like me just like we like to bring out in the big things in the small things like you're saying God I got this. Any statements here? Come on. I might be the only one.

A lot of us would like to bring the big things to God in the small thing and I got this in all your business, the big, the small as well. And Paul is saying Jesus is failing us as we look at the gym. See when it says, I am the servant of the Lord Jesus of God, and of the Lord Jesus Christ. So James is staying a I'm all in. I'm giving it all to God. You see, that's what James tells us in James 1:22, it says be doers of the word not hearers only deceiving yourself. The next verse James, 1:22 says, be doers of the word and that he was only See. And then the last thing that we see today, honoring God with my life, he's that, I trust that God is in control and has a plan for my life. Even when life does not make sense. If you were those Believers at that time, is if you leaving your house behind you running and that's why a lot of times you will see they taking contributions for the church and sending it to them because you had a lot of poor people because a lot of people were pretty much destitute they had to leave their house or their house was burned from persecution. They were just on the run is not like when you're moving your packing, all your stuff to milk this people removing on the run and then probably they had nothing. Bishop's, can you trust God in the situations when you have me laughing?

That's when you really know where your faith is. Can you trust God when you have napping? What everything is going well and you have everything that you need that, that life is good. But can you trust God when you have nothing? And you would think that Jim's would be nicer to this Christians, knowing that, they were going for persecutions. He was a difficult time, but James is simply telling them grow up.

Dennis saying a you face hard time, grow up, persecution is normal and persecution is part of life. Remember what you sign up to? It's all about God's purpose and not my own God's purpose, not my own. Look at Hebrews 11:6, it says, end without faith. It is impossible to please God, see, we were made for God's pleasure, for whatever would draw near to, God must believe that he exists, and that he rewards, those who seek him. Really? What what, what what James is telling us it, what what the book of Hebrews is telling us, when you face hard time,

If you only trust God, when things are going well, your faith is small. But when things are not going, well, that's when you had, you need to have more faith in God. And James is saying book of Hebrews. Tell us we need Faith. You see? Now, the second part of the verse where it says to the 12 tribes in the dispersion, That means scattered. That means that the tribes who were scattered dispersion means that has the idea of scattered seeds. Remove the screen. The dispersion is the idea of just scattered seed. So really what gems is trying to show us what we trying to see in the text would be reading there to the 12 tribes in the dispersion. Don't see that because you are now in a different place, you had to move away from your home, that you just look at it as a, as a bad thing as a bad even, but see yourself as scattered seeds.

Remember, you are a missionary wherever you go, so we've got moves you. He moves you for a reason because your steps are ordered by God got others, you step? Yes, you are in the dispersion. You are not in your home. You are taken away from your comfort but you are here for whose purpose God's purpose. And you know what? That's exactly why God did that? It got all castrated at all. Look at the acts 8, verse 4 with me. Acts 8 verse 4 It is now those. We were Gathered the Christians in the dispersion went about doing what? Preaching the word. The gods as a time with my church to grow. You know, how I'm going to do it. I'm going to break your oil in Jerusalem. Remember God, added three thousand souls and that one message. And that day got says they don't just get fat on gas, read time to scatter. And then you too comfortable. You will not move on your own. What am I going to do? Persecution. I'm going up with the heat. And they had the heat and they all did, what they scattered. Doors were scattered went about preaching the word, but you got to give them some credit though.

Do you see that they were just crying the misery out? You big ass, man? Had to be moved out of my house. No no missionaries that started as an opportunity, they were preaching God's word and that's how God's word spread and it spread quickly during persecution. You see persecution is not bad. So stay with me, persecution is normal.

Will you like that? Come on, try again, conviction. In is normal. I told you remember. In the beginning, I told you I was a did not write the Bible. KJV persecution is normal, and in your persecution, you need to be a missionary.

So, you at the hospital and then you just miserable guess what? God sends you there to be a

Even in your pain, you need to be doing what? Smiling praying being kind of the nurses praying for the doctors. Speaking encouraging words to them and let them know you looking right now. So you crazy.

God sent us as missionaries wherever you go whenever it's not going well for you whatever happens whatever. However believed in that happens in your life and I'm pretty much fun. Pretty much waste your pain. And a lot of us, we just waste our pain, but somebody else needs that pain. You need to share that pain with them so they can grow God is saying don't waste your pain and those Believers here that did not waste that pain that they were going flu but instead they were out and sharing the gospel of Christ, let me show you another crazy passage and Jeremiah 29:12 their country, similar situation cuz they came to conquer them and they send them out in another country. Look at what God told him. Just as the Lord of hosts, the god of Israel, to all the excelled I have within them to Exile. To all the Exiles room I have sent into Exile of Babylon. We came and took them and move them. But God said I have said them to Exile Did you see that? Let's read it again. Says the Lord of hosts, the god of Israel to all the excess warm. I have into Excel from Jerusalem to be easy for Christmas. There's no misfortune Cuz your steps are ordered by God. You see the message?

I left my country. I was cool. And that's where I want to be. Now, you sent me somewhere else or taken away by force, not by my will, but God say make the best of it. Build houses and live in Den, plant, Gardens eat their produce, take wives and have sons and daughters, take wives, for your sons and give your daughters in marriage. That day May bear Sons and Daughters X.

Would you like to be comfortable in your trial in your bang?

That's what got me was telling a guy just can't get comfortable. You going to be there for a while? How many of us when we finish trials? What do we play with our prayer? Come on, now. Come on.

God is saying, hey, Lauren something from that trial that you're facing flirt something from it. He told him get comfortable cuz you're going to be there for a while. What would be your reaction if you're going to be there for a while?

Whenever you need to work out right now, but God will work it out. But what if I told you that you were going to be there for a while? You still trust him. Do you still believe him? I'm not saying yours is going to be for a while. Okay, I'm just speaking in general terms, probably your trial will be over tomorrow. the Bugatti saying hey, if your trial has to prolong, Do you still trust me? Would you still consider yourself like James? I am a servant of the Lord God and the Lord Jesus Christ and although I might be scattered right now, but I need to be intentional. Thank like a scatter seed that, whatever that I faced, I still need to be sharing the gospel of Christ.

But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into Exile and pray to the Lord on its behalf for a b welfare, she will find your welfare.

Is that the scriptures when you release? It doesn't make sense Lord, so somebody come and take you out of your country and then you go to their country that got to tell you, pray for their country.

Living Jesus, tell us in the same thing in The Sermon on the Mount. What does it say to do for your enemies?

Pray for them.

You see, you don't get away from the Bible where ever you go. The word is the same, whether you and Jeremiah, you and gems, you and Matthew in The Sermon on the Mount. It's all the same. You see, that's why we are here. And some of us are not from here. God says, you need to be praying for Cleveland. OH, pray for whatever Community where you from Greenville. Whatever City you from God says they don't. Just look at all the problems in your City. Crime problem are you praying for the crime in the city? You see there's a problem with teenage pregnancy. Are you praying for that problem? Whatever the issue is, you see, a lot of fatherlessness, are you praying for that insurance thing? That there's a problem? Because God says ate your blessing will be in the city's. Blessing, God is named when the city is doing well, guess what? You will do well in a lot of us have the renters mindset. It's like, I'm not going to be here for long. So, let me just coast along.

I did this. I just coast along. I went to Chicago. I thought we were going to be there. I just mean a year. Tough. The kind of coastal on that was there for eight years.

Renters mindset. See I'm going to have you for a while and you don't know how long you going to be. I can do Mississippi for one year. It's been nine years now.

She got this. Don't have a renters mindset. You need to seek the welfare of the city where ever I have plenty to sic the welfare of the city. Don't just goes by the name. Sank a AAA in your church, don't just goes by sick. The welfare of your church and make an impact for whatever time you going to be here. Remember, I told you the message in one sentence and I show that to you Again, as a believer, in Christ, I am not my title that my status not my position. And my steps are ordered by God to fulfil his breakfast. See James a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. James did not cling to his title to his status, as the Lord's brother, to his position as an apostle for Jim's simply say, I'm a servant Are you a servant? Do you have a servant heart? God wants to use, you. Got to want you to be broken. Like, Jen's having that face-to-face encounter with him, just like he met gems. God wants you to meet the resurrected Jesus inside a a Jesus, you increase, and I decrease, and my steps are ordered by God to fulfill his purpose. All those Jewish Christians, they were despised by the Jews were not Christian and despised by the Gentiles. Also we were non-believers, see, they had nothing going on for them, but they were doing writing ax84. They were preaching the gospel. In their persecution isn't what? Romans 8:28 tells us. All things work together. For the goods, those who are called according to his purpose. Let's Stay Together and we know that for those who love God, delivers all things work together for good. For those who are called according to his purpose. This is not a message to depress you but it's actually a message to encourage you to. Just like James, trusted God. I'm encouraging you this morning to trust God, because whatever it is. Guess what? Doesn't matter. How long we don't know how long but in the end God will do what God will. Work it out. Amen. Amen.

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