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Geared but Anchored

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In an interview H.B. London, Jr., did with Dr. Engstrom, he addressed the subject of change. Here is what the wise old man said:

"I think that human kind is resistant to having things differently than they are presently. We like our comfort zones and we don't want our comfort zones changed too rapidly or too often. But, y'know, the Bible is full of change and God is the author of change. The Gospel talks about change. When pastors preach, they preach about change — changed lives and changed attitudes and changed situations. I think change oftentimes is very, very healthy. I don't like to resist change. I believe we mature and adjust our minds and our attitudes to the fact that we are part of a changing world. Y'know, years ago, I headed up Youth for Christ International and we had a slogan, which was, 'Geared to the times, but anchored to the rock.' And the fact of ... gearing ourselves to the times is very, very important. The world we're in is in constant change. And we have to have a mental attitude to adjust to that. The message remains the same, but the method oftentimes is different."

Source: H.B. London, Jr., The Shepherd's Covenant Encourager, August 10, 2009

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