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Johm 15:12-17

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Abiding in Christ gives us love

We have seen this weekend that a deep and growing relationship with Christ is what gives us life and joy. Through being connected to Christ we are given the life sap of his love and grace that gives us the ability produce fruit and glorify God in lives. Whatever your struggles are as a christian abiding in Christ through his Word, Prayer, and obeying him is the key to be faithful and growth.
And if you not a christian look what Christ is offering his friends? Can the world offer anything like this? True life, True joy.
And all of this is leading to one of the fundamental attributes of God. When we are finding our life and joy in abiding with Christ the natural overflow is love.
Love, God’s deep and committed passion for his glory and our good moves him to send his son in love to save unlovely people. SO that we can become like God and a share his love with others.
Abiding in Christ gives us a new love for one another.
Through A New Commandment 12-14
Through A New Relationship 15-16
Through A New Motivation 17

Through A New Commandment 12-14

Read 12
Remember how we remain close or abide in Christ’s love for us is by obeying him like he obeyed the father. Here he is showing us that obeying can be sum up in this, “love one another”
I really appreciate that our student ministry is growing in the area of voniablity. I think as a whole we are becoming more and more honest in small groups. It is such an engouaging sign of growth. One of the areas I hear others talk about is their desire for God. Let me suggest something to you. If you are struggling to desire God maybe its because you are not abiding in him because you are not loving those around you.
How can we think that we will grow closer to God when our hearts are harden to his commands. All unkindness towards others comes from a sinful heart. Being mean to others holts our ability to delight in God. If you want to abide christ you might need to start with repentance to God and asking forgiveness to your brothers and sisters in Christ and maybe even your brothers and sisters at home.
verse 13
There is no greater love. Giving his life for his friends who by the way were about to really mistreat him. Can you not find in your heart forgive others when Christ so richly and freely forgiven you?
verse 14 again this is not saying this is how we become Jesus’s it is a description of Jesus’s. Being loved by Jesus leads to loving others.
True godly love is like light. You see light is always moving. Love is like this that when we recieve God’s love it has an engery that pushes it out of us towards other. (Hide it under a bushal no)
God’s love should ratically change our relationships with each other. Because Listen God’s love for us causes a new relationship. We are now called his friends in verse 13-14.

Through A New Relationship 15-16

read 15-16
When a sinner becomes a friend with Jesus they are now in the know.
when you are a friend you know things about one another that no one else does.
We now know far more fully than the saints of the OT what is God’s plans. How he is redeeming the and were our hope comes from. Jesus on the cross.
But Jesus adamantly stops the disciples before pride takes over.
Do you know anybody that knows someone who is famous? mentions them all the time? it’s like I know someone one becomes a huge pride spot for them?
Jesus knew that the very fact that the
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