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Chris - Lead Pastor at the Vineyard Church.
So glad you are at a Vision Class - It’s a great first step to figure out if this is the church that you really desire to belong to, partner with, and invest in.
A little bit about me… I grew up here at the Vineyard Church. When I was 5 years old, my parents were looking for a church and we went to the Vineyard. At that point, we met above a pizza shop in the village of Camillus. We only had one site - about 200 people.
Up to that point - my family had gone to several different churches that I remember. - one that met in a dark catholic church - remember being led to kids class - dreading it
remember first time coming to the VIneyard - classroom was really well lit up! could see everything - and not only that - the teacher got down on my level and introduced himself to me.
At the Vineyard - Come As you are and be loved community - since our founding in 1991… John and Gwen, our founding pastors… meeting in their living room… to Froggers… to Lakeland to multi-site in Auburn and then at Funk n Waffles and in Cicero and on the NOrthside… - people can come as they are.
In the Bible, jesus met people where they were at. he didn’t have them change their clothes… start acting right before they got into his presence. He loved them as they were. So from the moment someone comes into one of our environements - small group, food distribution, outreach, service, building - come as you are…
In fact I want to make you an ambassador of this. We hope you felt this way when you came in. And we hope that you can share this with each n every person
2nd Value - is Completely follow Jesus. - I remember the day I gave my life to Jesus in the kids wing at the State Fair Site. The teaching was compelling and the power of the HS was in the room and the teacher gave me an opp to give my life. - believe this is the transformational first step for each person. - it utterly changes everything - eternal destination - and current life
Everyone Gets To Play - I got to play early on at this church -
Kids classroom helper
youth leader
Small group leader for youth, Worship leader - didn’t have everything together yet. but they gave me opps to play.
There’s a purpose and role that you play
Everyone plays.
Faith is spelled RISK.
summer before Senior year of college - John asked me to consider being the site pastor at the university site - now westcott - big risk!
We risk on buildings and moves
We risk because Jesus risked to come towards us
We are naturally supernatural.
Believe that God still speaks and moves today.
believe that he can speak to you.
Don’t hype it up. We don’t ever want to fake it.
Believe that God will move. to heal, to speak prophetically, to move in all of the gifts of the HS that he’s given to regular people like you and me.
We are made for community
remember my first small group
God Loves diversity
from creation
These are our values, our DNA - but where are we headed
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