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The Anointing Breaks The Yoke

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The Anointing of Oil

Define: Anointing
Anointing Cultural Ontology
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A ritual of pouring or smearing oil on a person's head or forehead. The ritual was often done to install someone in a new office or role of authority. Also: Anoint; Anointing of the Holy Spirit; Anointing
Define: Anointed Key Article
📷 Anoint; Anointing from The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised ANOINT; ANOINTING [Heb. māšaḥ (Ex. 28:41; 29:7, 36; 30:26, 30; 40:9ff; 1 S. 9:16; 15:1; 16:3, 12; etc.), dāšan (Ps. 23:5),ḵ (Dt. 28:40; Ruth 3:3; Dnl. 10:3; Mic. 6:15), mišḥâ (Ex. 25:6; 29:7, 21; 30:25; Lev. 8:2, 10, 12, 30; etc.); Gk. aleíphō (Mt. 6:17; Mk. 6:13; 16:1; Lk. 7:38, 46; Jn. 11:2; 12:3; Jas. 5:14), enchríō (Rev. 3:18), chríō (Lk. 4:18; Acts 4:27; 10:38; He. 1:9), chrísma (1 Jn. 2:20, 27)]; NEB also OINTMENT (Rev. 3:18), INITIATION (1 Jn. 2:20, 27). Post-Reformation Protestantism is not very familiar with ritual anointing. The early and medieval Church, nonetheless, practiced anointing with some regularity for new believers as well as at the end of life in extreme unction. Anointing oil symbolized the presence of the Lord’s Spirit to give wholeness to the total person (explicitly expressed in the fifth-century a.d. Gelasian sacramentary formula). The ecclesiastical practice of anointing is firmly rooted in the biblical tradition. Several words are used in the OT to express the idea of anointing; however, the main one is māšaḥ (from which comes the word “Messiah”). While māšaḥ basically means “spread a liquid over something” (e.g., oil on wafers, Ex. 29:2; a house with paint, Jer. 22:14; a body with cosmetics, Am. 6:6 … Read more » Define: Anoint
Top Results AnointAnointed, Concept — The anointing was a physical recognition of their particular role (or office), such as king, prophet, or priest. AnointingAnoint, Anointing of the Holy Spirit, Anointings, Cultural Ontology — A ritual of pouring or smearing oil on a person's head or forehead. The ritual was often done to install someone in a new office or role of authority. God tells Samuel to anoint SaulBiblical Event — The day before Samuel met Saul, God told him to anoint Saul. to anoint with perfumeVerb Sense — to anoint with a pleasantly aromatic semisolid substance. An Immoral Woman Anoints Jesus With OintmentTurning Point ChristAnointed, Biblical Man, Supernatural Being — The anointed one, sent to redeem the world. Anointing OilAnointing oil, Occupational Objects — Oil used for religious purposes, in particular anointing persons or objects to consecrate them. Samuel anoints DavidBiblical Event, Individual, Reign, Timeline Event — God told Samuel to go to Bethlehem and anoint one of Jesse’s sons as king. David was the one whom God chose. Anointed OneCultural Ontology, Supernatural Being — A person that had been chosen and anointed for a specific purpose or office. Anointing (Figurative Language)Anointing, List
Concept Anointed OnesConcept David Is Anointed by Samuel and the Spirit of God came upon himTurning Point CallingAnointing, Preaching Theme — God’s summoning of people to himself as well as to particular tasks. Extreme UnctionAnointing the Sick, Systematic Theology — Extreme unction is the sacrament of healing, administered by anointing with oil, laying on of hands, and prayer, by a priest or elders of the church.
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