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DEVIL, n. Devl. [L., to calumniate.]
1. In the Christian theology, an evil spirit or being; a fallen angel, expelled from heaven for rebellion against God; the chief of the apostate angels; the implacable enemy and tempter of the human race. In the New Testament, the word is frequently and erroneously used for demon.
2. A very wicked person, and in ludicrous language, an great evil. In profane language, it is an expletive expressing wonder, vexation, &c.1904 ἐνδυναμόομαι (endynamoomai), ἐνδυναμόω (endynamoō): vb.; ≡ Strong 1743; TDNT 2.284—1. LN 74.6 hacer capaz, dar fuerza, fortalecer (Hch 9:22; Ro 4:20; Fil 4:13; 1 Ti 1:12; 2 Ti 4:17+); 2. LN 74.7 (dep.) volverse capaz, ser fuerte (Ef 6:10; 2 Ti 2:1+)
James Swanson, Diccionario de idiomas bı́blicos: Griego (Nuevo testamento) (Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software, 1997).
3. An idol, or false god. Lev 17. 2 Chr 11.
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