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A Holy Place

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Matthew 21:12–13

Our minds should be focused on God and giving Him praise as we enter His house each week.

Someone once wrote the following poem entitled "If You Want to Kill The Church":

Never go to your church or meetings held there,
If you do go, be late, it's no one's affair.
If the weather is bad, either too hot or snowing,
Just stay home and rest, for there'll be others going.

But should you attend, be sure and remember
To find fault with the work, each official and member.
Be sure to hold back on your offerings and tithes,
The bills will be paid by the rest of the guys.

And never take office if offered the post,
But eagerly criticize work of the host.
If not on a committee you're placed, be sore!
If you find that you are, don't attend any more.

When asked your opinion on this thing or that,
Have nothing to say, just turn 'em down flat.
Then after the meeting, shine out like the sun
By telling the folks how it should have been done.

Don't do any more than you possibly can,
Leave the work for some other woman or man.
And when you see faithful ones work themselves sick,
Then stand up and holler, "It's run by a clique!"

Sadly, many of the actions described in this poem take place in our churches today. People fighting, bickering, holding grudges, and turning God’s house into a battle zone. But God desires for one thought and one mind to prevail in the church—the mind that God should be glorified and that all things should honor Him.

As seen in our verses, Christ visited a temple, the place of worship for the Jews, and saw that money changers had created a marketplace out of His house. With righteous anger, He overturned the tables and proclaimed that His house was to be holy.

I wonder what God would notice were He to physically visit your church. Would He notice the spirit of worship and honor? Or would He notice the petty disputes, bitter feelings, and undermining actions? God’s house is to be a holy house of worship. As you approach church this week, do so reverently. Church is a place for us as God’s children to collectively meet with God. Examine your heart before each service, and commit to focusing on God and His holiness as you gather to worship Him each week.

Source: Daily in the Word, August 24, 2009

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