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Eye contact

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Sermon 12th August 2007. Comberton / Elsworth

Psalm 33v13-22

<<God sees you. Keep your eyes fixed on him>>


John's glasses. Beach.


What's your eyesight like?

The eye of the LORD.

Psalm 33.

Psalms --> Hymnbook of Israel. Great festivals at the temple. Kings College Choir a poor imitation.

Hymn of praise.

These verses focus on God's vision.

Better than 20-20

He sees everything (v13, v15)

Don't know how you feel about that - comfort / fearful or unnerved.

Not just static observer, watching from afar.

Fashions the hearts of all” (v15). Creator.

v14 inhabitants = children

Sense in which God is Father of all creation. Created, fashioned, sees, is concerned for us.

But as God is looking down from heaven what specifically does he see? (v16-17)

People trust in the wrong things.

  • King counting his troops as he heads off to do battle.
  • Warrior, believing himself invincible because of his great strength.
  • Horsetraders rounding up their animals, promising military victory for those who buy their stock.

Because the LORD sees into the future.. he sees these 3 things all fail to deliver.

Read v16-17.

[Last week. Ecclesiastes. possessions, pleasure, wisdom. to this list Military strength.]

Horses. [People of Israel warned in Deut 17v16 not to build up an army of horses. Comprimising alliance with Egypt.]

In our day. Not horses. Nuclear weapons.

Individuals: money, medicine, our own intellect.

These things may save us for a while. But in the long run useless.


Changes gear v18.

v13-17. Lord's eye all creation.

V18. Special way. “Those who fear him”

[fear = reverence, trust.

Opposite. Not fear = apathy, not bothered.]

If he is looking at everyone, what is special about these people?

Looking towards him. Make eye contact.

Sitting at a cafe, waiting for a friend to arrive. People watching, come and go. Don't make eye contact with them. Friend arrives. Smile, eye contact.

These people are those who make eye contact with the LORD.

Others worrying about armies, military strength, horses. Their gaze is towards him.

What does the psalm say about them?

  • Fear him, hope in steadfast love (v18)
  • wait for him (v19)
  • glad in him, trust in his holy name (v21).

What does the psalm promise them?

  • Deliver, feed (v19)
  • Help and shield (v20).

God as Father of all creation.

But sense of scripture in which God is Father in a special way towards those who trust in him.


OT: Exodus from Egypt, protection against military attack.

NT: finality of death, slavery to sin, hopelessness


God is father of all.

Benefits of that only available towards those who trust in him.

Why? V difficult to give someone something unless they are looking at you.

  1. Giving out leaflets in the street.
  2. Father giving a birthday present to his daughter. Eyes locked on him.

That's how God wants us to be before him.

God sees everyone, knows their thoughts and deeds.

In the hurly-burly he sees you and loves you

Things around us ultimately cannot save.

Keep your eyes fixed on him.

Read out together v20-22 of psalm.

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