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Ghost, Master, Son of God

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Sermon St Mary's Comberton, 10/8/08

Matt 14:22-33

<<When we recognise Jesus as the Son of God, all we can do is worship him.>>

This passage:-

  • Ghost
  • Master / Lord
  • Son of God.

(1) GHOST (v26)

Saw him from a distance – scared, spooked.

Battling through the night, shadowy shape in the morning mist coming towards them.

Gareth – talking to school children – scared to go into church

Banner St Augustine's “You will receive new power when the Holy Spirit comes on you.”

What parts of Jesus do you find scary?

Need to hear “Take heart, It is I. Do not be afraid.” (v27)

(2). LORD / MASTER (v28)

Greek kyrie

Way disciples were used to addressing Jesus. Rabbi – one they followed

Lord if it is you, command me to come to you on the water.”

Listening to him

Lots of people today “Good teacher”. Chatting to a lady in Toft (not part of church) likes Jesus as a teacher – find it hard to believe in God or miracles.

go beyond that

(3). SON OF GOD (v33)

We are used to the title

First time in Matthew that the disciples describe Jesus in this way.

(Peter's confession comes in ch16)

Walked on water – Jews the sea was symbolic of chaos – Only God could subdue.

open their eyes

ILLUSTRATION: holiday in French Alps – pegging out washing

For us storms at sea may not be something we're afraid of. Won't grab us in quite same way,

Points forward to another story in the gospels.

Early in the morning, thought to be a ghost, subduing the symbol of death

How do we respond to Jesus?

  • ghost – afraid, freeze back off.
  • master – prick up ears listen
  • son of god – worship, give my all.

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