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Amazing Prayer 5 - Knowing His Beyond-Knowing Love

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Reading: Song of Songs 2:1-15
and to know this love that surpasses knowledge Ephesians 3:19a

I.   Look! Here He Comes

     A.  He is Lovely (v.3)

           1.  Who am I that He loves me? (v.1)

                 a.  I’m just a common flower (crocus fam.)

           2.  Look who He says I am! (v.2)

                 a.  A lily among thorns–I stand out to Him!

           3.  Look who He is! (v.3)

                 a.  A fruit tree among ordinary trees

                 b.  He refreshes with sweet fruit, w/ shade

     B.  He is Devoted to me (vv.4-6)

           1.  He tells everyone He loves me! (v.4)

                 a.  His banner over me that says Love!

                 b.  I am under the protection of His love

           2.  His love overwhelms me! (v.5)

                 a.  His love for me is too much!

                 b.  I need strength to bear the glory of it!

                 c.  If it is not too much do I know it at all?

           3.  He is tender and affectionate with me! (v.6)

                 a.  As I lie down faint with love . . .

                 b.  He loves me in public, & also in private

                 c.  He is affectionate, but not aggressive

     C.  He is Eager for me (vv.8-9)

           1.  Here He comes! (v.8a)

                 a.  Love is dangerous–be careful! (v.7)

                 b.  I’m scouring the horizon for Him

                 c.  Listen! Look! There He is!

           2.  He leaps over the mountains! (v.8b)

                 a.  He doesn’t dawdle, or hesitate

                 b.  Hills and mountains are no barriers!

           3.  He’s peering thru the windows for me! (v.9)

                 a.  He can’t wait to see me!

                 b.  I’m still behind a wall of safety

                 c.  He looks for me. Does He catch me looking for Him?

II.  Come With me

     A.  He Speaks to me (v.10a)

           1.  He speaks to me

                 a.  He calls me His darling!

                 b.  He calls me His beautiful one!

           2.  He speaks to me

                 a.  The days of mere letters are done now

                 b.  I hear his voice from beyond the wall

           3.  I know His voice!

                 a.  It’s Him! It’s really Him!

                 b.  I want to go & follow him immediately!

. . . his sheep follow him because they know his voice. (Jn 10:4)

     B.  The Winter is over (v.11)

           1.  The time of cold and darkness

                 a.  When little blooms

                 b.  When coldness descends on my heart

                 c.  Days are short and nights long & lonely

           2.  The time of tears and rain

                 a.  When the roads are too muddy 4 travel

                 b.  When the rain echoes my tears

           3.  Those days are done!

                 a.  See how bright dawns this day!

                 b.  Smell the blossoms–the scent of spring

                 c.  The days and my heart aglow with hope

     C.  It is Time for love (vv.12-13)

           1.  It is a time of flowers

                 a.  Of common, extraordinary beauty

                 b.  Of the promise of fruit

                 c.  A time of first-fruits (v.13)

           2.  It is a season for singing!

                 a.  I am bursting with happiness

                 b.  Joy returns! The sun shines brighter!

           3.  The doves have returned and sing too!

                 a.  Doves of peace, shalom

                 b.  Dove of the Holy Spirit

                 c.  The doves sing with, around, for us!

III. Come out of Hiding

     A.  He Calls me out of hiding (v.14a)

           1.  I hide like a skittish bird

                 a.  Easily startled–vulnerable, frightened

           2.  I hide in the cleft of a rock

                 a.  Behind the (rock) wall–like a rock-dove

                 b.  He calls to me; asks me to come out

           3.  I am far from danger, or risk

                 a.  Unreachable, safe, alone

                 b.  Dare I risk love?

                 c.  Dare I go out to His embrace?

     B.  Let me See you (v.14b)

           1.  Come out, come out, wherever you are!

                 a.  Like a game of hide and seek

                 b.  But He waits for me to show myself

           2.  He wants to see my face

                 a.  Will He see my eagerness for Him?

                 b.  Will He see my desire for Him?

                 c.  Will He see my desperation for Him?

           3.  He wants to hear my voice

                 a.  He seems as eager for me as I am for Him

                 b.  What will He hear in the sound of it?

                 c.  Joy? Longing? Delight? Trust?

     C.  Catch the little Foxes (v.15)

           1.  There are little foxes!

                 a.  Fear is a little fox

                 b.  Hopelessness is a little fox

                 c.  Shame is a little fox

                 d.  Complacency is a little fox

           2.  They will ruin the whole setting!

                 a.  In a scene of beauty; crafty little theives!

                 b.  The foxes will steal the fruit of longing

           3.  Don’t let anything do that!

                 a.  Catch them before the grapes grow

                 b.  Burn them in the flames of expectation

                 c.  Consume them in the fire of longing

The Bottom Line:

We fan into Flame our Longing for the embrace of our Beloved.


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