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Amazing Prayer 1 - The Fathers Family

Notes & Transcripts

Reading: Ephesians 3:14-15; Galatians 3:26-4:7

Because you are sons, God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, the Spirit who calls out, “Abba, Father.” Galatians 4:6 (NIV)

I.   All because of Jesus (3:26-29)

     A.  Through Faith in Christ (v.26)

           1.  Because I stake my life on Jesus, I’m God’s son!

                 a.  Faith is not merely believing things (abstractly)

                 b.  Faith = what you base your life on

           2.  Jesus is our deliverer, intercessor, Lord, bridegroom, defender, friend, high priest, brother, healer

           3.  Faith is the one thing I “do” to receive grace

                 a.  More decision than opinion

                 b.  More about action than study

     B.  By Clothing ourselves with Christ (v.27)

           1.  Put on his clothing=put on his deeds

                 a.  Take of the garments of sin

                 b.  Put on the robes of righteousness

           2.  God doesn’t see our deeds but Jesus’ deeds

                 a.  We’re covered!

           3.  We do the things Jesus did; the things He does

                 a.  Not just forensic but vocational

                 b.  Called to follow Christ’s example

I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. John 14:12 (NIV)

     C.  By Belonging to Christ (vv.28-29)

           1.  In Christ we’re all one.

                 a.  If we’re all one with the same One, we’re all one with each other!

           2.  My identity isn’t in anything but Jesus

                 a.  Not in nationality or culture

                 b.  Not in social status nor standing

                 c.  Not even in sexual identity (“It’s a boy!”)

           3.  Christ is the seed (3:16), so we are too

                 a.  Abraham’s seed: receives the promise

                 b.  Only if we are 1 with Him do we receive

II.  No longer a Child (4:1-5)

     A.  A child has Few rights (vv 1-2)

           1.  Duh!

                 a.  What child doesn’t complain about it!

                 b.  Rights & responsibility must go together

           2.  ‘Til the right time, a ‘son’ is like a slave

                 a.  All his rights are potential

                 b.  Implies a time when rights are actual!

     B.  Jesus sets us Free! (vv 3-5)

           1.  Slavery to the basic principles of the world

                 a.  That is, to religion without God’s presence

                 b.  Basic principle: it’s up to me; up to them.

           2.  Now we follow what works in the Kingdom of God!

                 a.  What only works with God’s presence

     C.  We now have Full rights (v.5b)

           1.  What changed?

                 a.  Not us!

                 b.  God’s timing for Christ to come

           2.  Jesus comes under law to break-through

                 a.  He comes to work from the bottom-up

           3.  Jesus sets things right for us

                 a.  We are united with Christ

                 b.  We now have the rights of a son

III. The Father Sends the Spirit (vv 6-7)

     A.  Because we are His Children (v.6)

           1.  To those already in the “in” group!

                 a.  Sends His Son in v.4, the Sp. in v.6

           2.  Above & beyond the minimum

                 a.  “But wait there’s more!”

                 b.  The treasures of the house are for us!

           3.  Already sharing in the “big stuff!”

                 a.  We can sit at the big table now

                 b.  We can go work in the shop with “Dad”

                 c.  We can go to work with “Dad”

     B.  The Spirit cries “Abba” within us (v.6)

           1.  Also in Rom.8:15

           2.  Even among the messed up Galatians!

                 a.  Note: “you...our” in v.6!

           3.  “Abba” how Jesus addressed His Father

     C.  We are the Father’s Family (v.7)

           1.  Not a mere slave or servant any more!

           2.  Statement of status before God & the world

           3.  Also an heir–we receive God’s gift

                 a.  Not because we deserve it;

                 b.  Because we’re His children

The Bottom Line:

Through Jesus we are the Father’s Children, who Gives us the Spirit.


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