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No Coincidence Acts 10:23-48

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He didn't start this in 23.

Call Steve.

Senior living in Las Vegas.

Thought I was set for a lot of Jackson.

34 days ago and we're all here in the presence of God.

Repeater open.

Words. That mean good news that you yourself know what happened to our Reminder, after you leave here, bear, witness that everyone who believes in Him? Forgiveness,

Birth weight for workout today. Have you seen the Holy Spirit?

I would take all this morning for you. I will come with, great expectation.


Are you smart?

Do you wear this one Desiring to hear from you about?

The biggest type of leaking. Map of Woodland.

Harvey right now.

Call Lisi.

You are bossy. A ball.

All right, so I went over we're going to well, this is weird. And Peter, finally, we had been on for a couple weeks now, is being driven together and this is no coincidence because we know when, you know, for sure that this is not, this is not just some remarkable occurrence that is happening. And we're like 5 times in our own lives, from looking on the outside. People, we wouldn't say things about how things might be going in our lives and I'm sleep. Usually, when things are good, those are things that we don't mind, like sayings went to. This has been occasional bad. Like we have, we have we have one who knows the truth in this who actually knows another, who is dead effort for helping out desperate for what God might have for dinner. Again, this is just, this is the link that which God will go. A policeman is a package today and I think you heard already so that'll be good cuz you like that before. But you see the gallery The guy had a plan for Tom Degan, disability. I'm pretty sure I was bored out. You didn't know the day any for needing to know the day. Call Ryan. What you trying to walk through this event in the lion of the church, the early church and then we're going to look at it in our own part. So let's do something of her 223. 2324 great expectation, with great expectation, and some of his brothers & Company in Cedar and on the following day, he has your sister Rita. Cornelius was expecting them, and it has relatives, and it's 324 speak to the fate of Cornelia. He is already. He was given this Vision by God. I was visited by an Angel. The angel tells me what to do. He obeys, he sends people to go get Peter and immediately, he starts making plans for Peter to return later.

Sensitive going on. But

He says, it's just gorgeous.

But he doesn't really mean to him the truth and he invites his friends over.

Hey, I need y'all to come on over. I need to come over and sit with me and spoke directly to the telephone.


Who is this?

Get there to get me.

A listening ear.


PGA scoreboard.

T-turn on the, where he's going.

Remove following after being old.

80% body fat.

He says again, Peterson, but God has shown me that I should not call any person common or unclean. What? A great way to start the heater.

Are y'all know. I ain't supposed to be here, right?

This is what he was traveling with.

What do you need to go back with us? And he's like, okay, I spend the night and leave it the next day walking one step at a time.

The first song.


I'm here.

But not want me here. Need the following a meeting.

The life of my table for me.

Why are you still holding my clothes? That's it for now.

Batman. For we are all here in the presence of God.

3 / 34.


I need an alarm at home.

Play Rhapsody in Blue.

Amazing Grace song.

Upon Our Own.

What is the town in Siberia?

But what's your opinion?

We depart at 4. Tomorrow tomorrow or what we can do after looking at Gideon this morning, good.

Turn on the beat Thang.

Do your heart that you never thought for the day.


Thunderbird hospital.

Salvation of a burrito. Cornelius is desperate for this form.

Realize what it is.

heart of God, in such a way where I heard about the knowledge but I never throw

Replaced faith in him, going through the motions of hearing. What the. Never really saying that I rely upon him and his life first informal

What is Melissa Barnhart? Should listen very carefully to this greatest truth. We're about to be here.

Pokemon 34. Carly has walk through it all and Amber 33. We are all here in the presence of the Lord.

Peter Altman is not convert. 34 truly, I understand it. So don't

Guitar Center because well in that moment, he understands there's no good in that room. The good news of the Gospel district, one end to the other. and there's no partiality, because

NFL partiality with God where he would find favor upon one and not on the other one. I way of Salvation in the other. No way of David. Is pulling the Old Testament. Deuteronomy 10:17 says the Lord, your God is a god of gods. Lord of Lord, the Brady, the Mighty the awesome God who is not partial and does not take a bride. What can you do?

2nd Chronicles 19 to this way. So then with the fear of the Lord be upon you again,

Still 30 for the shows. No, partiality. Speaking of God, the prince of princes, sorry of his hand.

I'm still alive or I'll send it without the law. Also perish, without the law and the law. 329 says, or is he not the god of Gentiles also? Yes, of the Gentiles. Also such God as one who will justify the uncircumcised.

The same message. Either, it is one that said you bought.

I didn't get that a couple days ago. I didn't understand it, but I'm telling you, I stand in front of this room. As clearly sent me here that I might give away the message that he's giving me and well, he's proven it to my heart. That there's no party out. Are you guys?

reply in this morning, if there's one message One, one message not multiple different houses for different. People want to message that stands the Troupe of all time.

And that all Sinners are dead for me.

Aren't you playing? Ballast Point Park.

Made to ask him, who sings? That's how I see coming over now.

Mystery person is Christ, is the Lord of all. You need to know what happened to her at all. Judea, beginning from Gallery after the baptism. John for playing beloved. This is the gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ. That's what he's about to do.

Our friends.

Packages for the price was.

The Apostle Paul.

The doctor's general knowledge, this information they don't have all the pieces of the pub. They're missing fries.

That's what Peter Graves within the Holy Spirit or God was with him, when he's the one of the living and the dead is Thang 11, 38 to 43 is ruined. I mean it is in the goodness of the Gospel all wrapped up and just a few short little virgin. The outpouring of what he has been told lvb to get out on this date that Jesus Christ. The one from Nazareth, the one feels on the power of the Holy Spirit died. On the cross, the one piece repeating all together.

and then he said any didn't show himself to all people, but

It's true. In fact I ate with him in and drink with him and I talked with him and I'm a witness of that very thing and he told me

Hang on a route or make me.

Is it true? That is inside of me one? We commanded me to preach to the people.

Best Buy. The one appointment.

Call gentlemen's usually breed doodle. I, all of us every nation of your tongue. Every person that you can possibly think of one day stand before the evening as the ultimate.

He is the Lord of all, I'm all, but still wearing his britches on on him. He probably parked Jesus. Anyone who repent and believe. Do you have to get cleaned up? You have to get a third down. Do you have to look a certain way or act? A certain way of stripping way or any of those things? You forgot that you were leaving though.

Play Maroon. Is Lord of all. At 3:36 that it is 10. Therefore know for certain that God is making both of you.

That is Peter opening his mouth and accept the Lord of all.

Tell three days ago. Now, I understand that you really is Lord of all, see what I meant.

Probably hear people saying why.


Good morning is news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I can never leave him and anyway, I can't, I can't.

Maybe pretty pitiful.

What you can give me a call.

Think something.

Is Lord of all. Who would you like to the living and the dead?

Baptism of Jesus dad.

Right now.

Need the number.

Greatest book of all time. ICarly is.

We said we were thankful for our salvation.

Take your pain cheap braces. That is the poor man's Christian. Expendable. Do I have a new one more person to be obedient?

A r. A y worth living. Cornelius day is hearing the street for the first time. There's no parking out. If we do the Greek, he is Lord of all. He is living in the dead. These are truth to the sticking and Courtney. This is dear.

43 says, it can't all the troposphere with everyone who believes in him. Receive forgiveness of sins, the midnight. What is it that you do the right thing? Leave for the Forgiveness of sins. Those things that we can't do anything with those things that we can never get away from the sins that we are and Shackled to the. We can't do anything about the Lord, Jesus Christ. Believe that day in the word that day, was that your belief in? Jesus Christ can break those chains. A normal longer.

On one more.

Church from here.

There are some who are part of that repetitively.

Charlotte's Web.

Good evening.

Are really good Monarch over.

Don't say thank you.

You said your thing or is that words in both parks.

Lipo providers album. Arlington Park.

If I had my way now. Razors.

Who's my dad?

And the Lord said, I've seen you asking me where you're going. I seen your desire to know. I'm going to send again.

I need ride where you are. Tell you the truth.

No, I'm not in that room on that day.


Vin Diesel.


Either Life Is Nothing in life.

Early 80s.


Anencephaly. Eater DC. I am running his mouth about the Holy Spirit. Fell on the word in that room on that day. God brought all those people who sang that

Cornelius, probably later on Pitkin.

Got everybody.

Among circumcised would come with Peter because it's on them. The circumcised Jewish from the group who are redeemed. Who are part of the Kingdom of Heaven from their own place, along with Peter. They see what happened and they're like

This thing that has been going on for the last three days that he's been working on his mind that he's coming through on the people that before. Everything.

Super pissed.

Meat dip wallet.

It's different.


Work M time. I'm pretty good at 11.

I want to sleep. Always do something by God. Uber meetings.

The new whatever you would call one. Not knowing what it was going to look like.

H b.

Allergic Behavior.

What's the name?


Walking through Facebook.

Send it.

Bob Lilly.

What's the weather?



Is something.

Batman. Elizabeth Park.

Your ones for the same, for the Lord of lords, the game between the living, and the dead.

You are awesome. I have email

A woman.

Dashboard that you would give a nod.

Are still looking.

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