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Notice I didn't say, tap to Luke 17.
On your phone or tablet, whatever.
Turn to, that's just a personal preference in mine.
I love having a tangible.
Physical copy of the Bible.
It's not the only way to read, of course, you can read on computer, tablets?
What not?
But I think there's something special about getting the being able to feel the pages, looking to see you.
Paragraphs and in began and just burning that engraving that into your mind.
I'm excited to be back in the gospel, to take a little bit of time to pause to do something a little different unique during the Christmas season.
And just a little pop quiz for you.
Do y'all remember what for Timothy 1:15 is or why did you just come into the world?
Here are a few rumbling herd immunity maybe not precise wording but yeah, Christ Jesus came into the world to save Sinners.
Very good.
That's why Jesus came So, Luke 17, I want to read verses 1 to 10, to sway, the hearts and Minds.
Then we'll unpack it.
Jesus said to his disciples things that cause people to stumble are bound to come, but woe to anyone through whom they come, It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck then cause one of these little ones to stumble.
So watch yourselves, your brother or sister sins against you rebuke them.
And if he repents forgive them, even if they stand against you, seven times in a day and 7 X come back to you saying, I repent and you must forgive them.
They also said that the Lord increase our faith, you replied.
If you have a small as a mustard seed, you can say this mulberry tree, be uprooted and planted in the sea and it will obey you.
If I was one of you has a servant plowing or looking after the Sheep will be say to the servant when he comes in from the field.
Come along now, sit down to eat.
Won't he rather say prepare my, supper get yourself.
Ready and wait on me while I eat and drink after that, you may eat and drink.
Will he think the servant because he did what he was told to do.
So you also, when you've done everything, you were told to do.
Should say we are unworthy servants, we have only done our duty.
The word of God for the people of God.
Thanks, be unto God.
How many of you all of you in here are familiar with the popular Infamous.
Usually, we are familiar with these things because of failure, just to be frank.
I looked at a few of the the top 10 top 20, top 15, different resolutions and one season of life for another exercise, more lose weight or can I learn a new skill or hobby saved?
Quit smoking, cut back on Alcohol, Tobacco.
Travel more read x amount of books last night that you were staying up till midnight.
I was sleeping wrong in the New Year through sleep with wonderful.
But some people are contentious about it because some people are like it's a waste of time.
I personally think more charitable toward him because I think it's good for us to think about goals.
Think about things that we're striving for not just coasting regardless.
What's more important than goals is who you are in life?
What's more important than what you do.
It's who you are as a person and see it as human beings.
And even as Christians, it's easy for you and I to get caught up in activity, ticket, caught up in this run of just doing the constant.
Think about what do I have to do tomorrow when we go to bed, right?
The night before, what do I have to do tomorrow?
What do I have to do?
When I wake up, what I have to do this week, this month this year and again because it's New Year's typically think about these goal that I have for my own life.
Below the surface of all of that is who are you as a person?
Well, there's a lot going on in these 10 versus here that you may not seem like there's one unifying Factor, the drawers, all these verses together.
I personally believe that there's one phrase, one identity, and two words that serve as a thread that unites these 10 versus and that is this unworthy servant.
Denver's 10.
We are unworthy servants.
Now if you would like me, when I personally read this verse is 7 to 10.
I initially thought that Jesus was speaking ill of what the Masters doing here.
So just to pick it apart really quick.
So I suppose one of you guys would use his, this hypothetical kind of figured it example.
It's not necessarily real, but it's certainly plausible to injure yourself into these person shoes.
Suppose, one of you has a servant or slave an employee that is vernacular suppose.
One of you has a servant they're plowing looking after the Sheep.
Will you, or will you the master say to the servant after he's done, doing all the outdoors work?
Will you say to him come in come on at the table?
Brightest Lisa.
My mind.
I thought that sounds kind of Master being kind to his disturbance is employee.
And Jesus kind of speaking against that of the master shouldn't do that.
He should be telling that the employee.
The servant Noah come in.
It's time for you to cook my food.
I'm hungry.
And I didn't after you do all that, then you can hit.
I thought was Jesus speaking against kindness from Superior to somebody serving.
No, because you read Ephesians 6 and chapter 4. It's quite clear from God's word, Masters or bosses are to treat servants or slaves, or employees, with respect with dignity, with love with Grace and with care.
That's not what Jesus is speaking against here.
But rather Jesus is addressing the issue of roles.
Responsibilities one's identity, your position in life.
If you think this might be a little crude or crass or overbearing upon the servants.
You and I can understand this even in the today's contacts.
But I mean, you going to Cracker Barrel or whatever your favorite restaurant is, I just don't like Cracker Barrel wherever there's somebody who, what is their primary goal in that role?
It's more or less to make you happy, right?
It's just review the food accurately whatever you told him it's just serve it quickly.
Swiftly it's to make sure your water your tea is refilled constantly to make sure you have all the napkins you need so on and so forth.
That's the job.
That's the role of the responsibilities that this waiter or waitress has as their identity which we get this in today's day and age.
That's what Jesus is saying this service roll.
Primarily is to serve to, please the master.
I mean just imagine if a waiter or waitress you know they came out with the tray of food and then they they put the food down on the table and then they all the sudden scooted into the booth with you is that you know what, I want some of that food.
I've been working hard all day.
It's time to reward myself, right?
All of us would be shocked at that same.
Kind of thing is what's going on here by the Disciples of a shock there?
Be what the servant is sitting down at the table before.
He's done all that he's supposed to do his His shift is not yet ended the same thing.
The servants role is to serve the master.
So, for you and I today, right?
If you are Christian, Your identity, your position, your role, your responsibilities in life is quite simple.
You are and unworthy servant before the Lord.
I don't worthy servant, not supposed to and entitled self-centered brat.
We are all unworthy Servants of the Lord.
And you have to wonder, what is the point of a servant?
Is to please and serve the master.
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