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New Years Resolutions
Lose weight, be taller, making more money, being nicer, getting in shape, treating our spouse better.
resolutions that we want about ourselves
resolutions that we want for others
Scrooge had a Christmas resolution
Scrooge was visited by 3 spirits past, present, and future
Charles dickens, A Christmas Carol
Scrooge was shown his past and how he ended up being the scrooge
his present and the result of his past
and what his future would look like if the present does not change
in the morning after he said I will live in the past, present and future
Paul on the other hand has some different instructions for us
Read Philippians 3 12-16.
Forget The Past
Unlike Scrooge- Paul wants us to forget
V 13 forget choose not to let it effect you now
the sins, the failures,
Jesus also instructed us
if you are plowing and looking back you are going to stray
Peter looking around at the waves began to sink
Satan wants to distract us with the storms
Satan wants to distract us with our past
Satan wants to incapacitate us with our failures
he wants to take that sin or failure and bring it to mind and put thoughts into your head that say
you are unworthy to do anything good for God
you were a failure what makes you think that now is any different?
Did God really say that He would be with you always?
did Jesus really die for all sins?
Plowed rows need to be straight
when we walk on water we need to keep our eyes on Jesus
We need to
Keep Our Eyes On The Goal
What is the Goal? in the Christian life
V 12 Paul has not obtained the ultimate prize
Fully Sanctified, mature in Christ
V 20-21
we will not fully reach this prize in this life
but this is the prize that we should strive for
Some want to receive salvation from Jesus, sit and be grateful for their salvation
Paul here knows that his time is short.
but he still is reaching, striving for the prize
V 10 the goal of That I may know Jesus
That we become Christ like
That we follow Christ-- Jesus said follow me
Straining Forward
V 13-14 press on
work hard at achieving the goal
like an athlete in spring training
football player running the same drill dozens of times
a basketball player running wind sprints
every morning our prayer should be
I want to be more like Jesus today
I want to do my Job better today
I want to raise my kids better today
I want to be a better evangelist today
I want to mine out some nuggets from your word today
I want to be a blessing to someone today
And I can only do this through your grace
Part of being Christlike is forgiving
standing up for what is right
being in contact with the Father
Loving the unlovable
sacrificing your self
touching the untouchable
Part of raising your kids better is praying for them
Being available to them
Learning how to do it better
Teaching them from God’s word
Part of being a blessing to someone is to be looking for an opportunity
take time for them
the athlete puts comfort, leisure, and self on a shelf
luke 9 23
The first part of the goal we are to strive for is Denying our selves
Jesus is first
our children our first
others in the church are first
study and prayer first
The second is take up your cross
under the authority of the government
you have no choice but to carry it
the soldiers are not going to carry it for you
but we have a choice.
are we going to put our selves under the authority of Jesus?
Are we going to wake up in the morning and put on Jesus?
be Jesus to the world
the third is to follow Jesus
be close to Jesus
learn about Him
strive to be like Him
New Years Resolutions
Lose weight, be taller, making more money, being nicer, getting in shape, treating our spouse better.
Paul says that the resolution that he is always straining for is to be more like Christ
it is not achievable this side of eternity
read 12-15
God will show you your short comings
God is doing His part of Sanctification
our part is to stop looking behind
those sins are forgiven
the penalty for those sins are paid for
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