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Christmas story 2022

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Merry Christmas!!
I’m glad to be celebrating the birth of Jesus with you this morning on Christmas. I hope you were able to enjoy some family time this morning and any traditions that you may have.
Thank you to Miracle on Maple Ave team. If you gave towards, helped out that night, cleaned up any afterwards, or were involved any way would you please stand. Round of applause.
I’m not going to preach a regular message this morning. I’m going to ask that any kids that would like to, come up here and take a seat on the stairs facing me. I’ve got a couple helpers gonna help me with this.
Come on up here and just have a seat. Now, I want your full attention ok? You’ll be here with me for just a few minutes and then I’ve got something for you. Can you guys listen for a few minutes and then get a gift?
I’d like to read you the greatest story every told. Then, after you get you listen well and get your gift, I’m going to talk to mom, dad, grandpa, and grandma about it while you enjoy the gift. That sound ok to you?
Listen as I read,
Luke 2:1–20 KJV 1900
1 And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed. 2 (And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.) 3 And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city. 4 And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judaea, unto the city of David, which is called Beth-lehem; (because he was of the house and lineage of David:) 5 To be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great with child. 6 And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered. 7 And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn. 8 And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. 9 And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. 10 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. 11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. 12 And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. 13 And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, 14 Glory to God in the highest, And on earth peace, Good will toward men. 15 And it came to pass, as the angels were gone away from them into heaven, the shepherds said one to another, Let us now go even unto Beth-lehem, and see this thing which is come to pass, which the Lord hath made known unto us. 16 And they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph, and the babe lying in a manger. 17 And when they had seen it, they made known abroad the saying which was told them concerning this child. 18 And all they that heard it wondered at those things which were told them by the shepherds. 19 But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart. 20 And the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things that they had heard and seen, as it was told unto them.
Luke 2:1-20
Wow…you kids did a great job. Before you go sit down, grab a gift from one of our helpers and then enjoy ok? Merry Christmas!
Give them a round of applause. Weren’t they great?
The greatest story ever told. The birth of Jesus our Savior.
When we think of the birth of Jesus what are some objects we think of that were involved that day?
the manger is a beautiful picture of the humility of Jesus coming in the flesh.
N.T. Wright said “If you try to point out something to a dog, the dog will often look at your finger instead of at the object you’re trying to point to. This is frustrating, but it illustrates a natural mistake we all make from time to time. … To concentrate on the manger and to forget why it was mentioned in the first place is like the dog looking at the finger rather than the object. Why has Luke mentioned it three times in this story? The answer is: because it was the feeding-trough, appropriately enough, which was the sign to the shepherds. It told them which baby they were looking for. And it showed them that the angel knew what he was talking about. … Why is that significant? Because it was the shepherds who were told who this child was. This child is the savior, the Messiah, the Lord. The manger isn’t important in itself. It’s a signpost, a pointing finger, to the identity and task of the baby boy who’s lying in it”
Truly the reason for the season isn’t the manger. It isn’t santa, it isn’t the gifts. It is the birth of our savior Jesus.
He is the most unlikely gift you could ever receive. Yes, He is like most gifts…free to you…you didn’t earn the gift, it was given out of the love someone had for you.
God had that love for you and today we celebrate the gift of Jesus to our world.
Pause for transition
If you are a follower of Jesus, you know what that gift of Jesus means. If you haven’t trusted in Jesus as your Savior and are depending on religion and religious acts as your means of having a relationship with God or getting you to Heaven, or you don’t believe in Jesus, you might not fully comprehend the amazing gift that was given not just two-thousand years ago, but prior to the foundation of the world.
Revelation 13:8 KJV 1900
8 And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.
Revelation 13:8
Some people ask, why would God create humans if He knew they were going to sin and turn from Him?
Because before he ever spoke light into existence, He knew Jesus would be sent for us.
He made a way when there was no way so you could know Him, live for Him, and live with Him for eternity.
At Christmas, this is the truth we celebrate, the gift we give thanks for, and the reason for the season.
You know that’s a popular phrase…The reason for the season.
Jesus is the reason for the season. However, don’t let this season end.
Jesus is the reason for every season. Christmas and Easter should be observed everyday. Grateful for the babe who came and the man who died.
Before we depart on this Christmas day, can I give you soething to reflect on as you enjoy today and the coming week?
With 2022 behind you, could you say you gave all your all for Jesus the you should have?
With 2023 in front of you, will you decide this week 3 ways I will give more of my life to Christ this coming year?
Maybe it’s a commitment to attending church more often. Maybe it’s giving more, it could be spending x amount of time in bible and prayer daily. What about reading a devotion or godly book daily?
Attending life Groups or signing up for our mens and womens mentoring program.
If your here and you don’t know Jesus, if you’ve never said “I believe Jesus is the Son of God that died for my sins.” I”d like to talk to you for a moment.

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