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Can God Really Meet your Needs 1 Kings 17

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Can God Really Meet your Needs   1 Kings 17:1-24   EBC   8/09/09

  There is a common element that unites all the people of the world- we all have needs. Whether rich or poor we all have needs.  Maybe some have a material need, while others have an emotional need. 

  What do we do when a need arises- and we see no immediate supply- what shall we do—worry?  This isn’t God’s will

Phil. 4:6-7

  Should we try to do all we can do? Yes.

  But what about those times when we have exhausted all means. Trust God

  When needs arrive- so do doubts. The Devil and the flesh whisper in our ears- can God really help you now? If we aren’t careful we will find ourselves wondering the same thing.

  We are brought back to the original question- Can God meet our needs?

I.The Many Sides of our Needs

  (Often needs arise from strange sources)

  A. An uncommon service (1-7) Elijah’s need arose from his obedience to the will of God

    1.There are times when you are doing everything you are supposed to be doing? You are tithing, faithful to church living right but still there are problems.

     a. John 16:33-

     b. Job 14:1- Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble

     c. Acts 14:22-

  B. An uncontrollable situation (9-12)

    1.These verses reveal a situation where a widow woman is suffering because of the wrongdoing of others.

    2. Because of the sin of Ahab and Jezebel God had sent a drought that affected the area where the woman lived. She was caught up in this unfortunate situation.

      a. There are times like that for you and me. Through no fault of our own, we find ourselves caught up in unpleasant situations that bring trouble into our lives. Sometimes we make our own trouble, other times it seems to be able to find us on its own. This shouldn't take us by surprise either! Jesus said things would be this way

     1. Matt. 5:45-

    b. Often pain and sorrow are just part of life

  C. An untimely sorrow (17-18)

    1. These verses reveal a woman who has done much for the Lord and has received much from the Lord but has recently suffered the untimely death of her son. Her world which seemed on track has been derailed with sorrow.

     a. Ever been there, things seemed to be going great things couldn’t get any better all of a sudden- boom- the world is falling apart.

     b. Troubles have a way of overtaking us when we aren’t looking. They sneak up on us, body slam us and leave us devastated.

II. The Supply of our God

   (You may have been caught off guard, you are left with your chin in your hand but God wasn’t surprised nor caught off guard. He knew it was going to happen before the foundation of the world. In fact he may have even orchestrated  it to make you more like Him- Rom. 8:28.

  A. God’s past preparations (3-4)

    1. Thousands of years before Elijah needed a drink of cool, clear water, the finger of God traced out the path of this little brook. God knew that His servant would need this provision and God made away for Elijah long before the need ever arose.

    2. Ill. Let's follow this thought and bring it up to our day. If God knows all about my troubles before they come, and if God has a hand in my troubles, and He does, Isa 45:7, "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.", and if all things really work together for my good, 2 Cor. 4:17; Rom. 8:18; Rom. 8:28, and they do; then it stands to reason God has already taken all the steps necessary to meet your need before it ever arises.

    3. No where is God meeting our need in advance any more clearly seen than in salvation- before the first soul was ever lost God met the need of salvation thru Christ.

  B. God’s present supply (6)

    1. In this verse, we see Elijah being fed by the ravens. God knew that His man needed to eat and God supplied the necessities of life for the man of God.

    2. This was both ordinary and miraculous. He used a raven to bring the food (ordinary) to Him.

     a. God has promised to meet your needs but that need is conditional. I don’t think God is always going to bless your mess.

     b. If you are doing what’s right God will meet every need that comes in your life.

III. The Secret for getting your Needs Met

  (If the secret could be summed up in one word it would be faith. This faith is in 4 areas)

  A. Faith in the will of God (3)

    1. Elijah had just confronted the King of Israel and now God was sending him into the wilderness. God’s people must learn to trust God under all circumstances.

    2. Many times our will and His will is too different animals. We must learn that God really does know what’s most important in our lives.

    3. We must understand that God is executing His plan for our lives.

  B. Faith is the ways of God (9)

    1. Imagine how Elijah felt when his brook dried up and the ravens quit bringing food and God comes along and sends him to a widow so she can keep him up. Widows were poor, they weren't known for putting on the dog. But, Elijah knew that God knew more about taking care of prophets than Elijah did and he just went.

   2. If you try to sit around and worry about what's happening in your life and if you spend your time trying to figure out what God is doing, you will go crazy. You can't understand God and you can't figure Him out! If you could, He would cease to be God and you would become God.

     a. Isa. 55:8-9-

  C. Faith in the work of God (13-16)

    1. Put yourself is this widow's place. She is at the point of starvation, she and her son have enough food left for one final meal and they plan to lie down and starve to death. Then, here comes the preacher! He tells her to feed him first. It must have been a real trial of faith for this woman to make that great a sacrifice, but she placed her faith in the Work of God.

     a. God said “go and do” and she “went and did”.

     b. This is the key- if we are His children doing His will then we are His responsibility.

  C. Faith in the word of God (14)

    1.When we have God’s word on a matter it is settled forever. The woman had the promise of God.

     a. Psa. 37:25-

    2. Friends when we have God’s word that is all we need. Friends will lie, family will lie, Satan will lie God will never lie.


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