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The Woman and the parrot

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The story is told of an elderly lady who being a little lonely decides to buy a pet Parrot. One who will chat away to her at home. On going to the pet shop she is assured that the one she has purchased will talk to her all the day long.She buys it, but the next day day she comes back complaining :"that the parrot never said a word". The pet shop owner can't understand it and says: "look buy a little ladder put ladder in the cage". "The parrot will run up and down the ladder get excited and begin to talk".

The next day she is back in the shop complaining that the parrot said nothing. The owner of the pet shop is perlexed and tells her:"look buy a little swing put it at the top of the ladder". "The parrot will run up and down the ladder, jump on the swing get excited and never stop talking".

Next day she returns very annoyed still not a word. The pet shop owner scratches his head and says :"I don't understand it when he was here he was talking". "Lets give it one last shot buy a little mirror". "The parrot will run up and down the ladder jump on the swing and seeing himself in the mirror, the shock will really get him excited and he will shout out and start talking".

Next day she is back and says to the owner:"you know that parrot you sold me? Well its dead".

"Dead!" he says. "Yes dead she says"

He asks her:"Did he say anything before he died ?

Yes he did.

What did he say ?

He said: Does that pet shop not sell any food. *

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They missed the main thing and the main thing in life is to keep the main thing the main thing.*

We human beings are very bad at keeping the main thing the main thing. And oftentimes we allow unimportant things to become the main thing.

And when all is said and done the main thing in life is you and God and your relationship with him.

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