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The Christ of Christmas

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The birth of Christ changed the entire world! A new calendar was started. A new age began! Each year the world pauses to remember His birth. Notice the change which took place through Christ. (1) His birth. His birth made it possible for all men to be saved—Romans 10:13; (2) His death. Through His death man may live forever John 3:16. (3) His resurrection. Jesus said He was the resurrection and the life, and if we believe in Him, we will not die, but live forever.


1. Promised birth—Isaiah 7:14; 9:6. These promises were more than 700 years before Christ was born.

2. Pure birth—Matthew 1:18, 23. This was a “miracle birth.” It was of God.

3. Powerful birth—Matthew 1:21. Through His coming into the world, He would save man from sin.

4. Planned birth—Isaiah 9:6. His birth would change the entire world. His birth a fulfillment of Genesis 3:15. See also Micah 5:2.


What did Christ teach? Here are just a few of His teachings!

1. Heaven—John 14:1–6. He taught that there was only one way to heaven, and that He was that way—John 14:6.

2. Hell—Luke 16:19–31. Jesus taught more about hell than He did about heaven. God is love. If rejected, there is no other hope.

3. Happiness—John 15:11. He wants us to be filled with joy, and that our joy may be full (complete).

4. Hardness—Luke 9:23. Denying self and following Christ is not an easy thing to do, but it is necessary to live for God.

5. Hope—John 3:16; 11:25, 26. There is hope (confidence, faith, trust) in seeing Christ some day.

6. Holiness—Matthew 5:8. Purity and holiness is necessary if we expect to see the Lord.


1. Promised death—Isaiah 53. Isaiah tells how Christ would suffer and die upon the cross. See also Psalm 22.

2. Purpose of death—Hebrew 9:22. It took blood to forgive sin. See how Jesus became the Lamb of God—John 1:29.

3. Power of death—Luke 23:44–45. Sun did not shine. Through His death upon the cross, we have life—John 3:14–18.

4. Pardoning death

a. His enemies—Luke 23:34—Father forgive them.

b. Thief on the cross—Luke 23:44. The thief went to heaven.


1. Crown of Christ—Hebrews 10:12.

a. Praying—Hebrews 7:25. Christ interceding for us.

b. Promise—Acts 1:11. Christ will come again.

2. Crown of Christians—

a. Crown of righteousness—2 Timothy 4:8.

b. Crown of life—James 1:12. For enduring temptation.

c. Crown of glory—1 Peter 5:4.

Does the Christ of Christmas live within you? Or are you busy like the innkeeper, who had no room for Christ? Is there room in your heart, head, home, and habits? Jesus knocks and wants to come into your heart—Revelation 3:20. Receive Him today—John 1:12.
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