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The Fall of Mankind and the Promise of Redemption

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Scriptural Text: Genesis 2:17


       I.            Adam’s assigned task was a simple one tend the garden (v. 15)

a.     God gave Adam his first test(v. 17)

b.     God knew that man was not meant to be alone (v. 18) so he made him a help mate (v. 21-22)

                                                             i.      The institution of Family was ordained (v.23-25)


     II.            The temptation Satan always and still used to trap man

a.     The serpent appeals to Eve’s physical desires and intellectual curiosity as the means to trap her into disobeying God (Gen. 3:4-6)

                                                             i.      She had no excuse Adam did tell his Eve about the command of God concerning the tree of knowledge of good and evil (3:3)

                                                           ii.      Adam by obeying his wife, disobeyed God (v. 6)

                                                        iii.      He loved the created i.e. Eve, for then he loved the Creator God.

1.     Ones there eyes were opened it brat guilt before God (vv. 7-10)

2.     Condemnation by God(vv. 16-19)

3.     Separation from God(vv. 22-24)


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