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Man in the Image of God Lesson 1 of 2

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Adam and Eve: Genesis 2                        Weeks 1-2

Week One text from Genesis 2

Read Gen. 2 – main point : I have been created by God for his glory


V4. God made all the plants, animals and people with certain order and jobs.  He completed all the creating in six days from Sunday till Friday.  On Saturday he rested.

V5-6. Man was to work the garden of Eden and make the plants grow as God had designed for them to do.  The creation needed the man and the man needed the creation

V7. God formed the man out of the dust of the earth and breathed life into him.  The man came to life because of God's breathe of life otherwise he could not have lived.

V8-9. God made the Garden and placed the man in it to work the Garden and keep it for Him.  God made a good land for people to live in.  In the middle of the Garden were two trees; the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

V 10-14. The Garden provided the headwaters for the life sustaining rivers of many great nations.  God is the source of life in every respect.  The fact that the rivers flow from the Garden is no coincidence.  God alone gives life to the world and to all peoples.

V15-17.  God gave a job to the man and Law.  The first law was to avoid the two special trees in the Garden.  Law is a good thing but disobedience is painful and brings death.

V 18-19.  Man, through naming the animals shows his authority over the animals even as God has authority over the man and the created order.  Nothing in this time is out of order.  But the man is alone.  God permits the man to notice his solitude. 

V20.-22  God made all the other animals from the earth, from the dust of the ground but the woman came from the rib of the man.  The woman is special and of the same kind and worth as the man but has a unique role.  Her role is to help her husband in the family.  This is a part of the order of creation.

V23. Adam declares high praise for the woman God has made and names her.  This naming is a sign of his authority in marriage over the woman.  This authority is sacrificial in nature and full of respect and love and admiration.  This statement by the man is a covenantal statement.

V24. This statement is the covenant of marriage that will used throughout to declare the relationship of Jesus and his church.  Here it defines the marriage relationship

V25. shame was not a part of their relationship or a part of creation.  They felt no shame because they had no sin.


Order is found in the garden. Man has a job from God. He is to name all the animals, Can you name some animals?

What is the job God gives the man? To rule over the earth and take care of God’s garden. He is to give names to all the animals.

While Adam was naming the animals he discovered something that he was missing. There was no one suitable for him. No women existed yet and Adam, therefore had no wife. He had no family to help him in his job or to be his companion or to help him in having children.

The Man found no one suitable to be his wife. What did God say that was not good for the man? It was not good for the man to be alone so he created the woman.

God caused Adam to sleep and made a woman out of his rib – she is called a suitable helper. God made marriage. And God gave us marriage so that children could be born.

In whose image is the man and woman made? God’s

Is the man and the woman created in God’s image? Yes. How do we know? The Bible says it is this way.  Where?  Genesis 1:26-27

Man and woman were made with reasonable minds that could understand the things around them and the world they lived in. The man and woman were made perfect so they could have friendship with God and worship him. There was no sin at this time and no pain.

God is glorified through the obedience of his man and woman.  God is also glorified when there is order in the family and in the creation.  Children, who come from what God has made bring God glory as well.

Sin is disobedience to God.  Sin is selfish and hurts the heart of God.  He has to judge those who sin and all sin.  But through Jesus Christ we can again bring glory to God in the way we live.  One way we bring glory to God in how we live is to trust in Jesus as our Lord.

Another way we bring God glory is in obeying our parents.

The most important way we bring glory to God is in worshipping him first through obedience and then through serving him.

People were made to bring God glory and to know him.

What is the difference between you and other animals? I am made in the image of God. I can worship God and can know him personally. The Bible Says <say the cate. verse>

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